K-On! Wallpaper: Beyond Budokan!

Kakifly, Kyoto Animation, K-On!, Tsumugi Kotobuki, Yui Hirasawa Wallpaper
Kakifly Mangaka Kyoto Animation Studio K-On! Series Tsumugi Kotobuki Character Yui Hirasawa Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

What would K-On! do after they reached Budokan?

In August 1969, Iain Macmillian was only given a 10 minute window to shoot the cover design of the Beatles album "Abbey Road". Who would have thought that 40 years later, he would be able to produce one of the most famous and imitated album covers in music history. That cover was the inspiration for my 7th wallpaper here in AP. And who would be the best subjects but only the (currently) most popular rock band in anime, "After School Tea Time".

I decided to channel all my negative energies into this wall and make it look good. I wanted to imitate the feeling of the original album cover by the beatles but make it more anime-ish, so to speak. Thus, I began my work by vectoring the best album cover of Abbey Road I can find on the net. Vectoring was done by simple layering of solid shapes. No gradients were used. This is my first time exploring something different. As you can see, there's no line art. I headed straight to coloring and putting highlights and shadows. It looked pretty good. It gives it a sense of pop art / cartoony feel to it.

The first most difficult part were the leaves. I almost gave up after making the base colors, and making all those curved lines with just the trackpad is downright hard. But, I had to put in the highlights and shadows to give it a sense of cartoony depth. I think my patience paid off.

The second most difficult part were the girls. Everything about them has to be right. One big problem was, I couldn't find a decent scan with them in their band outfit looking sideways. I searched high and low for that. Then I remembered seeing them walking side view in the anime's ending theme. I looked it up at youtube and found a high quality video. Made some screen shots then extracted the images. But I didn't stop there. Though they were walking, the video art was kinda bland, so I made use of what I know with manipulations. I extracted part of the girls' hands and legs from the video screen shots, pasted them, created a collage and did the vectoring later. Hence, they now have individual gaits kinda portraying their personalities. Their faces, shadows and higlights were also done the same manner as I did the background.

I hope you like this parody! This is a tribute to everyone who loves the Beatles, K-On! and reality that is Music. Enjoy

Tales of the Tape:
Time: Lost track
Program: Photoshop CS4, Mac OSX
Layers: 331
Tools: My trusty Macbook Pro trackpad...only
Images (see links):
Abbey Road, K-On! walking scene (check out 0:51 to 0:59 for the actual walk)
Process Pic click on this to see the step by step process on making this wall

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  1. DreamBell May 02, 2010

    hahaha ! This is a good one lol =w= keep up the good work and If you need some crazy suggestions I can always toss ya some XD


  2. amrishp May 02, 2010

    Haha, some classic imagery there. Some nice vector work.

  3. Goldphoenix Mute Member May 02, 2010

    Very ingeniuos ! thanks for sharing!

  4. HoshinoSora12 May 03, 2010

    woooow lovely amazing work!

  5. crimson-blue May 03, 2010

    nice concepts that you used in here..
    I love it!..
    really!..no other word except "EXCELLENT"
    gud job!

  6. SarahLoveMiku01 May 04, 2010

    The Beatles' album cover + K-ON! girls?
    Love it very much!
    Thanks for sharing ^-^

  7. mikaelsol May 04, 2010

    this cover is amazing ,i think it's a great idea.... cool

  8. crmc13 May 04, 2010

    a pretty work you've got there. :D

  9. sonata05 May 04, 2010

    Una portada digna de la musica, un clasico

  10. carlozzzzbr May 04, 2010

    Outstanding Idea and execution. Simply Brillaint.

  11. XxYuiXx May 05, 2010

    Super awesome! Keep them coming

  12. Rhed May 05, 2010

    they are all so kawaii.. i cant stop liking them

  13. Nubes May 05, 2010

    my goodness! Live from Abbey Road! This is super innovative... and i can't stop thinkin of Jem & The Holograms, each time I watch a really designed work as this!

    thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece!

  14. Dhita May 05, 2010

    WOW the picture is just like real

  15. Kv4zz4r May 05, 2010

    Holy...! that is awsome! u r rox! very god job.

  16. edwardedic7 Restricted Member May 05, 2010

    wooooo! amazing!*___* +favs

  17. DarthTofu May 05, 2010

    Abbey Road!
    Love the lineless vectoring style, too.

  18. Kan-tastic May 05, 2010

    Bastardizing The Beetles with K-On? DEATH!

  19. DREAM May 05, 2010

    hey there- just caught your wall and was hoping before full-view that it was fully vectored; and alas of course it was. love the concept, the girls fit in nicely, and i love the pseudo vexel look. good idea jettisoning the strokes. i admire how you intentionally followed the lines of the original photo in regards to the marking that aren't exactly straight etc. it gives a dimension/semblance of reality. some may possibly complain about the diminishing lack of detail as one's eye wanders further down Abbey Road but that is a moot point in this composition.

    it was up to me kind sir- i would highlight this. porsche? as in the car or the girl's name?

  20. Hooyaah May 06, 2010

    Can you say instant classic? Can you say Roy Lichtenstein on steroids? This work is simultaneously reaches much further than either of these more limited sentences can convey. Here, enlightenment and artistic sensibility meet form and function. This is what your art is here: instant emotion and feeling in a grand display of masterful pixel manipulation; your creation provides a clear message for all to enjoy.

    Thank you.

  21. evelluchia May 06, 2010

    very very awsome wall


  22. giaphan May 06, 2010

    great picture, thanks for sharing.

  23. Vermy May 06, 2010

    very good picture.........

  24. disonnne Restricted Member May 06, 2010

    genial el abbey road de K-on!

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