Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Wallpaper: Moon Phase - Endymion Vale

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, Kouhei Morioka, Hazuki (Tsukuyomi Moon Phase) Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

=_= Sorry for the long delay, schoolwork is of the devil. So yeah, enough of me whining. This is from the new series Tsukuyomi Moon Phase. Anything with cute vampire chicks can't go wrong, right? :3 So anyways, enjoy the vampire-y goodness. Thanks go to Kev, Cy, and the Minitokyo irc channel. For more resolutions, please go to PxAE!

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  1. afan Oct 01, 2004

    Wow...I never seen a newly made biriwig wall...
    must be a miracle...love the bg fits in very well
    while the girl is planning something evil huh :)

  2. YoukoxLover Oct 01, 2004

    I luff vampss~ =D..

    newayzz nicee wall~ I realli like the purpleee bg~..*-*...Teehee another nice wall by biriiiii~~~!!..^-^

  3. Frosty Oct 01, 2004

    very nice. ^^scary looking but nice. ^_^'

    btw: yea, School = no fun but it also = $$$ in the future... lol ^_^'

  4. Cloudnine Oct 02, 2004

    <3 the misty athmosphere ^^ The misty forest BG fits very well with the scan~~ hahaha it's hard to tell if the guy's lucky or in trouble XD Seems I'll have to check out this series once it comes out :D

  5. tAtEkAnE Oct 02, 2004

    wow freaky! good work biri! first time ive seen this anime..seems interesting, anyway the guys looks cute <3

  6. halcyonTwilight Oct 02, 2004

    Love the sky :) Hmmm....cute vampire chicks you say? Sounds like fun XD The trees look awesome...love the wall ^_^

  7. Osiris Retired Moderator Oct 02, 2004

    haha rofl XD

    biri is a perv XD osi can tell..the vampire girl is biri and that guy is..some poor guy biri has the hawts for @_@

    j.k j.k XD great wall *runs away*

  8. hidekeitaro Oct 02, 2004

    Great wall :D

  9. euna Retired Moderator Oct 02, 2004

    nice wallie! like the bg!

  10. Angelette Oct 02, 2004

    Kowai! I don't get it.. =/ Why does that guy look happy that the vampire looking cat thingu is going to eat him soon? =X Very neat wallie, though! xD

  11. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 02, 2004

    mm...cat hunting its prey under moonlight XD good job biri~

  12. david2331 Oct 02, 2004

    Nice wall, first cat vampire I've ever seen.

  13. Zdenek Oct 02, 2004

    Is she going to bite him or something?

  14. ShiroiLina Oct 02, 2004

    oohhh.. very good! i like it! :D XD wanna see more.. and yes.. schoolwork is evil!

  15. Noctum Oct 02, 2004

    Bite me! Bite me! XD
    Ah, that's the cutes vampire ever. :)

    PS: The bg looks good so far, but somehow the moon seems strange to me. Perhaps it should be brighter.

  16. crapmonster Oct 02, 2004

    haah nice!! hehe i used that same font before on my "winter story" wall

  17. Sandy Oct 02, 2004

    The atmosphere really fits and the bg is very simple without any mistake I can notice. Perfect extraction. Cute guy. Maybe the title could have been a bit more elaborated. ;)

  18. animefreak Oct 02, 2004

    very good wp biriwilg i love it

  19. shinta Oct 03, 2004

    Whooooo...vampire neko-san! >__<

  20. Kuwanger Oct 03, 2004

    Vampire chicks rocks. XD

  21. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Oct 04, 2004

    this is sooo mysterious AND beauuttiiffullll!!! ^-^ this has got to be the BEST vamp wallieee eevveerr~<33 tee heee .. saki wubbbss it thiiiiiiiiiisss much!!!

  22. SugarxDaddy Administrator Oct 04, 2004

    *glomp* biri-chan made another wall which is of course not like your avg. wall (gal-sceneric-background-moon-kawaiiwhorewall =P)

    nice colors, blends nice :3

  23. Kev Retired Moderator Oct 04, 2004

    j00 got sheeped XD

  24. Zenislev Oct 04, 2004

    Mmmm I like her.. she has such an evil & cute charm to her. This is going straight to my desktop, outstanding work! Bravo! :D *gives Biri-chan a round of applause*

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