Pokémon Wallpaper: The Sea Above

Pokémon, Milotic Wallpaper
Pokémon Series,Game Milotic Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Alternative title: "Mirotic". Yes, pun intended.

A wild Milotic has appeared! *gets shot* And it's shiny *__*

Er, so yes, I LOVE pokemon ;___; like...with all my heart, I've been playing it since I was 8 and it's just a huge part of my childhood. :3

Turns out that Pokemon trading cards have this absolutely gorgeous art, and if it wasn't for Kritty I'd have never come across with it. It's all about her Shroomish wallpaper!.

I actually started this last January, but I have been so lazy and my computer was so crappy that opening the .psd file was a huge pain. But now that my pc is fast again I can properly wall again!

As you can see, the original source was very small, and of course it was kinda complicated to paint on it, my major fear was that I'd lose many details but I think I didn't. Well, I hope I didn't ^^'
All in all, I'm proud of this, specially because I could finish it. 8)

Lastly, much thanks to Kritty for revising my wall, it was VERY helpful.

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  1. Scampi Aug 06, 2010

    Oh, milotic
    I could never catch a Feebas in the game so I can get that shiny milotic! T_T
    Beautiful painting job there and milotic looks so badass like usual.
    More pokemon!

  2. silvair Aug 06, 2010

    I love Milotic a ton as it already is, and this made me love it even more <3 Beautiful work!

  3. aIshiRoi Aug 06, 2010

    *high five* for loving pokemon! XD
    i never played but i always love it since childhood... only the pokemons itself. XD -- i never knew milotic though.. but this is adorable! x3

    anyways, i love everything about it. maybe i'll love it more if you added something not in the scan. some lightings or other that will make it more stunning. but overall i love it. +fav

  4. kuryuki Aug 06, 2010

    o3o purdy background painting~
    loll does mirotic have anything to do with dbsk's mirotic?

  5. DarthTofu Aug 06, 2010

    And it looks awesome. :D

    merged: 08-06-2010 ~ 05:54am
    well... I do think some of the colors in the clouds are too desaturated compared to original card, but it's still awesome. :D

  6. sailorchiron Aug 06, 2010

    <3 <3 <3 I love Pokemon! Really nice work on the painting, I like the shading especially. Great work!

  7. DokiDokiChan Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2010

    *has a momentary fit of sqwees over Pokemon*
    Kyaaaa gorgeous painting, Fran~ <333
    8d Pretty Milotic~~

    +Fav, of course.

  8. ashiiya Aug 06, 2010

    MPOKEMON! MILOTIC! So....beautiful!

  9. Kritty Aug 06, 2010

    Just awesomesauce
    Shading is ace
    Pokemon always needs more love

  10. Unknown0491 Aug 06, 2010

    Milotic always my favourite pokemon since sapphire is out.

  11. aqiaqua Aug 06, 2010

    Main title should've been mirotic. I GOT CHUUU UNDER MY SKINNN~.

    Nice colour work, I like the way the shadows have been formed and the movement in the picture. I reckon you could've gone for more contrast on milotic, and less smudgeyness to bring him into the foreground more.


  12. SamB Aug 06, 2010

    I'm not a fan of Pokemon but this wallpaper is so beautiful and so wonderful! +FAV

  13. YukariSendou Aug 06, 2010

    GOOD ^________^ I LIKE IT

  14. Kitaan Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2010

    So happy to see this is done, the painting is very nice.
    I like how it's not too smoothed over so you can see more detail, which
    is better in a painting to be a bit rough. Lovely job.

  15. Cris25 Aug 06, 2010

    mirotic, epic xDD
    really well done wall, I love how Milotic turned out <3

  16. Fenafir Retired Moderator Aug 07, 2010

    Milotic! *__*
    Thanks a lot for making this pokemon wall, Milotic is awesome and I too still love pokemon. I love how you painted this wall. Its so pretty and colorful! Some pokemon cards do have beautiful art in them but sadly they are so small. Anywho, its a beautiful wall for the beautiful Milotic to show off in.

  17. Kurorisa Aug 07, 2010

    milotic = fav pokemon >D
    awesome painting, really love how the colors are done
    +fav :3

  18. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 07, 2010

    Pokemon wall! Nice painting, (it's so different from what you usually make XD) though I think the clouds could be a bit less smudgey. It's so colourful.

    Now are you gonna wall that Buizel PNG I saw at EDD? XD

  19. SoulLoki Aug 07, 2010

    Wohaa ^^

    It's cool ^^

    Good wallpaper !

  20. jmx Aug 09, 2010

    so cool i love it :) thanks

  21. k4w4i Aug 11, 2010

    is that a pokemon omk he`s cute and pretty

  22. narutosho Aug 18, 2010

    milotic *_*

  23. alicia003 Aug 24, 2010

    It's really beautiful I love Pokemon! =) =) =) =) =)

  24. YumeNS Aug 31, 2010

    I love the colors they're just so lively :3! The outline and curves are superb ?.? ~
    And I personally liked more the half down of the tail is so marvelous (I love the glowing at the end) <3 <3 =^.^=

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