Naoki Honda Wallpaper: Ongaku Tenshi no Stage

Naoki Honda Wallpaper
Naoki Honda Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yes I saw this scan and thought "I just have to wall this!"

well im kinda ashamed XD i made another celest/space wall >_> please forgive me XD

ne ways please enjoy the wall ^^

scan: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/45847/ well after i asked tama neko if she knew this scan she gave me a cleaner version of it

hehe XD that tatoo is hot desu ne? XD

OKay now the making of :

I chose the scan cause it was SUGOI o_o, so i first tried to make a stage for her in photoshop >_> result : http://anime-illusion.net/limality/paintings.gif XD
so then i chose ONCE again to make a space background with three planets...well it had four in it but then i removed it thx to tama-neko. then i made the starfield >_< (thx greg martin after one 1 month of praciticing, im fully able to make it on my own) hmm yeah then i added the wings to her back, to her shirt and that wing tatoo on her leg (which i think of as really HOT XD)

yeah the sparkly stuff is a must XD i always feel the need for sparkles >_> neways the title means "Msuic Angel's Stage" ;) well i wanted to name it BUTAI but butai ment "moving stage" or something which wasnt really appropriate so i just took the english word...

well after some months of wallers block here's my comeback....not as good though =\ (to me that is)
okay now enjoy this piece of mine and if you like it you also may check out my other stuff ;)

okay thats it for now enjoy !

Ja NE!

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  1. jackalx66 Oct 10, 2004

    very cool walls
    and nice BG
    like it

  2. Tama-Neko Oct 10, 2004

    Yay, it's complete! Like I said before, I love the wings and how you integrated it into various places, especially the shirt.

  3. biriwilg Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2004

    Ooh, so pretty! A guitar angel is a new take on the old theme. ^_^ I love it!

  4. pinkdoremi Oct 10, 2004

    awesome wallie lima :D she really is a rock star, ne? ^__^~ anyways, i love the magical bg, and everything suits so well with the musical-magic theme :D the tattoo looks awesome O.O

  5. Angelette Oct 10, 2004

    Oooo, I like the starscape... Wow... Very pretty~ Sparkles are uber, too!! Whee!!

  6. Boss Oct 10, 2004

    sweet wall man. I like the starfield along with the guitar!

  7. thegunblademaster Oct 10, 2004

    very nice wall! nice guitar and background

  8. Ninja Oct 10, 2004

    Really sweet wallpaper.

  9. exentric Oct 10, 2004

    its awesome dude!!! XD
    but at the top.. it kinda looks like something was cut off... ^.^"
    a bit weird I'd say... ^.^"

  10. Frosty Oct 10, 2004

    very nice wallie. ^^ Good job. :nya:

  11. Noctum Oct 10, 2004

    Nice work with the changes on the character picture and with the bg.
    There are two things which I don't really like though:
    - the positioning of the planet in the upper left corner makes it look a bit deformed (I guess because the amount of the planet shown and the amount of it hidden stands in an odd relation, moving the planet a bit upwards might help)
    - close to the top of the wallpaper a layer gets cut off (I guess), creating an horizontal line which looks quite odd

  12. Foolish-ishness Oct 10, 2004

    You're space walls are awesome :D

    Adding the wings to the scan was a very good idea. Nice job!

  13. DREAM Oct 10, 2004

    great job, Liimality. it kicks serious ass. a girl with a guitar is awesome!

    i give you an A for originaliity. ^_^'

  14. Sandy Oct 11, 2004

    This is awesome. Yus it's planet but it's so..... awesome >_<!!!!! Damn you! +fav

  15. KohakuXP Oct 11, 2004

    An angel with a guitar!! *Praise the wall* :P

  16. kitat Oct 11, 2004

    wow~ A background is beautiful. ^ ^
    "Rock de kagayaite masu" great wall :)

  17. Osiris Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2004

    haha great wall :D

    kawaii girl and space bg :3

    rofl @ large lima sig XD

  18. halcyonTwilight Oct 11, 2004

    Love the wall :3 Heh.... guess space walls will be around fer a while XD Love the feathers and the bg ^^Man...I woulda never though of putting angel wings on her...really sweet work!! The space dust is awesome too ^_^ Really sweet wall !!

  19. Cloudnine Oct 11, 2004

    ooo~ nice work desu ^^ though it might be hard to play a guitar in space XD

    hahaha~ really awesome work on the starscape and planets ^^

  20. chunli61 Oct 11, 2004

    omg that is just awesome! i love the backgrond and the character!!! nice work fave+! :D XD

  21. Sorceres00 Oct 11, 2004

    At last, At last XD !!!!!!!!! i found a GOOD wall from this scan XD
    those planet are amazing :o , the stars are amazing :o , the wings are amazing, *ALL is amazing* XD !!! haha

  22. TheRavenIsUnSkill Oct 11, 2004

    Lima's back with a vengeance! XD
    |337. Using for laptop now! :D

  23. Rex Oct 11, 2004

    wings are so useful xd

    <3 da wall :P

  24. irix Oct 11, 2004

    yeah, your effort is in this one!!! ...the star field is great!!! :D ...and the stars too!!! XD

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