Green Glass Wallpaper: Mirror mirror on the wall

Green Glass Wallpaper
Green Glass Mangaka

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

thanks everyone for your sweet and wonderful comments and faves, I really appreciate it..THANK YOU

Finally done!
my entry for my maiden's gothic contest.

first of all thanks to Rissa-chi and Tina18 for their helps..without you both I wont finished it on time.
and thanks to my maiden staff for extended the contest deadline.

The scan is from here

Green Glass ~ The Purple Room

i enjoyed vectoring both girls though i got slower in some parts like skin, etc.
it confused me whether it should be painted or vectored but in the end i combined it .

Anyway, for final touch, I flatten the layers and then blended it.

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  1. crmc13 Apr 18, 2010

    oh my. your lying!
    its not ugly at all!
    its very pretty in fact <33
    && i love it! :)

  2. artcom00 Mute Member Apr 18, 2010

    thank you sharing my image

  3. Tens Apr 18, 2010

    Another great piece from you.

    It has a different feel from other walls. It feels old and dark. Twisted away from the scan's original colors. All the dust and texture enhances the effect making it look like an aged photograph. The scan was already extraordinary with a frame and profile view of another character or some sort of monster that can tentacle rape. Who is reaching out and around the frame with a hand which seems to be in another dimension.

    Removing the original items is a good approach to create a different feel. It makes the wall feel more desolate and lonely. She seems almost like a doll in a doll house. It can't be helped. Flowers are pretty. Even when they are roses with their colors washed out. Maybe signifying that the character's personality might be calm and lifeless without much expression. The cracked glass is a good touch. It adds more to the antique feel the wall is giving me. It also looks similar to a spider web. The web could further represent that she might be a doll trapped and being overlooked by someone. I could go on and on about my view on this wall lol.

    I like all the detail in this wall. The chandelier looks very nice. It's almost like a silhouette. The shine and glow add more detail to it and makes it known that it is made of several little parts. The added portraits blend flawlessly with the wall. I like how the portraits were brushed. Lighting and and shadowing is well done.

    As for critique, I would have liked to see deeper/darker shadows over all. Mainly on the outfit and roses. It would make everything pop out a bit more. The misty/dust/fog effect really lightens up everything. I was wondering why the chandelier seems out of place. The character is overlaying the chandelier but the furniture she is sitting on isn't. It seems like an error on the artist's part because it looks like there isn't enough room for an object that big to fit in (depth-wise). Unless the chandelier is close to flat and only one side is slightly embossed like those cheap stickers you get from 25 cent machines at the mall. Either way, I think it can look better by making it overlay the character (bring it closer to foreground) or the furniture overlaying it (putting it to background). It's a small detail that is bothering me and maybe someone else can make sense of it.

    I might be praising too much but I don't make long descriptive comments often on walls unless they really impress me. You can only write so much about a wall and critique so much without going overboard if there isn't much substance.

  4. Mallory Apr 18, 2010

    This is an excellent wallpaper; I love the soft feel. Really, it's a great piece of work :D

  5. TiffYG2133 Apr 18, 2010

    I think it's great - she almost looks like a doll. Love the dark colors and the lady in the mirror is kinda spooky but cool concept & great work! ^_^

  6. Tina18 Apr 18, 2010

    Wowies you're done! hooray!
    I like the wall a lot like this, and you know I love the color choice. Also I like how you did the lightning.
    The bird is not ugly is just weird that there would be a bird indoors xD

  7. Kurorisa Apr 18, 2010

    akhirnya selesai riza! *tepok tangan*
    efek warnanya bagus, biar rada pucet tapi entah knapa keren aja gitu XD
    trus gordennya warnanya diubah jadi item :3 tapi warnanya ga nabrak sama tembok ato lantai
    lampunya juga kasih kesan gothic gitu
    penasaran, ceweknya duduk di atas apa sih, hehehe ga kliatan ^^;
    senang bisa membantu :]

  8. FiiFO Apr 18, 2010

    its simply awesome - great work on re-creating to your darker theme version looks so cool!

  9. ala21ddin21 Apr 18, 2010

    Speechless ! This wallpaper is perfect and completely amazing! I can't believe this is a vector, it's full of details and artistic sense !
    Good job Riza!
    +FAV !

  10. AgataMare Apr 18, 2010

    I like this wallpaper. The background matches perfectly the girl's attitude and the situation itself. I also like the title, a quotation from the song "Mirror Mirror" from Blind Guardian or from the one by Helloween. (yeah, I know it's a quote from Snow White, but I prefer to think it's from a metal song than from a girlie fairy tale)

  11. ngakyuklim Apr 18, 2010

    the colours are smooth and red is pretty here XD

  12. chrisp Apr 18, 2010

    this is simply awesomeeee! omg omg omg...perfect *__*
    how can you say its ugly? its so neat vectored, such a great concept! i love how you changed the colors and the girl looks so dollyish xD you got my vote for sure <3

  13. Alenas Retired Moderator Apr 18, 2010

    Nice vector, it looks gorgeous. And making this black and red certainly makes it look more dramatic. I love the details and the interesting choice of scan; it really does look creepy and old.

    I only wish there was more saturation/depth in the colors of her dress and the blacks of the wall and that fuzzy red blur around the bird looks kind of odd, too.

    But all in all, this is an awesome wall and you did a great job on it! :)


  14. PunkyDarkmoon Apr 18, 2010

    Wow I love this wallpaper and the colour is very nice ^^

  15. sailorchiron Apr 18, 2010

    The shading on the girl is magnificent! I love the entire wall, the atmosphere is creepy and pretty at the same time, perfect for gothic! Great work!

  16. kristina1234u Apr 18, 2010

    wow, really great vector the girl looks really amazing!

    Only thing that irks is me, don't know if anyone else noticed this, is that her right hand is backwards! I checked out the original scan and it seems it was a mistake by the original artist actually. But yah when your hand is out like that your thumb is not facing "inwards" or towards your body, it's facing outwards/away from the body. But besiides that (n' it wasn't really your fault either haha) really great wall :D.

  17. adith04 Apr 19, 2010

    Wuah, mantap! Kehabisan kata-kata nih, buat ngomentarin...hehehe..
    Great piece of work, as always... :D

  18. lisz Apr 19, 2010

    Very nice, I love what you've done with the scan.
    It has a nice feel to it.

  19. trofikabinet Apr 19, 2010

    This is awesome, really really awesome *____*
    I can't believe you had the patience to vector all this. I love the lightning in this piece and the colors.
    Really can't get enough of it, it's wonderful <333

  20. 13TZAMET Apr 19, 2010

    I think it's great - she almost looks like a doll. Love the dark colors and the lady in the mirror is kinda spooky but cool concept & great work! ^_^

  21. rizacaga Apr 19, 2010


  22. zaira Apr 19, 2010

    Wow at first look i thought it was a painting but as you said on your
    description you vectored it! I should say you did an amazing job here!
    I like how you vectored the whole scan, nice shadings and toning + the
    details are really good. As for the background i really do like the roses
    since it really does fit, nice job also on the black chandelier though the
    lights lighting is kinda less bright maybe try making it brighter since it affects
    the shadowing, the curtains shadings is a-ok as well. The mirror with a women
    looks creepy but nice job on the broken mirror part! Lastly the red bird i think
    the bird is a-ok too though it looks fuzzy. Overall amazing vector + darkish
    themed wall! so +fav! ^^,

  23. sachechan Apr 19, 2010

    I love this wall! so dark and mysterious, thanks for sharing! I love it sooo much!

  24. Neri-kuran88 Apr 19, 2010

    I LUV THE CREEPINESS n SOFT feel of this wallpaper.
    Great wallpaper for this year Halloween! thanks for d share n keep up d good job!

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