Ototsugu Konoe Wallpaper: Ditchin' Homework

Ototsugu Konoe, Closet Child Wallpaper
Ototsugu Konoe Mangaka Closet Child Studio

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full View and Please Read before commenting oh you may or may not read the first paragraph/spoiler though ( just contains a 'lil bit of me and my rantings)
There is a secret code in the wallpaper you wont see it if you dont fullview it!. The code doesnt go along with the atmosphere of the wallpaper, it rather cracks the emotional factor XD Find it if you can and please dont complain why it cracks the emotional thing of the wallpaper ^^.

Spoiler found at AP description

The scan was from here. I always want to try something new so I tried reconstruction here ( If that is the right term - I mean redrawing parts that arent present). I had to redraw the legs and the skirt. Then I tried changing the color of the girls because the original scan's color looked kinda monotonic. As you guys might have notice some of the hair in the left and right girl doesnt have lineart, I intended to let them be that way.

I let my brain explode in the BG! At first I want to add cakes pastries etc.... and books but the colors kinda looked odd when I added the cakes. See the process picture ^^. I removed it because it would look like the focus or the first thing you'll notice is the food because it deviates from the emo color of the picture, so I removed them and just retain the books. I thought of stopping in the middle where they just lay under a white sheet of cloth with books and papers ( see the process where I would like to stop), but I dont felt satisfied with it. so I added windows and a shade of red-orange for a sunset feel. And poof it's done.

What I like in this wallpaper is the hair of the left girl and her eyes <3
Hardest part was shading and how to make the tips of the left girl feathery.

I appled what I've so far learned from the previous wallpaper - add contrasts or darker shades. Hope it's nice enough.

Thanks to the ff people:
Kitten and tina18 for helping me decide which is which and for your tips.
trofi for the tips on finalizing, oh added the text in one book, you'll laugh!
Ala21ddin21 and Brad for encouraging me or else I would have dropped this project!I enjoyed every bit of it that's what counts!^^

Comments and of course faves are appreciated!
Process here

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  1. ala21ddin21 Apr 29, 2010

    Waw ! This is awesome, the colors are realistic, I'm loving vectors and that shadow on them and the background is original and well made ! One of your best wallpapers ever ! Keep it up Ashlie ^^

  2. chrisp Apr 29, 2010

    you improve so much >__< i cant believe what you have done with this scan, it looks so much better now
    your walling skills are amazing, and for your first reconstruction its amazing as well! it looks like it always was like this. mh <3 great bg even if its simple, it matches perfectly!
    AND LOL at the joke! i would do the same muhahaha

  3. Jiyuu702 Apr 29, 2010

    sooooooooo niceee! :D haha

  4. voana Apr 30, 2010

    The dress color is so special.I like the books theme!

  5. Cheza1982 May 05, 2010

    To lazy to copy/paste my comment from AP XD

  6. maskniveus May 12, 2010

    This picture is not very interested, but nonetheless it is excellent

  7. Longshankz Jun 16, 2010

    now this is nice. thanls for sharing

  8. rinyue Aug 05, 2010

    this pict so good . i like it so much ..............

  9. neopet001 Dec 28, 2010

    Nice work, I just confuse 'bout the width of the windows'shadow ...

  10. Seele21 Jan 20, 2011

    nice scan thanks for sharing XD

  11. 790806014 Jan 29, 2011

    The PIC looks good, I like it~~!

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