Gunsmith Cats Wallpaper: Rally and her Cobra

Kenichi Sonoda, OLM Digital Inc, Gunsmith Cats, Irene Vincent Wallpaper
Kenichi Sonoda Mangaka OLM Digital Inc Studio Gunsmith Cats Series,OVA Irene Vincent Character

800x600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The original image of Rally was found on the net, therefore it's not mine (http://www.freewebs.com/gunsmithcats/rally_blue_tn.jpg), the GT 500 was also found on the net, not mine either (www.drstrangelove.co.uk/. ../Wallpaper6.htm). I actually found it through google and saved the pic [link is now dead) and i merged them together to show Rally's love of the Shelby GT-500

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  1. XianPu Banned Member Oct 07, 2004

    One word. Dayaaaamn. Here I was thinking that I was the only real fan of GSC. ^_^ +10 for cool. +20 for it being Rally. ^_^

  2. markos423 Oct 07, 2004

    woot! probably one of the few awesome GSC walls i've seen...being both a car nut and an anime freak, i really dig this wall...i do wish it was higher res than 800x600, but oh well...nice work, renmazuo ^_^

  3. c0wh0ly Oct 07, 2004

    very cool

  4. dragondiv1 Banned Member Jan 10, 2005

    It is very attractive one full of life animated!
    And the wallpaper is really beautiful!
    Good wall!
    I like!
    Good work!

  5. KiraHachi Jan 20, 2005

    Can't beat the classics - cars & anime just fit together don't they

  6. land Banned Member Feb 11, 2005

    Very good idea. this's lovely wall!
    I like this style ! that looks so cool!!!!!

  7. hinarei Oct 23, 2005

    Rally Vincent is the first anime girl to ever catch my eye, and she has a special place in my heart, so I couldn't fail to make a comment here...

    I applaud you for putting this together. In fact, I salute you! :D

    Rally = the best ^^

  8. GOD6 Mar 20, 2010

    Gun smith cats is a awesome anime! Nothing beats a great classic like the shelby mustang GT 500 and a sexy Rally Vincent. I to am a car and anime nut to.Rally vincent also has has a special place in heart to.

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