Vampire Knight: Swimsuits in VK?

Matsuri Hino, Studio DEEN, Vampire Knight, Kaname Kuran, Zero Kiryuu
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Vampire Knight Series Kaname Kuran Character Zero Kiryuu Character


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  1. christabel92 Jul 19, 2008

    This is mine to vector!If someone makes it before me,I'll kill him/her!

  2. YENESIS Jul 20, 2008

    AHH! HOOt KaName-senpai look so a very handsome! i love this beatiful boy!
    and yuki soo kawai! i am a lovely fan of kanane & Yuki! KawaI!

    ahhh zero is funni look so pretty!

    thank you for pretty scan!

  3. Paptawan Jul 20, 2008

    I like it so much

  4. Elenariel Jul 20, 2008

    Thank you! Thank you! I was hoping for a night class bathsuit pic, and now here is Kaname, yheeeeee!
    Yuuki and Kaname seems so happy ^^
    But Hino, you should leave Kaname shirtless too... <_<
    ( XD )

  5. KuroiTsubasa Jul 22, 2008

    i want to be Yuuki... T_T
    i wish we had fun service like this in the anime..
    thank you~

  6. IcyBlade Jul 22, 2008

    xD....it's a nice scan ^^

  7. Death-Summoner Jul 24, 2008

    That is such a great scan! *nose-bleed* Kaname take the shirt off!
    How I wish to be in Yuki's place XD

  8. sayako01 Banned Member Jul 25, 2008

    nice job!

  9. Spongepop Sep 29, 2008

    Totally awesome scan and I appreciate it. I'll try to clean it up and do something with it. Zero looks really funny here for some reason by the way.

  10. lilmaggie22 Sep 30, 2008

    HAHAHA! I WANT KANAME TO BE SHIRTLESS! *cough cough*<--crazy kaname fan here!

    Well, I think Matsuri Hino has her own reasons to make him shirtless...^^
    well, i heard that Zero is just less shy. I mean, I cant picture Kaname taking his shirt off boldly like Zero. That would definetly ruin his cool pure-blood image <--hahahaha.

    I still want to see Kaname shirtless....!XD

  11. warrior-of-dream Oct 26, 2008

    Kaname afraid of sun. He is a vampire hehe ^^

  12. Mythrille Nov 01, 2008

    Zero's all like, "You pure-blood bast**d, take your hands off MY YUUKI!"
    Kaname's all like, "She's so cute when she blushes... You like THAT, Zero? Yeah, that's right... she's all mine..."
    And Yuuki's like, "omg omg omg omg OMG! ^///^"
    I love Vampire knight!

  13. PizzaMozarella Nov 02, 2008

    OMFG SOOO CUTE! I'm a crazed kanamexyuki-tard!God, Kaname is looking so tender and sweet at Yuki. ^.^ Zero's like "WTF KANAME?! I want to set next to Yuki!"

  14. kaitou17 Nov 02, 2008

    Oh, my God! Kaname-samas' legs! XD

  15. BloodDrop Nov 03, 2008

    tht pic is like totally awesome~! :D but the words etc spoil the pic a bit but overalll its GREAT

  16. meanpunk7777 Nov 04, 2008

    i think its cute on how zero gets jelous

  17. baltoria Nov 16, 2008

    As lilmaggie22 said - there are definately reasons for Kaname retaining his shirt. Clothing is a form of modesty, and having Kaname shirtless would appear undignified and uncharacteristic of his personality.

    Zero's facial expression in this is priceless though.

  18. SHiningTears Dec 20, 2008


  19. Countess-D Feb 03, 2009

    Okay, Zero's "Noooooo!" is damn funny xD!

  20. PunkyDarkmoon Feb 08, 2009

    HA HA HA It's funny but nice

  21. Reham Feb 15, 2009

    This scene is so funny yet romantic between kaname and yuuki.

  22. Alexei008 Mar 30, 2009

    It's so weird and funny cause manga is pretty dark...

  23. senrishiki Apr 05, 2009

    yuuki is so cute

  24. Soileyh Apr 27, 2009

    for a manga as dark as this, this scene is a romantic relief... pheaw

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