Are You Alice Wallpaper: Welcome to Wanderland!

Ikumi Katagiri, Are You Alice, Alice (Are You Alice) Wallpaper
Ikumi Katagiri Mangaka Are You Alice Series Alice (Are You Alice) Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I'm baaaaaack =D! Oh dear, I missed my photoshop sooo much~

Photoshop CS3
Alice Vector
Layers: 139
Time: funny...I started vectoring this since March 15th, but I had to stop because of the hw -heeell-...I continued last week D: ...soo~ 12hrs total...
PSD File: 69.8mb 2679x3928
Vector used: Alice?
Original scan: Volume 1 Cover

Since the first time I saw the cover of ARE YOU ALICE? I fell in love with the art, and wanted to do something with Alice (<3~), but school was like jail on the last weeks so I had to paused all my life XD. And then on my first week of vacations I got sick...I got pretty bad luck /:
Anyway, It was very fun doing this one, I absolutely loved the art and I know I'll be doing another Alice soon!
Favorite part: The haaaair! I just noticed I love doing hair XD...and almost everything, I loved every part of this vector <3~
Hardest part: As you can see...the gun...I did it just how it looked...guess I'd have to do it myself next time ;_; ...well I'm happy it LOOKS like a gun XD...

Layers: 110
Time: 11hrs in two days! OMG I lost my life here XD
PSD File: 49.5 MB
Scan used for the threes: Volume 1 Cover
Scan used for the sign: Vol. 1 Insert Page

I was all day re-doing this because I just didn't like any of the previous ideas. Finally I decided to use the sign from the Insert Page and mixed it with the threes from the cover. It's not that amazing buuuut my wrist hurts XD...
Favorite part: The sign! the rabbit's creepy though /:
Not-so-favorite part XD: everything else /: ...

Other version with the original sign color...
I tried to change the color but I liked the contrast so I left it like that .-. ...

Again XD~ THANKS A LOT to chrisp and Valuna! I'm happy that you complaineded about the work XD!
So~ I TRIED to blend the sign with the background, I changed the colour and blurred a little, also I tried to change the eyes..not a success though XD ~
And...ah yup! chrisp, I fixed the line :O thank you again ^^!

I experimented a lot of tools here, and I know it looks kinda simple, but I worked a lot on it, so I hope you all like it =D! ~
Also critiques and comment are well appreciated ^^~!

Alice - Are you Alice? © Ikumi Katagiri

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  1. Valuna Retired Moderator May 04, 2010

    Funny, he was on my bishie list of to do "maybe".

    Personally, I think that the welcome thing is a bit unecessary (unless you make it blend in the background), giving the wallpaper two focus points which is a big no no.

    Good job though ~

  2. DymedAnGel May 04, 2010

    Hey, I really love this wallpaper (downloaded it XD). This "Are you alice", first I've heard/seen of it. Is it an anime that's aired already, or..a game..? I don't know, but I've tried lookin it up on myanimelist.net and animenewsnetwork.com, and got nothing... It looks interesting and I'd love to check it out, lol.

    Thanks for the wallpaper again, it's awesome.

  3. Kurorisa May 04, 2010

    gotta say you did a nice job on this one
    love the colors on the background though you could use more variated?
    but pfft it's only a simple matter, I love this <3

  4. chrisp May 04, 2010

    oh holy cow! we have a rising star here, people look look and start stalking Sango!
    I love your neat vector, its perfect, very nice coloring ^^
    thou i must complain a bit, and hope you don't mind >__< its just about the vector, well you see the outline of his neck (the right one) is wrong color, and since i am bad in explaining i will show ya xP because i wanna see that neatless,since i want to desktop it and am very bothered by that outline >___< sorry

    i would also try to make the eyes make more detailed, with some shadows and highlights :D eyes mustn't be simple, they are yummy hehe *drool*

    now that this was said i'm going to move on to the bg >3
    as valuna said the welcome is a bit out of place, to me it's not unecessary! i just think that if the guy (omg did i tell you that he is super hot?) is standing close, then the bg should be a bit blurred, since you concentrate on the guy. but thats only me i guess =w='...i think i overdid it with my comment >__< sorry again, but i just love it lol xD!

    i love you you improve so keep it up, i will stalk you from now on +__+

    merged: 05-04-2010 ~ 06:30pm
    muha i cant edit my post ;__; i forgot to give ya the link of what i meant...meh here you go then:
    clicky :3

  5. GeneDNC May 04, 2010

    I really like the vector.Great job.

  6. Nubes May 05, 2010

    I hadn't heard of this manga/anime till I saw this wall... Nice colors, great lightning... good everything...

  7. youna02 May 05, 2010

    Thanks for sharing!^ ^

  8. zaira May 05, 2010

    This manga is good! i like the characters especially him! Alice!
    From this wall you made an awesome vectoring him, i really do love
    his look here! Your vector is good with nice soft colors + the outlines
    though it needs more shadings and details. The background is kinda
    random but i agree with chrisp having the background blurred since the
    character is the one getting focused. I like the blue one since red color
    is outta place. Overall nice vector and scan used! XD +fav! ^^,

  9. ngakyuklim May 05, 2010

    the vector is great XD i love the eyes and the hair! <3

  10. lastwilight May 10, 2010

    Love it, love it, love it! Awesome wall! This manga is great! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Mizar_Z_Axis May 17, 2010

    ok,muchas gracias por este grafico tan interesante, lo bajare.

  12. Reya-Konomi Mute Member Jul 09, 2010

    It's so cool
    Thank you very much for sharing.

  13. kuromu69 Sep 15, 2010

    Oh dear, this is gorgeous! I'm so in love with Are you Alice's art <3

  14. rinharui Jan 09, 2011

    THERE IS A WALLPAPER FOR THIS SERIES?! ohmy! I have been in love with this manga since... early last year? lol. thank god I had decided to look this up! I am in need of a new wallpaper and Are You Alice? happens to be one of my favourite and currently reading manga... ;)

    Good job and hope to see more! (more Alice, pls! he is HOT! even in women's clothings! lol.)

  15. ErixBel Jan 30, 2011

    I love this wallpaper just as much as i love the series!

  16. chiara Feb 12, 2011

    Thank you very much. Without success I have searched so much for a nice wallpaper from Are you Alice! everywhere. You are my saviour! The pose from Alice is great especially his confident smirk is great. I find the logo in the right a bit to big because it distracts the viewer a bit. But great walli thank you again.

  17. WalkingEncyclopedia Mar 17, 2012

    This is stunning... *at a loss of word and forgot to raise her arms in the air so got shot by Alice*

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