Tales of Symphonia: Colette and Presea

Namco, Tales of Symphonia, Presea Combatir, Colette Brunel, Doujinshi
Namco Studio Tales of Symphonia Series,OVA,Game Presea Combatir Character Colette Brunel Character Doujinshi Source


This picture was not scanned by me..........


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  1. Fantasia Oct 02, 2004

    that's really cute

  2. DarkZork Oct 02, 2004

    such a cure picture

  3. fullmoon8695 Oct 02, 2004


  4. ganon Oct 04, 2004

    wow XD
    so nice ^^

  5. Foolish-ishness Oct 05, 2004

    Its nice to see Tales of Symphonia scans that aren't in the artbook :D thanks.

  6. remasuri Oct 10, 2004

    cute girls ;)

  7. SirMackerel Nov 04, 2004

    Nice scan. Presea was my favorite character from Tales of Symphonia, so it pleases me to see (good) fan art of her.

  8. LDSugar Nov 16, 2004

    ahahahaaa!! i love tales of symphonia!! :D XD woo-hoo! :hmpf:

  9. ChironStar Dec 15, 2004

    So very kawaii!!! One thing I really love about Tales of Symphonia is the nice character design - the characters are drawn so beautifully :)! This is such a nice pic of Presea and Collette! I wonder if there's any other in this sort of style for the other characters too?

  10. Jiggy37 Dec 17, 2004

    Hmm, I can't say I like the style used for the eyes here, but it's still a really cute picture and features my two favorite ToS characters (Colette and Presea in that order :) ), so it's really hard to go wrong with that. And I do like the feminine, artsy, flowing, very unique kind of style used here. Good scan!

  11. crusaderindeath Banned Member Dec 22, 2004

    awww how very cute and great to download... if only I could.... oh well I will when I can

  12. dstrife123 Banned Member Dec 27, 2004

    oh yeah I love these pics very nice :D nice designs and backgrounds

  13. jimmy2buc Dec 31, 2004

    what can i say, i loved all the tales games and this is no exception, damn nice pic too

  14. Himeno Jan 04, 2005

    O_O Wow! This is a really nice scan!! Thanks for sharing this scan. ^_^

  15. Pysiol Jan 06, 2005

    Very cute scan. I don`t have game yet, but I will buy it. Thanks for adding this cute scan. Fav for me.

  16. Lima Feb 25, 2005

    I love Tales of Symphonia , Colett and Presea. A very nice scan. Thanks!

  17. DarkSheena Apr 20, 2005

    oh cute i love it ^^

  18. Rina May 10, 2005

    I love Tales of Symphonia! And this is such a cute scan! So adorable! XD

  19. Narito410 Jun 09, 2005

    nice tales of symphonia picture.its very bright and pretty.at least the colette and presea are very happy in this picture.

  20. LDSugar Jul 13, 2005

    SO freakin' cute!!! I love both Colette and Presea, but I do recall seeing this on a doujinshi website....aw well! XD

  21. jayk25 Aug 01, 2005

    the scan is so cute . . . I played the game and gotta say, nothing cuter tha Presea as Klono

  22. sharpedge Aug 02, 2005

    this scan is very cute, i like it a lot

    hey I need some help to submit some scans, I got all the summons, but I cant submit, them because the image is small, I gotta admit, I found those images in the web, they are not scans made by me, but they are quite good, im sure someone is interested in the others summons

    so I'm wandering if someone can tell if I can do anything to increase the image size so I cn submit it as a scan

  23. xkaguraax Aug 06, 2005

    uwahh~ presea and colette!! @w@ such a pretty picture!! thanks for sharing it~~ <3<3

  24. natz Aug 11, 2005

    beautiful scan! thx for sharing it.
    the two girls are very cute o///o .

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