Crossovers Wallpaper: DND[no tresspassers]

Hiro Mashima, Satelight, Fairy Tail, Pikachu, Gray Fullbuster Wallpaper
Hiro Mashima Mangaka Satelight Studio Fairy Tail Series Pikachu Character Gray Fullbuster Character

2048x1536 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Here's my half-finished wall for the EC2 of APClash...I say half finished,because I only worked on it for like 10hrs,as soon as I got from my trip from Greece,so it looks decent I guess^^ it would have had much more details,if I had more time,but whatever...like it this way too xD
Anyways,thanks for the judges for their awesome descriptions,and yesh I know,my wall lacks details..it's good I even finished it in time,so I'm really happy xD
Judges' taughts:

Judges’ Comments: grayserg: When I’ve seen this wallpaper, I’ve told to myself – man, I like this mood. Of course, you used too simple colors here, but It look not too bad:) even stylish… With this scan. A lot of details and characters, It’s well coordinated with a competition theme. I like how you hide your mascot. But I must to say to you (I want to say it to all participants): we all make a wallpapers here:) You have good work with scan and details, you managed to keep mood of original scan. But this color scheme is too contrast and too simple for good wallpaper. Though, must notice – graffiti with Pikachu looks very well. Nysha: The colors are a bit tacky being so bright and lacking in shading/lighting, but good job extending the scan and vectoring in all the little details. The detailed scan appears as a good choice for this theme and hiding the character. Gidacious: This would benefit from some more contrast. It feels flat as it is. The colour is also the same regardless of where and object is in the space. There should be shading on the sidewalk, for example, in a way that would suggest distance. There also doesn’t seem to be any real hint of a light source, just the idea that there might be one there somewhere. sjade1: I love the funkyness of this wall. Love the semi-sketchy, mangaka-like technique that’s bouncing all over the place. Actually, my favorite part is probably how you did the grass (those random strokes are really nicely balanced even though almost done in a chaotic style). However, I almost feel thrown off by the mix of bright colors – they don’t really seem to match very well (actually, it feels very much like a child’s coloring book using very contrasty felt markers, but I’m not given the impression that’s what you were going for either). I also wish you had thrown in a little more of your own stuff instead of basing mostly on the scan. Ex: more posters, other characters in the background, or even bumper stickers all over the walls or that crate he’s sitting on. anolibb: this wall looks a bit like those to be printed pages for a comic book. Perfect for the theme, but maybe a bit too busy for a wallpaper. Good work on colouring and extending the original scan, but I miss shadings in the background.And I think I prefer his original face expression, because his nose doesn’t fit with the angle of his head. asa01: Just a quick comment — wanted to say that it’s a great idea that the wall is sort of interactive, what with that pikachu graffiti! It’s a shame that there isn’t much shading and an absence of shadows. Since the wall is scenic, showing attention to lighting would have brought things up a notch.

othing much to say,really...had tons of fun doing this,even if I did it in one go xD

comms+faves always appreciated^^

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  1. blackstar4 Aug 16, 2010

    Thankyou so much for sharing this wonderful wallpaper!

  2. Nubes Aug 16, 2010

    this is sooooo colorful... i love it

  3. osyuanyuan Aug 17, 2010

    Thankyou so much for share !

  4. SaraDJ Aug 17, 2010

    thank you for sharing this work!

  5. TiffYG2133 Aug 17, 2010

    YEAH it's Gray...he's my Fav. character in Fairy Tail! Great job on this love all the detail. Keep up the great work ^_^

  6. hahhahahah Banned Member Aug 19, 2010

    Essa imagem dele com mala he boa de mais.

    merged: 08-20-2010 ~ 12:11am
    This picture of him with good pe bag more.

  7. ransherry Aug 29, 2010

    I like Gray! So does this pic.Thanks~~

  8. shinigami190685 Sep 10, 2010

    Aki estoy de nuevo

  9. missmurderdoll Mute Member Sep 12, 2010

    Beautiful wallpaper, i love it

  10. hinatanamikaze Mute Member Sep 16, 2010

    thank you for sharing xDD

  11. bleach775 Banned Member Sep 29, 2010

    spooooooooiler! hahaha.. but anyway.. love the scan.. ;D

  12. HINOESHI Oct 19, 2010

    lovely pic love them all fairy tail

  13. ayana-01 Jan 19, 2011

    Cool! love this pic. xdxdxdxd

  14. janethy Jan 30, 2011

    de viaj con grei espero que natsi no valla por que se mareara iiiiiiiiiiiii

  15. greyfullbuster Feb 03, 2011

    Grey look like Ace D.Portgas (One Piece) on this picture !

  16. gembels Feb 07, 2011

    I like it ..thanks for sharing!

  17. ArtandDirty Feb 16, 2011

    WTH is doing Wally and Pikachu in this work x) I think that this is just why your work is Epic

  18. Shadowgirl Jul 30, 2013

    I love it. Simple yet effective. +1 more fan for ya ^^. Thanx for sharing ^^

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