Touhou Wallpaper: Angel Of Drakness

Kurehito Misaki, REW, Touhou, Shikieiki Yamaxanadu Wallpaper
Kurehito Misaki Mangaka REW Artbook Touhou Series,OVA,Game Shikieiki Yamaxanadu Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi guys :3


well its my idea to make a competition between me and my sister [Lady89] ..as you all know that she's a pro in blending
stocks with scan ^^ but as for me i painted the whole scan and added some of my touches , hope you all like it~ :D
p.s our competition is we want to see which one of our walls who will get more love! xD

The original scan ::

REW - Komachi, Medicine Melancholy & Shikieiki (Touhou)

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  1. aIshiRoi Sep 28, 2010

    i already saw lady89 wall. and its also a lovely piece!<3
    but i am more fascinated in painted ones. Not to mention i am your fan because of those smooth touches! Love the change with the glowing sphere. Though i love what Lady did as well. Both of you did well. :)

    it think you can a do bit more for your BG... it somewhat 'lacks' of something.
    But overall! its just great! so my vote goes for you. =]

    You two keep the good work! :D

  2. Welvimar Sep 28, 2010

    ? ?? ???? ??? ????? ??????????? ??? ???????? ?????, ??????? ???? ? ??????, ?? ? ?????? ?????, ??? this wallpaper is nice and I like it. Thank you for it

  3. belson Sep 28, 2010

    Its so hard to choose.... you both are very good.

  4. Valuna Retired Moderator Sep 28, 2010

    I almost wanted to say that it's similair to Sashinka's style...But then I noticed that you changed your username. You did a great job painting it. I actually like your style (I lazy out way too much, my apologies for that). I am just missing a beautiful background going along with that awesome paint style of yours instead of of a half smudged/blurred one (it doesn't bother me much - it does tend to get boring seeing the samething over and over with another pic, but try to widen your skill-range).

    I completely understand if it takes too much time but it's worth atleast once, try making something truly: epic (totally looking forward to it).

    It's a nice combination of colours, at the top of her head, the hat I think...It looks weird smudged out. You should change that as that's like the only part of the character that is smudged away. I really miss a great source of light (despite the light ball in her hand, it doesn't meet the light conditions) that gives a nice, feeling touch to the overall wallpaper (possible that there's not enough contrast in certain parts).

  5. Furiz Sep 28, 2010

    in my opinion its better than "Lady89"
    Its all in the colors, i allways give priority to those who make their wallies.... colorful :)

    In short you've just beaten the crap our of your sister :D GJ :)

  6. Queen-XiaoXun-oo8 Sep 29, 2010

    nice wallpaper!..love the effect!.. :)

  7. vitaamin Sep 29, 2010

    i really think that your style is something that is unique and can have alot of value. But i'm rather disappointed to see that despite making so many wallpapers in this style, you still havent learned to evolve on certain aspects. I've mentioned them before but here they are again

    (1) adding details for depth control: your lighting is often too expansive and lacks depth because it has no detail. you show that you know how to use colors well to suggest light, but now i challenge you to improve your blurry backgrounds by adding more details to delineate some form. in this wall the right side is good because although you cant make out actual shapes, you can feel the depth because you have more shape definition. the left side not only detracts from the focus that you should be drawing towards the light in her hand, it also doesnt communicate any form

    (2) experimenting with color: while you have done some experimenting, i think that because you always use the same styles and techniques, that you should really experiment with other color schemes. I know that isnt particularly easy, but its especially crucial for you.

  8. furiez Sep 29, 2010

    its really good.. i love this wallpaper.. great!

  9. Tina18 Sep 29, 2010

    When I saw it I was like NEW sashinka?
    Then I saw Valu's post.
    it's you?
    It looks pretty in the thumbnail, but in fullview is really blurry. Yenno it's your style and all but you could try adding sharp details too :D

  10. motogp Sep 29, 2010

    I ALWAYS wanted to make a wallpaper with this scan! ;)
    Lovely job! =D

  11. Miss-Mess Sep 29, 2010

    WoooooooooooW!This is incredibly awesome :D
    I always think that it's not impossible to see more gorgeous wallpapers form both of you, I deeply like your painting i guess it has an own style and since you're improving more and more you'll probably become a famous artist :D
    I love the colors and the bled which was made by Dana, it gives a nice touch ;)

    So, Keep going on and don't give up ;D

  12. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Sep 29, 2010

    It's beatiful! I love it.Very elegant.

  13. nansee Sep 30, 2010

    Thank you so much for this! :D

  14. dream3r Oct 01, 2010

    Awesome paint mashallah! *o*
    I still admire you painting skills =D The colors are wonderful and so do the effects you have added =D
    Great wallpaper mashallah! KEEP IT UP!

  15. KaosTPY Mute Member Oct 01, 2010

    thanks for the share, it's nice

  16. Emma93 Banned Member Oct 01, 2010

    wow! Amazing <3 i love the painting! :3 and i love the colors too :D

  17. franzua Oct 02, 2010

    wow amazing what character is ?

  18. juniok Oct 02, 2010

    It's a tie for me though I love yours for your use of colors instead of the Sepia that lady89 used.

  19. kikuchivn Oct 02, 2010

    Your wally is deeper than Lady89's but it is darker. All in all, it's 10 out of 10. I like both wally of you and Lady89

  20. Horseradish Oct 02, 2010

    LOVELY JOB on it. <3 <3 <3

  21. tatsujin Oct 02, 2010

    nice picture, i like it. maybe if you make another one like it with the same character model? ;o

  22. Ambush Oct 03, 2010

    Thank you very much for sharing

  23. sonicks Oct 04, 2010

    n_n esta buena la imagen gracias.... XDXD

  24. Hikari87 Oct 04, 2010

    Beautiful.... I luv how the colours are blended so nicely *_*

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