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Hi, everyone! Long time no see, huh? :D
It's been a while since I made a wallpaper. This time I've come up with an original work. I've never done an original work before, so this is somewhat a challenge (or perhaps a new excitement?) to me.. :p
Anyways, let's move on!

The Concept
The idea for this wallpaper came from a couple of things. I've been listening to We Came As Romans' album, To Plant A Seed, and I found it to be extraordinary. Some of the lyrics inspired me, as I finished my assignment on ecological footprint. So then I decided to make a wallpaper based on environment and the lyrics. The main concept is to make depict how our mind affects our environment (or you can say the other way around: how our environment affects our minds).To symbolize our mind, I can't think of anything better than the brain itself. Because that's where we process ideas, thoughts, memories, and even feelings (medically). :D
To depict the state of the mind, I decided to use a tree; as it fits the lyrics and symbolize nature too.. The lyrics tells a description of a tree, and in this case I used it to describe "the tree (or state) of the mind".

The Process
First, I hand-drew the tree and brain, scanned it, and used it as a reference to vector in CorelDRAW. The rest of the backgrounds, such as the building and smoke, are also vectors. For colors, I used red and variations of brown and sand colors. Well, red is usually used to mark something as important or worth more attention, defines urgency, symbolize anger and danger, also heat. So I think its perfect for the tree's color.. :)
After the text was added, I give the tree and brain textures with brushes in Photoshop. Next, I used blending tools in CorelPHOTOPAINT to make it blend more...and that's it! We're done! :)

The title came from the lyrics, which is also the song title of one of the tracks in the album. I find it very fitting because the mind is a wonder itself. Right? It's the source of man's wisdom, concept, and ideas that can create miracles and shape our world. So, what grows in your mind? ;)

Any constructive comments, advices and +favs are highly appreciated..
I hope you like this one, guys! ^_^

Progress (CorelDRAW):

Lyrics/text: From the song "To Plant A Seed". (I modified it a little to fit the context).
Title : From the song "An Ever-Growing Wonder".
All songs are from the album "To Plant A Seed" (2009), by We Came As Romans.
Working time : Started from 3 weeks ago. I worked on it 1-2 hours a day.
Brushes used: Wood Brushes by WhiskeyLima, Grunge Rust Brush by Seudavi.
Programs used: CorelDRAW X3, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Photoshop CS3.
For all the text and brushes used, credits to their respective owners.

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  1. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jun 20, 2010

    I love the concept, and the way you've presented it. I like how the brain's lines look kinda like tree roots, but also, the branches of the tree look like nerves extending from the brain =D

    - The brain kinda melts into the background a little. I'm not sure if that's your intention (I like how the tree stands out from the background by being so bold, but at first I almost missed the brain there...) but maybe give it an outline, or adjust the colours so it stands out from its surroundings a bit more?

  2. animelover901120 Jun 20, 2010

    Is a great idea~ ^^
    I like how the brain and the root worked out together
    and match each other^^

    tHANks for the sharing

  3. Zettodono Jun 20, 2010

    Cool concept and idea!

  4. rizacaga Jun 20, 2010

    konsepnya keren adith!
    jarang lihat wall yang pake konsep disini.....adith belajar desain ya?

  5. Nysha Jun 21, 2010

    Really nice concept! Thought it was a brain before I read the description. :D The details you made are well done too. The font choice makes the wall have a creepy feel to it in some way, if that was your intention.

  6. Faelnirv Jun 25, 2010

    i just love pictures like this. helps me remember the things i hold dear.

  7. jurong Jun 25, 2010

    wow.. ada orang Indo?
    nice work bro

  8. freezen Jun 27, 2010

    <3 this wall especially the concept of it. the lines on the brains looked like roots and the title really suits it (i personally feel that the brains are quite a wonder).
    and i dunno if this is your intention but i see that the tree has no leaf while the background is filled with air pollution and that all this pollution created by us (by our brains) is actually causing us to wither away.

    anyhow, it's a great piece of work that really makes me think about its many meanings! ;D

  9. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jun 28, 2010

    Great concept! Though, I'm not sure about the font you chose... like Nysha said, it gives off a kind of "horror" or "creepy" vibe. But other than that, love your wall!

  10. zylfairy Mute Member Jun 29, 2010

    Thanks for sharing this great scan. Its a wonderfull artwork.

  11. Monaliza Jul 12, 2010

    i love it
    realy good job

  12. Sherillas Jul 13, 2010

    This wallpaper is simply beautiful! I like how you've captured the air of serenity, it's executed marvelously, and the perspective is enchanting. I think the atmosphere is quite peaceful. Nice vector, very distinct also the earthly colors are soothing. Love the placement of the typography, I think it makes the wallpaper rather dynamic which is a lovely effect. Brilliant work!

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