Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: I'll Kill You

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Heero Yuy, Vector Art
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Series Heero Yuy Character Vector Art Source


Artist Comment

Title: I'll Kill You
Features: Heero Yuy
Layers: 15
Dedication: MapleRose

My Comment: This didn't take that many layers, but that's mostly because there weren't that many colors in it to begin with XD Haha

I started with the eyes... I don't know what it is about them, but that's what I seem to always start with >__<;; So I did that again lol. The left one turned out nice but...the right one looks a little off. I rechecked though and realized that it was drawn that way. Which leads me to say that although a lot of my lines look a bit "off" with size and random corners... yeah majority if not all of that is just from following the scan so closely. I could have fixed it a bit, but I wanted to be original to the scan and not make it too smooth. Reflects Heero's character this way...(he isn't a 'smooth' kinda guy).

With most of my vectors, the hair and shirt colors got brighter and sharper compared to the original scan. I tried to change the hair colors to get a little closer to original but... *shakes head* I just can't leave 'em at that dull color lol.

The shirt...eeeeh I had little choice haha. I was trying out a new method and in order to get the shaded part right, the colors just had to be a nicer >__>;;

Easiest: Eyes (like always almost haha)
Most Time-Consuming: The hair. I did it before the "Multiply" thing, so it took time. But because of its vastness and complications (those sharp turns and twists and stuff aren't there because I'm that bad at vectoring XDD lol) I think it would have taken just as long.
Favorite: Normally the eyes, but these aren't that special or anything so I'm likin' the shirt better/more. Color is nice and it turned out nice and just the way I wanted it ^-^

After looking over some of MapleRose's tutorials again, I finally understood what the "Multiply" "technique-ish-ness" thing was. This was also my first vector using it =O And unless I did it wrong, this method I think too LESS time =D However, because of this type of scan I'm not really sure if my lines came out neater or not, but I liked this method either way. Either way, I'm dedicating this vector to MapleRose because of the tutorials. If it hadn't been for his/her vectors in the first place, I don't know if I'd ever really understood how to vector and stuff. I'm not near as good as I want, but I'll keep practicing. Still, thanks a bunch, MapleRose, for those tutorials!

I hope everyone likes it. Any suggestions would be welcomed too (gotta get those vectoring skills a lil' better hehe). Thanks~!

Original Scan


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  1. sheng008 May 05, 2010

    -----Exelente imagen -------
    Gundam Wing es una de los mejores anime k e visto
    y Heero es lo mas
    aunke me gusta mas Duo y su infierno Deathscythe.

    merged: 06-10-2010 ~ 11:09am
    sorry for having commented previously in Spanish
    And I repeat my this opinion in a very good image...

  2. Nubes Jun 22, 2010

    great vector on this shot... good work

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