Full Moon wo Sagashite Wallpaper: Endless Sky

Arina Tanemura, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Mitsuki Koyama, Vector Art Wallpaper
Arina Tanemura Mangaka Full Moon wo Sagashite Series Mitsuki Koyama Character Vector Art Source

1920x1080 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

EDIT: I added the scan source for this wall as it's requested by Sherrilas-san and, whew, this is my first elite for wallpaper ^__^ Thanks for all your support!

Well.... Finally I can finished it! Yaaay~~!

And, hahaha, this is Full Moon Wo Sagashite again! Well, I'm not the biggest fans of this series, actually, but I really love Arina Tanemura artwork in this series, I think it looked more mature than her older series such as Time Stranger Kyoko or Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, so I really love to made another and then another wallpaper of this series....

Well, it took so many times to finished it, maybe about 4 months or more, well, I don't really count it, but as usual, this wallpaper made me almost crazy due to the fact that I wanted this wall looks perfect in every side. Well, that's because I'm a perfectionist....

Btw, this wallpaper is a special birthday present for my best friends in Minitokyo, rizacaga. Sorry for this late birthday present (well, I late about 2 months.... T___T) and hope you like this ordinary wallpaper as your birthday present!

I enjoyed the vector part very much, especially for her hair, hahahaha. It made me want to cry....

I want to try painting, so I did it in this wallpaper. The very interesting part of course the skin and eyes (I really love painting the skin and eyes!) and the very difficult part that made me almost crazy everytime I painting it is Mitsuki's hair.... It's so difficult to paint it, because usually I just cell-shading/vexel the hair part. Well, due to the fact that I'm just a mouse users to did something like that, it's hard to do painting, you know? But, finally, I bought a tablet in the middle of doing the hair part, and that really helped me doing the hair part. Well, and I changed the style of painting the eyes too. It's looks more shiny and I love it~! Well, in this part I tried to used SAI too, and I think now it's my favorite program beside PS!

::Background and finishing::
I want a sky background, so I did it. I did all by myself, include the cloud and the flower (sakura leaf?) part. Before this wallpaper, I just lazy when it finally reached the background part, well, usually for the sky background I just used my cloud brush and brush it everywhere like my life depends on it, but I tried something different in this wallpaper plus because I just bought tablet so it's makes my life easier :) And the same thing happened on the flower part too. I use SAI for the cloud and the flower. For the sun part, I just use filter on PS.

Well, I hope you liked this wallpaper, and as usual, fav and comments are appreciated!


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  1. drknessangel Aug 10, 2010

    The painting is so smooth xD
    I guess it's the eyes that really made it work for me
    Your style seems more natural to me xD itz great~!

  2. Hikaruru Mute Member Aug 10, 2010

    ta lindo, m egusto mucho, aunque no he visto esta serie, si alguien tiene un comentario lo apreciaria xD

  3. M2Vz Aug 10, 2010

    <333 you know, you submitted this right on the perfect time >w< yay! I was hoping to make the first comment, but oh well there are already 2 O.o

    The painting is <3 I love how you did it, it looks VERY beautiful =D
    However, I think that you didn't do that well in term of outline, particularly in the hair. There are curves that are rigid instead of smooth. (kayak poninya itu,ujungnya kotak ^^; trs kuncirnya yg sebelah kiri) Oh, and you also missed coloring some parts.

    Overall this is a great wall and I loveeee it >w<

  4. Kurorisa Aug 10, 2010

    I think this is your best works >D I like your painting in here :D
    but there are some parts (or it's just me) that you miss a little (di rambutnya =/)
    anyway favvvvvvvv :DDDDD

  5. girlysouix Aug 10, 2010

    woowww~! so cute! tnx for sharing this picture!

  6. Steffi1690 Moderator Aug 10, 2010

    She looking too Cute! ^-^
    Nice Wall!

  7. Emma93 Banned Member Aug 10, 2010

    this is so so kawaii :3 i rly love its colors <3

  8. TiffYG2133 Aug 10, 2010

    Loved this anime and this wallpaper is so CUTE! (~_^) keep up the great work!

  9. rizacaga Aug 11, 2010

    buat ku?
    maksihhhhhh mizuuuuuuuuuuuu...im so touched XD

    paintingnya ok tuh...terutama yg dibagian bajunya...hihi tau deh yg baru beli tablet...XD..

    liburan kelamaan bikin otak mumet...binun mo ngmong apalagi...:P
    keren dah pokoknya...hadiah buat mizu ditunggu ya.....belum dimulai sama sekali...TT

  10. Nubes Aug 13, 2010

    very niceeeee! I like this shot a lot! She looks so natural!

  11. sailorchiron Aug 14, 2010

    Great work on this vector! The colors are great, and you did a great job with the shading and the eyes look amazing. Great job!

  12. HoshinoSora12 Aug 14, 2010

    Cute! nice coloring XD looks so fresh

  13. trigun Aug 17, 2010

    i like it, so bright and heartwarming

  14. Sherillas Aug 17, 2010

    I wish you had provided a link to the original scan so that I could see just how much you've transformed the image. However, just by looking at the preview I can already see that your wallpaper is not lacking in quality.

    The character is simply too adorable and I like that you've provided her with an atmosphere that emphasizes her charming demeanor (refreshing). The vector is really distinguished with amazing colors. Your wallpaper is super effective and your technique is admirable. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Ndongtri89 Aug 21, 2010

    She is very kawaii!
    I love her

  16. neko-chan Aug 26, 2010

    Awww so cute! Thanks for the hard work!

  17. honeychris Sep 18, 2010

    omg i love fullmoon it

  18. imkurovikki Oct 05, 2010

    so so so so beautiful!

  19. TomoyoYumemi Oct 23, 2010

    GRacias por hacer walls de full moon wo sagashite.

  20. ccvikin Nov 23, 2010

    This one is nice!


  21. al52287 Nov 24, 2010

    well done vectoring and it came out great

  22. songge2825 Mute Member Dec 12, 2010

    thanks for sharing >_<..

  23. Seele21 Jan 25, 2011

    nice wallpaper.. thanks.. ^_^

  24. 790806014 Jan 31, 2011

    This one is nice!


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