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My final entry to the AP Clash. Congrats to all the winners and much love and thanks to Jay and Flyin for such an awesome competition. Love also goes out to the judges who gave up their free time to look at the entries!

Ok, below is what I wrote to accompany my wallpaper:

"I believe the first time I entered AP – the site that led me to walling and creating better graphics – a SirBoingal0t wallpaper was being highlighted. Although I love all his works, the one that sticks best to my mind is the wallpaper “Red Torn Orange.“

My wallpaper is an attempt to improve on a skill I’ve been practicing lately – painting. It is also an attempt to give tribute to SirBoing’s techish/architectural style. A “lite” version of his wallpaper, if you will… (Perhaps super diluted but…)"

LOL So yes, I wasn't able to put as much time or effort into this wallpaper due to my new work schedule but for something that was done 20 minutes for 5 weeknights (is 2AM a weeknight?) then finished and submitted 4 hours before the time it was due... I was satisfied enough, considering this was a new style for me. But man was this way off what I'd originally intended...

Anyway, I liked the adventure and the styles I was able to showcase throughout the competition. I will be exploring this last one more in the future and will definitely put my best into it. (That means maybe 3 more buildings and a space bridge? LOL Less square structures for sure...) But for now, enjoy the super diluted version of my tribute to SirBoing's style... Next time I'll go for decaf. :P

More resolutions @ The Forgotten Lair

Comments, Faves, and Cupcakes appreciated.

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  1. Bernouli Retired Moderator Sep 27, 2010

    Haha, this reminded me of SirBoingalot so much, and then ready our desc. I think you pulled it off. I love the background so much. It's going on my desktop right now.

  2. rockstar89 Sep 27, 2010


  3. glostimad Sep 27, 2010

    nice picture is glood XD thanks

  4. x-lawss Sep 27, 2010

    Very nice very beautiful very good!

  5. gaveta10 Mute Member Sep 27, 2010

    very good image of the Torn Red Orange Lite. thank you

  6. zaira Sep 27, 2010

    Cool! i love the background with sky contrasting with the scan.
    The vector is great and nice job making those buildings as well.
    The texture used is good and really fits the wall. Like the steam or
    smoke effect you make below the scan. Overall cool wallpaper! +fav! ^^,

  7. Kitaan Retired Moderator Sep 27, 2010

    So nice and simple, I love the BG in back and how it doesn't crowd but still looks full.
    The scan is such a nice choice, she's so innocent but looking at those swords behind her makes
    you really wonder what she does when no one is looking XD Very smooth piece, you did a great job.

  8. P1T4G0R4S Sep 28, 2010

    nice one, keep sharign :D

  9. HoshinoSora12 Oct 07, 2010

    nicde wall, great coloring thanks for share

  10. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 09, 2010

    Right now, I've gotta set aside the commenting for some serious business. Out of all the wallers in the AP Clash competition, I honestly feel you took the biggest leaps and risks. Every single of one of your entries was incredibly unique in itself and was completely different than anything you have ever submitted here before. In my eyes, that truly makes you a winner in that aspect alone. As for the background, while I know you weren't able to get everything you wanted with it due to time restraints, I personally feel it's more than a loving tribute to a fantastic tech waller.

    In terms of the scan, I've heard some people say that they like it and some that don't. Honestly speaking, I feel it worked perfectly to keep in tune with the tribute, since Red Torn Orange featured a scan from Ugetsu Hakua. Personally speaking, I felt you made an excellent choice, as she compliments the background nicely and fits into there rather well. I also love the sort of smoke/mist around her wings/blades as well. It gave me the impression that she had just completed a battle or flight and just immediately landed and I LOVE it.

    As for the background. This is why I went so gaga over it when you first show it to me. While I honestly loved Tsu's interpretation of Red Torn Orange, I also love this because of how perfectly it mimics the original. The buildings are beautifully constructed and detailed. It amazes me how spot on you were with the detail and lighting to the buildings, considering such time restraints you had with this wallpaper. I especially love the building she's on with the orange lines. It really gives a whole cyberpunk-styled look to it. The sky is a gorgeous shade of orange, which was complimented nicely by a setting sun. It's actually really nice to see a sun in a wallpaper that meshes beautifully with the sky instead of over-powering it and the jets were also a neat touch as well. This background alone sold me on the wallpaper from the moment I laid eyes on it.

    Honestly, it's been amazing watching what you have produced. I have to say your backgrounds have spent more time on my computer than anyone else. You've produced some great variety this year and I can only imagine what you've got in store for us next! You are my artistic hero, sis <3.

  11. SilverS Nov 30, 2010

    Thanks for sharing! It's beautiful!

  12. Dccafdf Jun 18, 2011

    This wallpaper is great! Definitely will be in my future wallpaper rotation.

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