Last Exile Wallpaper: Last Exile: "Battle Lounge"

Range Murata, Gonzo, Last Exile, Tatiana Wisla Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka Gonzo Studio Last Exile Series Tatiana Wisla Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I hope some of you have waited for me to submit a wallpaper heheh, if not I dun mind XD well, Tatiana from Last Exile is sitting in a nice seat and flying in a round plane which show the final battle.

Uwah then I wanna thank harakiri for helping me and giving me advices and tips; chiki`kyo for the great scan and I apologize for playing Sims 2 all the time especially to Kanti-kun, cuz I forgot to talk to him. Gomen nasai!

If you like this wallpaper then comment and fav XD enjoy it, more res to come, if you need them then comment pls. This wallpaper took me the whole Saturday and I'm glad that it's finished. Everything was made with my Photoshop-chama, thank you so much XD

bai bai, chibikko

check www.uchiki.de for more resolutions

[EDIT] There's a passage between the two walls, dun missunderstand XD. I've changed the wallpaper a bit, so minna can see it ;P

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  1. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 09, 2004

    very origional~ very cool also~ XD
    i think the wall with the text is kinda messed up; shoudn't it be leveled with the wall with the window? well, what do i know...great job tho~

  2. Keffie Oct 09, 2004

    hehe.. looks a bit weird to me.. maybe because i've seen the scan.. ohh well..

  3. Skillzpay Oct 09, 2004

    awesome wall, really like how you pulled off the room, although like sammo mentioned, the alignment of the wall and the wall with the window are off. Besides that top notch work :D

  4. FlowerDog Oct 09, 2004

    This is interesting. :) I believe you did a great job. I have ever seen a wallpaper being done this way. I like it a lot. :D Keep it up Chibikko-sama. :)

  5. pinkdoremi Oct 09, 2004

    wow, cool wall ^-^ i really like the way u made the room look so clean, and neat :D it reminds me a lot of those war movies XD great work~!

  6. evasion Oct 10, 2004

    Awesome perspective!

  7. Foolish-ishness Oct 10, 2004

    Quote by sammovery origional~ very cool also~ XD
    i think the wall with the text is kinda messed up; shoudn't it be
    leveled with the wall with the window? well, what do i know...great job

    I agree. Still very awesome. This has to be most creative thing on MT right now XD

  8. Septillion Oct 10, 2004

    oh interesting concept, maybe needs more work with the lighting?? *shrugs* i dunno but good work^^

  9. DarkParagon Oct 10, 2004

    I find this wall very inventive. I really like it when people take scans and concepts and then make it into a totally different scene as they imagine it. There's a lot of effort and thought put into this wall and for this I must +Fav.

  10. WunAngelwHoney Oct 10, 2004

    Nice!! its pwetty good XD

  11. Akasaki Oct 10, 2004

    Wow, unique. :)
    The wall saying "battle lounge" looks like it's not fitting where it should, and the reflections of the lounge chairs seem kind of weird.
    I like the design and choice of colors.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. semanga Oct 10, 2004

    wow looks good

  13. jackalx66 Oct 10, 2004

    cool perspective...
    ur art just great

  14. woundeds0ul Oct 10, 2004

    ouuuuuuuu~~~ :D so high tech and modern~~ ^^ hehehe great work chibikko-san~ :D

  15. chunli61 Oct 10, 2004

    nice work ^_^

  16. Suika Oct 10, 2004

    great idea! i like it wheeheee xD

  17. Angelette Oct 10, 2004

    oooo O_O
    The window doesn't look all that realistic >_>;; But the room looks great! I love the extremely sterile feel of it... Just what I would expect of a room up in space. xD

  18. taste Restricted Member Oct 10, 2004

    HO i love your job !!!! very great wall !

  19. chrno Oct 11, 2004

    schon okay du^^ hope we are both okay now^^

    nice wp^^

  20. Yina Oct 11, 2004

    wo... really nice idea! ^^ I like the seats and the girl. ^^

  21. rojacol Oct 11, 2004

    wow, very techi wall! it looks so cool ^^ nice job :D

  22. KorganoS Oct 11, 2004

    A brilliant wall!!! I love the lounge view... great job on that... :D

  23. hidekeitaro Oct 11, 2004

    Very very nice!!! Great work XD

  24. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 12, 2004

    Oooooo Chibikko-chan! Such an interesting interior design for this Last Exile background. I personally love the intro song, my favorite to date =P. Such a very interesting background too. VERY beautiful and the quality is nothing short of perfect. Fits VERY well with the series itself and its just so nice to see a beautiful indoor bg. Considering LE takes place mostly in the sky, its great to see her down and on the ground. Now if only she wore something other than that suit =P. Oh well, though I must say this is VERY well done Chibikko-chan and its definately a favorite for me. You can be sure of that, I love it! =D.

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