Tasuku Iizuki Wallpaper: :: Everyday see You

Tasuku Iizuki Wallpaper
Tasuku Iizuki Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hey its again Kiddy-chan with a 1600 wp XD
I saw the scan on MT with that Girl, she looks very pretty, then i must made a wp with her.
Thanks goes to chrno and chibikko for some tipps *knuff* and GolgoXIII for the great Scan -> http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/34495/

I hope you like the Wallpaper and wrote many coments ^^

Other Sizes:
800x600 - http://www.lizzynet.de/home/kiddy/Wallpaper/erveryday_800.jpg
1024x768 - http://www.lizzynet.de/home/kiddy/Wallpaper/erveryday_1024.jpg
1280x1024 - http://www.lizzynet.de/home/kiddy/Wallpaper/erveryday_1280.jpg

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  1. Frosty Oct 10, 2004

    very niceb wallie. ^^

  2. chibikko Oct 10, 2004

    that's the most beautiful wallpaper you've every made imo. the scan is so pretty and i really really love the background scene. the atmosphere is pretty and it makes me feel happy XD a fav of course

  3. bromithia Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2004

    Did you use stock photos? >_> The house in the back looks very real... anyway, I'll favorite it.

  4. Ninja Oct 10, 2004

    Really nice wallpaper this one really caught my eye.

  5. pavilion Oct 10, 2004

    oo really nice! though the bg a little 2 blury (houses&trees) however really cool feel! nice job

  6. exentric Oct 10, 2004

    suggoi desu~~
    me am liking this very much~~ ^.^

  7. Kenzotsuke Oct 10, 2004

    really cute wall :)

  8. xtigy Oct 10, 2004

    Very nice wall. Cute.

  9. Angelette Oct 10, 2004

    Sweet idea, but the BG is waaay too blurry.

  10. heavens-Dragon Oct 10, 2004

    Wowies! It's so beautiful! Great Job! I like the birds flying around in the sky and the cute girl!

  11. Marcy Oct 10, 2004


  12. ganon Oct 10, 2004

    i like i like XD
    fav += 1

  13. KohakuXP Oct 11, 2004

    Purrrrdy!! Its a lil too light for my eye though. ^_^'

  14. polar Oct 11, 2004

    wow~~~~~nice wall~~
    nice combination of the scan and the bkground~it looks amazing and very reallistic~

  15. Cloudnine Oct 11, 2004

    Really nice wallpaper ^^ Definitely easy on the eyes for those who are tired of starry walls :D Good composition and design! nicely done indeed ^^

  16. Sorceres00 Oct 11, 2004

    What a Xcelent Wall :D !!!
    i like the wiew :) , *is so great* :)

  17. chunli61 Oct 11, 2004

    nice work! i like it :D

  18. halcyonTwilight Oct 11, 2004

    Really cute wall :D But i agree with angelette that the bg is a bit too blurry, and some of the blackbirds look the same. Perhaps placing less would help ^^ But other than that really nice work :) Love the wall ^_^

  19. Kanvas Oct 11, 2004

    a really beautiful one

  20. chrno Oct 11, 2004

    Ya know: it's very good! *fav I love it a bit more than your "Fate stay knight wp"! *chrno

  21. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2004

    coool wallpaper, i like the textography but shouldn it be " 'cause i get to see you everyday" or " 'cause everyday, i get to see you"?

  22. irix Oct 11, 2004

    ...sugoi!!! that's a beautiful wall!!! XD

  23. Osiris Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2004

    awesome ^__^

    some parts are blurry but overall its fine ^_-

  24. semanga Oct 11, 2004

    very great I love it

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