Tsunayoshi Sawada: Tsuna Burn

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Artist Comment

Title: Tsuna Burn
Character: Tsunayoshi (Tsuna)
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Layers: 53

Woot! Long Comment time!

So this turned out to be my personal best so far! I swear I'm getting better each time xD I think lol! Tsuna turned out to be 53 layers! That is by far the most I've done personally >_< I've seen other with loads more, but for me this was the most (which made it hard when I'd forget to rename a layer and had to change something and was like: "uh...what's this layer for?" xD) I don't even know if he took the longest, but I think he's the most "detailed" I've ever tried to do or have done.

Easiest: Well, besides the FLAMES, the easiest part of the vector would have to be his hair. There just isn't much to it. Each piece is nice and thick so I don't have to worry about being over careful and can just go free once I've finished the shadow and highlight the middle main was the simplest of the whole vector. XDD

Worst Job: The headphones just didn't turn out like I wanted...I actually didn't know what to do about them! >__<;; I did exactly as the scan was and they still just look a little...off (the black part thats all fuzzy and stuff).

Hardest Part: OH M G! The HARDEST part of all was the ring! >__________< GAH! That thing was like painful to do. If I had the choice, I'd never do it again XD . . . So the story behind the ring (the one on the back of his glove) follows along these lines: I noticed it was the only flame that was partially see-through. Because of this I wanted to keep to the original scan and wanted that part of the flame to be see-through as well so you could see the ring on the glove (especially after all the work I put into it). But the scan's ring just...it was blurry and hard to make out the finer detail. Well when I was looking through other scans I had downloaded, I saw this one and realized the flame wasn't covering the ring. Not only was the scan large enough I could easily make out the detail, but there was no flames in the way. So I cut out the ring, resized it to fit the other one...then copy-pasted it onto the original scan XDDDD haha! Then I vectored it in place of the other. Of course, the detail was like crazy annoying because most of the time I was zoomed into about 500%-800%. So the ring had to be the hardest part of them all >__>;;

Favorite: Besides the ring that took forever? The jacket and eyes! In the original scan it wasn't that close to black (it was more of a purple-blue-ish). I personally think this was because it was a scan and the colors were altered a little. Regardless, the jacket I thought just looked AWESOME black (as I was vectoring it) and so when I was done I went back and changed its colors. *sigh~* The eyes were the first thing I did, and I gotta say they're the reason I LOVE Tsuna (but mostly only when he's in this mode xD). So I took a lot of time on them.

General Extra: Compared to the last vector I had just done (Luffy) I found the lines for this one to be LOADS smaller and more 'tight'. Of course I set out to make sure the vector had those same thin lines and weren't too small or too big. The little indents on the glove were originally going to be left black (the original scan, again, didn't give good enough detail on them) till I just decided to kind of copy the style from the second scan (the one I got the ring from). Hmm besides this information... I COULD have just ignored the ring on the back of the glove...but I just couldn't bring myself to find the 'easy' way out of the vector. Not to mention I love Tsuna, so I take pains to make sure these vectors do a good job! ^___^

My thanks to the uploaders of both scans!
Original Scan
Ring (Second) Scan
Credit Back if Used



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  1. valtizar Jun 16, 2010

    Great vector, it's really well done. Thanks for sharing it, keep up the good work.

  2. DarkDarkness Nov 17, 2010

    Demais gostaria de aprender fazer vector tamb

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