Galaxy Angel Wallpaper: Galaxy Sweet Tart ^^

Kanan, Broccoli, Madhouse, Galaxy Angel, Vanilla H Wallpaper
Kanan Mangaka Broccoli Studio Madhouse Studio Galaxy Angel Series,Game Vanilla H Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yay... One more GA Wallie.... I know ... I know... make some thing else... blah blah blah.. but hey... this one looks too good to leave it alone. So Again, Yet another GA wallie... doki doki.. lol.. ^^

This time I make a wallie feat. Vanilla H the weridest memeber of the angel-tai ^^... just one questions to all of you GA fans, whats her whole Last name or was it just H.

Now I have done all the main cast of Galaxy Angel characters. Well, kind of.... in a way. ^^

The basics background of this wallie is almost using the same idea as my Flower angel wallie. http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/46383/ ^^ but using green instead of the pinkish purple-ish color. ^^

Anyways, Mad thx to MadMover for all the great GA scans. I may make a few more GA walls before I call it quits, but I'm thinking of looking into another anime with some cute characters... but til then... hope you guys like this one. XD

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  1. afan Oct 16, 2004

    Wow...you're using a lot of Mad Mover scans.
    Interesting wall.

  2. Stardust Oct 16, 2004

    Lol, i bet your room is full of GA stuff

  3. rory07 Oct 16, 2004

    wow! looks greatt
    colours and everything looks very good..well done

  4. anael Oct 16, 2004

    the choise of colours is good :D i like her dress XD :)

  5. gendo1 Oct 16, 2004

    OOOO pretty!!

  6. fangdibo Oct 16, 2004


  7. jackalx66 Oct 16, 2004

    nice chara...
    another kind...but i like it
    but the BG u can add more color.ok

  8. DarkSith Oct 16, 2004

    Nice colors :) Well done ^^

  9. semanga Oct 16, 2004

    a other great wall from frosty

  10. Athrun Oct 16, 2004

    Woah. Awesome wall, Frosty. Great work as usual. ^_^

  11. Angelette Oct 16, 2004

    Your extraction has gotten a LOT better! Whee!! But try not to blur the edges of the character (like Vanilla's hair on the top left); it just seems to detract from the qualitity even if it's done on purpose.

    Now it's time to consider a new style ^_~ Experiment more into other areas of photoshop! Waie~~

  12. Keffie Oct 16, 2004

    wahh.. i like it..

  13. StarCentury Oct 16, 2004

    i like the color scheme! it's real pretty! :)

  14. Spriggan Oct 16, 2004

    nice girl pic XD good job on this wall!!! I like it!! :)

  15. AnimexXxHolic009 Oct 16, 2004


  16. Kihiro Oct 16, 2004

    yea! Vanilla! nice wall!

  17. evasion Oct 16, 2004

    I always love how you blend the scan into the bg! Nice job :)

  18. slivermoon Oct 16, 2004

    the bg is so good, love the colours
    great wall :) :)

  19. cleo-chan Oct 16, 2004

    i'm happy frosty that you've created anther GA-wallie, because this one is again so great^^ fantastic work!!!!!!!
    i love the girl and how you combine her with the background and the colors...everything fits great together^^
    another great wallie of you which get a special place on my favorites^^
    keep it up frosty ^______~

  20. FlowerDog Oct 16, 2004

    Beautiful wallpaper Frosty-sama. I wouldn't mind if you made another GA wallpaper. Love the BG, it matches very well with the scan. :)

  21. peachiemint Oct 17, 2004

    aiyaa! mr.frosty! ur soo uber awesome! luv how u make soo many purdie ga wallies. theyre all very lovely, including diz one. keep up da uber greatness X)

    ur fan, peachiemint XP

  22. jingjing1208 Oct 17, 2004

    Nice wall!!!!You walls are so nice!!!Me like! :D

  23. HikariSukunami Oct 17, 2004

    I can't believe I didn't see this one earlier!! *slaps her forehead* It's a very pretty wallpaper, Frosty and I like the way you matched the colors altogether. I can tell that she has some differences from Mifeulle because of the expression in her face. She doesn't seem to be the friendly type now, is she? ^_^' The background also gave it away because of how different it is from Mifeulle's cheerful ones... you did a great job pointing those differences especially to those who are not familiar with this anime, like me!! I already added it in my favorites and I do wish that it remains in there! *sigh* Another great work, Frosty and I apologize for being a little late!! XD

  24. Val3f0r Oct 22, 2004

    Indeed I must agree with you Vanilla is the weirdest member but that is what make her kawai :P :P getting better Frosty... you will be l33t at walling XD great GA wall :d...

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