Pita Ten Wallpaper: Decending Angel

Koge Donbo, Pita Ten, Misha (Pita Ten) Wallpaper
Koge Donbo Mangaka Pita Ten Series Misha (Pita Ten) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It's been a while ^^ Actually, it's been more like decades XD Just like everyone else, been busy with the typical stuff (school, website, etc) >.< This wall was supposed to be done a month ago......but that obviously didn't happen XD I know we got wayy too many space walls around here, but i spent a long time on this wall (just ask piyo XD ), soooo....

It was mostly trial and error with the bg....i went through countless bg changes before i settled for this one o_O I re-cged Misha and also re-cged her wings as well. I also re-cged the gates in the bg too ^^ I gotta stop making these angel walls XD This will prob be my last angel wall fer awhile....hopefully not, but we'll see...

Sparkles made by a brush from ningen.nattoli.net. Heh.....piyo, i am sooooooooo soorry that i am soo late XD O yea.....animeeclipse.net will be up soon !!! *cheers* But i gotta surive another week of school just to get it set up >.<

Anyhows, all comments, suggestions highly welcome :D


Visit http://www.animeeclipse.net for more walls :D

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  1. afan Oct 11, 2004

    Wow...I miracle...I actually saw a newly made twilight wall.
    Love her wings and the glittery stuff around her but the bg
    is kinda empty...wait I never saw the planet until now ^_^'

  2. pinkdoremi Oct 11, 2004

    o.o... it's so heavenly prettyful ^__^~ i love the soft looking bg and the swirly effects look great :D i especially like the cloudies!! ^.^ my only complaint is that the gate doesn't really match the image >_> but everything else looks absoloutly fanominal(is that how u spell it o_O) :D +fav! ^_^

  3. darkwaterbunny Oct 11, 2004

    om my god! This is so pretty! The effects you used are awsome! *blown away* its ok that you have been busy, everyone is these days x_x but this wallpaper is so good! I think that everything fits together very nicely :D fav!

  4. Angelette Oct 11, 2004

    Space is a bit monotonous =/ And I feel that Misha has been placed too high, even though I understand that you wanted to make it seem as if she were flying. But I do love the idea and the gates are uber! xD

    Edit: And it's "Descending" ^_^;; You forgot the "s".

  5. Frosty Oct 11, 2004

    Hey, very nice wallie. ^^ "adds to fav" the lines and stuff around it looks great although I do think she's abit too high up.. but very nice & bright wallie... XD

  6. Cloudnine Oct 11, 2004

    yayy~ more misha goodness ^____^ Nice job on the reCG of the wings, they look awesome indeed ^^ <3 the overall composition and style! The glitter swirl adds that nice magical feel to the heavenly style~ The character doesn't fit as well with the BG though, mostly because her dress is black so there's too much contrast, a lighter dress wound have worked better in this case~~ Other than that it looks simply divine ^^

  7. chingetscook Oct 11, 2004

    Wow! that is an amazing bit of work!

  8. Ymooncrystal Oct 11, 2004

    cute wallpaper.. good job on this.. I love the effects and feel.. *two thumbs up*

  9. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2004


    the scan ish soo awesome with the bg!! *nods*

    ^-^ soo puurrttyyy!!!

  10. chunli61 Oct 11, 2004

    everything is just perfect. background, effects nice!! but the text is to plain.. it doesnt match the "heavenliy feel"

  11. elizabeth-san Oct 11, 2004

    Wow! How very cute! I love the pretty bg behind her. this is very nice.

  12. jingjing1208 Oct 11, 2004

    Very nice and bright wall,me like!!!!! :D

  13. Rex Oct 11, 2004

    waaaaa.......ur da best PitaTen waller on MT XD

    love all your pita walls....and that includes this one as well :P

  14. Kenzotsuke Oct 11, 2004

    wow! great wall!(hum..several minutes of glory for you^^)

  15. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2004

    oo, i like those swirls that swirl (xD) around her

  16. cloudcherry Oct 11, 2004

    purtyness!!! I luv this wallie!!!
    I luv Pita Ten and her little bunny hairties
    The sparkles and feathers are purty :D good job!!!

  17. ny0g4n Oct 11, 2004

    Cute Misha wallpaper :) nice work!!

  18. taste Restricted Member Oct 11, 2004

    Oh very great wall i love the bg blue !!
    Add to fav !

  19. semanga Oct 11, 2004

    cool wall :)

  20. ShiroiLina Oct 11, 2004

    cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! even if there are many space walls, they will always be nice to have them on pc! :D keep it up! :D

  21. Yina Oct 11, 2004

    It's so pretty!!! I love the colors and the bg!!! XD +fav

  22. tAtEkAnE Oct 11, 2004

    nice job halcyon :D..i wonder when will my next wall will be XD lol

  23. Yune Oct 11, 2004

    HeyYYYy...great work yah! i can feel its angelicNesS...drifts offf..into space* XD
    mii likes her wings and feathers XD

  24. DarkSith Oct 11, 2004

    Wow !! Great colors and lightning :)
    Nice work :)

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