The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Wallpaper: RainTearz

Noizi Ito, Kyoto Animation, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Yuki Nagato Wallpaper

1920x1080 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Late entry submission of the Minitokyo Knockout Competition Round 1.

Due to rushing I lost track to the original intent, removed text and lessened the cyan.
As usual, I fail at the text on big pieces (I should really start working on that, but it's getting better)
I should actually change the title but nah, lazy.

Original scan/screenshot/picture


WOW (out of 5): 2.5
TECHNIQUE (out of 15): 6.25
CREATIVITY (out of 15): 8.83
THEME/AESTHETIC (out of 15): 9.33

TOTAL (out of 50): 26.91
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Browse The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. DymedAnGel May 05, 2010

    It's beautiful... Love the what you did to the scans. Downloaded it, thanks a lot XD

  2. para5ite May 05, 2010

    now this is something that i would call as..AWESOME!
    Great job in every aspect! Personally i think this whole theme kinda fits yuki

  3. AirJack May 05, 2010

    Love the Rain Effect, Very Good Job!

  4. lenaelric May 05, 2010

    this wallpaper is soooo cute *-*

  5. Hotaru66 May 05, 2010

    Amazing Picture <33~
    Nagato is very cute *-*

  6. ndox900 May 05, 2010

    Whoah . . awesome wallpaper.... looks really great... XDD

  7. Furiz May 05, 2010

    It makes me want to cry :P

  8. Nuinui May 05, 2010

    Amazing Valuna-san , I really love this one

  9. RukiaKuchiki95 May 05, 2010

    I love yuki nagato :)
    And the wallpaper is very nice! :D

    Thnkx for sharing ?

  10. lausan May 06, 2010

    I really like it. Yuki is one of my favourite anime characters. Thank you so much^^

  11. crmc13 May 06, 2010

    very pretty <3
    simple yet so attractive. :D

  12. lrenh0 May 06, 2010

    a anime that i likes very much

  13. tsubasazero May 07, 2010

    Nagato fits so well with the effect of water.

  14. TiffYG2133 May 07, 2010

    oh wow this looks so cool! Geat idea & great job on it! Thanks 4 sharing & keep up the good work ^_^

  15. lausan May 09, 2010

    Thank you. I really like it^^

  16. vltnl100 May 10, 2010

    It's great! I love it. Great job!

  17. iNde May 11, 2010

    incredible, fav. i luv it. good job

  18. Zettodono May 11, 2010

    This amazing rain splatters effect, clear vector and coldest colors with a bit mystic background totally reflected Nagato Yuki inner silence cry!


  19. Kuresame May 12, 2010

    wow... it's really cool *___________*

  20. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator May 16, 2010

    First off, let me start off in saying that while you find this wall to be sort of in the higher middle road for creativity, the sole reason I find this to be the best Yuki wall I have ever seen is solely because OF the creativity behind it.

    It's nice to see something a bit more emotionally driven with Yuki. She's generally so expressionless and emotionless (for obvious reasons), but with this wall, it speaks in volumes without saying a single word and to me that in itself is what art is all about. Yes, I know that the scan used can say a great deal, but by adding in a greater degree of rain, as well as the water flowing down her face, it allows us viewers to really get a great deal of emotion from the image itself. For example, it really gives me the impression that the rain allows her to pour out her emotions, the drizzles creeping down her face symbolizing tears pent up inside from possibly painful events she had to endure, or from something else. Imagery can be the strongest medium to convey emotion, when done properly. This is done perfectly.

    I especially love how you used the background from the Haruhi-Kyon scan and used it as a focus point. I also have to applaud you on the rather nicely done job of the water pouring down the steps as well. I can only imagine that it was fairly difficult to create and while it's not completely lifelike, it's pretty darn close and extremely well done. The bubbles sort of threw me off guard, although I do think that in the context of this wallpaper, they fit perfectly. However, my favorite piece is the droplets of water. This is, by far, one of the best creations of rain I have seen used in a wallpaper. It really gives the feeling that I'm not viewing it from a distance, but I'm right next to her, viewing everything in slow motion. Just being able to step back and view something in such a surreal manner is nothing short of break-taking.

    Honestly speaking, this piece is by far one your best work. The sheer amount of quality, the imagery used as well as the level of detail to everything, from the rain, to the background itself. Sticking with a soft color like blue and using black with it really makes this a relaxing wallpaper, perfect for any time of the year. You really outdid yourself with this wallpaper. Even if you feel the way you do about it, I can still tell there was a great deal of work put into this.

  21. xbluenabix May 17, 2010

    I love it! It looks so gooooooooooooood

  22. himegod May 25, 2010

    Looks nice, great wall! :D

  23. Xuru93 May 29, 2010

    Nice! I love the colours. :)

  24. AznBoyy19 Jun 02, 2010

    wow, i like it when i find something that has to do with rain

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