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nyaa~ more original art desu~! Actually, this was supposed to be released at the same time as my last wall, but I was too lazy to clean the line art @_@ It took a while, but once it was done the rest was a breeze~ (well not really ^^;;)

I love how this turned out ^^ I spent more time on CGing than I normally do so the colors and tones turned out much better than I imagined~ :D

- Background Story for "Have Faith" -
The character is Faith, a newly recruited angel sent to Earth, but on the way she loses her "Tenshi Handbook" and becomes stranded without a clue what to do @_@ With her lack in training and common sense, what is she to do in this strange new world?

[ Lineart done on pen, CGed and edited in Photoshop ]

Rofl~ maybe I really should become a mangaka... XD

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  1. Kozumura Oct 03, 2004

    cloud, you are god, I swear...

    Lovely Drawing and the CGing is b-e-u-tiful! :0

    +fav..and fav..

  2. thegunblademaster Oct 03, 2004

    whoa! i think i'm in heaven!! excellent job, nice drawing!

  3. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 03, 2004

    mm, great drawing as usual! XD

  4. Foolish-ishness Oct 03, 2004

    That girl is so cute @_@'

  5. ny0g4n Oct 03, 2004

    nice drawing and beautiful color!! :)

  6. tecnophreak Oct 03, 2004

    you should man. I'd be one of your biggest fans!!!

  7. Katzbalger Oct 03, 2004

    Damn fine art, I wish I could draw like that....

    You should become a mangaka, if you can keep the characters looking the same. I can't do that ^_^' That's a good story too, you should seriously consider it.

  8. afan Oct 03, 2004

    Dang...another great artist

  9. c0wh0ly Oct 03, 2004


  10. crapmonster Oct 03, 2004

    ahha nice drawing

  11. zeine Oct 03, 2004

    Sugoi, cloudnine-san, you're so multi-talented... Tenshi wa totemo kawaii desu!!! Honto ni utsukushi desu yo... Kirei... I especially love the movement of the lines found in your work... Your art/style is so free and flowing... Plus, mixed w/ your awesome cg-ing skills, makes such a superb result... A very fine example of original art... I like her lovely expression and adorable face very much... Very graceful and heavenly... Subarashii desu ne... ^^

  12. Fantasia Oct 03, 2004

    wooooooooooooooo,that's so beautiful>_<
    I like the soft color,and also the angel look girl,she's so pretty,reminds me of Aoi
    suki desu,XD

  13. UndyingShadow Oct 03, 2004

    sweet drawing man!

  14. barrett Oct 03, 2004

    wow that is some bueatiful art man!

  15. minnie Oct 03, 2004

    WOW ur such a good drawer!!!!!


  16. Spriggan Oct 03, 2004

    huum sweet!!!!! really nice drawing!! :D

  17. FlowerDog Oct 03, 2004

    Whoa! Such a beautiful original CG work you have made Cloudnine-sama. :D Faith has such a sweet look! You have done a lovely job with your character. Oh, how I wish I could CG as beautifully as you. *Cries* I also really find your story behind Faith to be very interesting. Keep it up! :)

  18. Noctum Oct 03, 2004

    The bg and colouring are awesome, but the line art has a lot of holes.
    Perhaps you should think about taking the next step and start inking (on paper or in Photoshop).

  19. Frosty Oct 03, 2004

    very nice and very clean. totally luv it. ^^ Great job. ^^

  20. Val3f0r Oct 03, 2004

    o.O O.o weee.... really.... pretty nice drawing Cloud9 XD

    Quote by Cloud9Rofl~ maybe I really should become a mangaka...

    Why not :p... worth to try XD XD

  21. akai Oct 03, 2004

    Very lovely... but she reminds me of Chise. *sob sob* t___t

  22. motoko Oct 03, 2004

    holy [explicite content] !!!! XD you're the one !!!
    I loved the 'preview' you made on your userpage ! but this !!! there's no word to express what I feel ! :)
    suki desu ! suki desu ! +fav !

  23. chunli61 Oct 03, 2004

    oooh very pretty!!!! your a great artist and waller :D keep up the good work!

  24. jingjing1208 Oct 03, 2004

    :o Very nice draw!!!I like the sky in this drawing!!!! XD it's so beautiful! :D

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