Read Or Die Wallpaper: rod TV: Turning Over a New Leaf

Studio DEEN, Read Or Die, Michelle Cheung, Anita King, Maggie Mui Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Read Or Die Series Michelle Cheung Character Anita King Character Maggie Mui Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

For some reason that hasn't been explained to me (beyond a generic BotChii report), the previous version of this wallpaper (entitled "Autumn Breeze") was deleted for being taken from another site. Rather bizarre considering I was showing the image-in-progress to the #mt channel as I was working on it, and getting good feedback from the channel (except from Mr. "One More Leaf" Rex XP)
Anyway, it's not really a problem because there were some glaring issues in that version which I reworked; I would have deleted it myself and replaced it with this one.
Anyway, I wanted to make a seasonal wall, and found this image in my gallery, but it was too early to go for a Christmas theme. With their snug scarves and coats, it set the mood for an autumn image as I started layering golden-orange gradients. I traced the image in Illustrator, created the brick wall with Photoshop paths, ganked the clouds and leaf images from Illustrator's premade symbols (nature set) and found a cool image of a street lamp (from Russia, off of Google's image search) which I redrew in Illustrator, put it all together and tadah. I removed the oversized leaf, made the bricks more proportional, and changed the title to something less generic and more specific for this image - namely leaves, and a new start.
Additional resolutions are available at DA! Desktop Anime.

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  1. TheRavenIsUnSkill Oct 07, 2004

    Better than the first one, though the original was already excellent! :D

    |337 again Tama-sempai! XD

  2. Meg Oct 07, 2004

    whoever deleted this wall should die XD. spamming it again.
    loving the lamps! they're l337

  3. candy-chan Retired Moderator Oct 07, 2004

    lanterns |337 ind33d
    second version betterh tama, gj
    else its like i said previously, love the colors ^__^

  4. Rex Oct 07, 2004

    hmmm......yup.....the new organization of leaves looks way better xd

    <3 it!

  5. FallenAngel Oct 07, 2004

    I still want that plushie. >_> Nice work again tama! :)

  6. Katzbalger Oct 07, 2004

    This was removed because it comes from another web site (Da!), as it says down the bottom right hand of the wallpaper. I was the one who reported it. If you work for Da!, I appologiese, but I suggest you put your own information at the bottom of the page, not Da's, to prevent further confusion.

  7. Tama-Neko Oct 07, 2004

    Um, DA! IS my website. It even says "Wallpaper by Tama-Neko" and my nick is, indeed, Tama-Neko. It's also linked in my userpage and my signature. The signature on my wallpaper is the exact same as every other anime wallpaper in my gallery, so it's IS my own information at the bottom of the work. Additionally, at the time I posted the first version I hadn't even uploaded it to DA! yet. -_-

  8. shinta Oct 07, 2004

    I think Katzbalger doesn't know Tama runs DA. Maa ne... >_>
    Tama-chan sugoi!!! ^__^

  9. seta_chan Oct 07, 2004

    beautiful =) great job! i like the autumn feel to it =)

  10. bucket-shot Oct 07, 2004

    Quote by KatzbalgerI suggest you put your own information at the bottom of the page, not Da's, to prevent further confusion.

    X) ...mildy amusing.

    Anyways, good job on v2. :) My favourite part is still the lamps+clouds+autumn grad. Looks awesome.

  11. Cloudnine Oct 07, 2004

    lol putting the drama aside =p

    excellent detail and design ^^ the lamps are l337 indeed XD I can only pray to dhali lama to be able to vector as good as tama ^^

  12. Noctum Oct 07, 2004

    The deletion also means that one of the mods here didn't believe that you created the wallpaper, too. -_-

    Anyway, the wallpaper looks indeed better now.
    I'm not really happy about the double text (text behind text), though.

  13. Chernobyll Oct 07, 2004

    Nice WaLL..

  14. KorganoS Oct 07, 2004

    ah... I noticed that you changed the leaf at the bottom, and removed the text..
    anyways... sugoii Tama! :D
    *bows to vector-sensei*

  15. Foolish-ishness Oct 07, 2004

    Awesome wall. I'm glad you finally finished it. I was only in the IRC long enough to just see the brick wall and vectored scan :D

  16. Angelette Oct 08, 2004

    O_o The bricks... Must have taken a long time oOoOo

  17. chunli61 Oct 08, 2004

    nice work ^_^ nice to see new images of rod used in walls ^_^

  18. jingjing1208 Oct 09, 2004

    Nice wall,I like this anime! :D

  19. SpiffyBug Oct 15, 2004

    I'm always impressed by vector art, let alone work this good. Very nice.

  20. Electrastar Oct 18, 2004

    I like I like. Great golden autumn colors :D Perfect! And I'm really starting to like The Paper Sisters (even if I still have a soft spot for Yomiko).

  21. nesisz Nov 07, 2004

    great JOB! Very nice wall
    haha yea reallly, but godly wall!!^^

  22. Total-Newtype-USA-Reader Nov 24, 2004

    I love the Rod the Tv wallpaper. the yellow and orange or red background really compliments it/

  23. Ixion Dec 15, 2004

    the text is too small/blurry. Cute and great use of color, but as I mentioned on your prior wall, you need to focus on the extraction and stop using glow. I'm sure with more practice, you'll get more adept at it. G'luck!

  24. made Mute Member Feb 13, 2005

    sunset? rich gorgeous colors wallpaper. good feeling.

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