Tiv Wallpaper: I'm Coming Apart at the Seams

Tiv, Atelier Tiv, Vector Art Wallpaper
Tiv Mangaka Atelier Tiv Studio Vector Art Source

1920x1080 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is my entry for the Celestial-Luminesse contest “Tell Me What You Mean”

The scan I got here on MT. The phrase that I am telling the meaning of in this wall is “I’m coming apart at the seams.” I picked this girl because she looks sad and lost, which fits with the theme and also because she had enough skin showing for the seams. I painted and vectored the seams onto her and painted the places where the seams are split to show depth to the opening. I had to paint and clone her back and part of the ribbons to remove a bird that was over her in the original. I had to repaint some of the lines and hair back in too. I extracted her rather than vector it because the color and texture of the original scan fit the mood of the wall.

The Background is all original vector and text grunge. The text is layered to so the confusion and loss of control once again to point back to my theme phrase. The text is all lines from the song “Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes” by FOB. The first line of the song is “I’m coming apart at the seams” and song describes that lost and confused about life and everything in it. To further the sense of falling apart I vectored additional letters to make it seem as if they are slipping away from her. To add depth I did a gradient on the upper “split” part of the bg and vectored slightly faded stars, to represent fading dreams.

This wall took at 6 hours total, but that was working straight through without a break once the inspiration hit me. I didn’t count the layers as usual ^_^’

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  1. Rhed Jul 03, 2010

    i love her. she's so cute.. thanks for sharing

  2. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 03, 2010

    This is very interesting and meaningful, I love the BG's color and how you formed it.
    It was what caught my attention, someting so magical in it...I just adore it really.
    The scan is very nicely vectored, and although I read why you extracted it for this BG
    I think vectoring it would've been alot better.
    Though that doesn't take away from how lovely the wall is, small suggestion is
    to really try and enhance the scan after extracting it. Like giving it deeper, rich color
    and helping the quality out by duplicating the scan, blurring and then apply the layer with softlight. You'll see the awesome difference once you do.
    Really great job <3

  3. hidekeitaro Jul 03, 2010

    Wonderful job. Great wallpaper and I loved it *-*~

  4. sailorchiron Jul 03, 2010

    Very nice! I like the way the seems came out, and good job using text in a non-distracting way. <3

  5. animanga Jul 04, 2010

    I thought I recognised the title! :D
    The seams look really good, as if they're part of the original scan. The BG matches really nicely as well as being quite cute. <3 Great use of text too, and great song choice. lol

  6. ngakyuklim Jul 04, 2010

    gorgeous! XD ther girl is pretty, just like the wall~!

  7. jinglingli Jul 05, 2010

    nice wallpaper~! thank you for sharing~

  8. the2ndpandora Jul 05, 2010

    Very cute girl , i like your wallpaper . Thanks for sharing.

  9. crimson-blue Jul 05, 2010

    georgeous...what a high quality of concept u used in there...
    Holy C*w!..how can u make this masterpiece!?..
    no words anymore, I can say!..
    F***ing Beautiful of wallie!

  10. Emma93 Banned Member Jul 06, 2010

    this is really awesum :D keep it up

  11. 5VK170 Jul 08, 2010

    gracias por la imagen compa

  12. TomoyoYumemi Jul 10, 2010

    the girls seems cute but the background doesn't help her

  13. yukirina Jul 10, 2010

    Beautiful wallpaper *-* I love stars ><

  14. Ren-Maaka Jul 11, 2010

    She's so pretty....Thanks a lot for this.

  15. Monaliza Jul 12, 2010

    what a cute girl
    i love it

  16. Katkoota Jul 14, 2010

    Wow i rly loved it! can i have this size? 1440x900? Bcuz it'll looks awesome in desktop! :3333

  17. pl94 Mute Member Jul 18, 2010

    wow! nice job! i love it!

  18. SoNaRiRi Jul 20, 2010

    Exquisite *0*

    Thank you. ~~~

  19. zeileeaang Jul 25, 2010

    pretty wp :) love the colors

  20. Axzero Mute Member Aug 05, 2010

    what a cute girl
    i love it

  21. Makiloos Aug 09, 2010

    Beautiful wall
    Lovely girl ^ __ ^

  22. k4w4i Aug 11, 2010

    Nice Wallpaper i like this wall very much.

    it's so perfect and amazing wall.

    Pretty good.

  23. chizumii Aug 13, 2010

    nice wallpaper~! thank you for sharing~

  24. Sayuri123 Aug 29, 2010

    wow, beautiful wallpaper *.*thanks the scan ; )

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