Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Solitude of the Ocean Depths

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Chii Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Chii Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

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Highlighted at vector-wallers and THEwaller. Thanks!

Happy Birthday to Vitaa and Chrisp!

I did not expect to wall another chii until I found Kitten's - A New Journey Begins. I decided to make a partner for it but it became a partner by character rather than by concept. Ok you guys might say "Why not the whole scan?" it's because I want the focus to be on chii or else the focus will be on the big hair and the crystal she is sitting on. If people did comment about it then I would say you didnt read!

Scan is from here

The lineart took me 3 days for the hair and 2 days for the rest of lineart. Coloring took me 2 days again...The style is sort of similar to my Still Doll wallpaper. If in that wall vectoring the hair was hard, this time the lineart of the hair was hard but coloring was fun( duh there is no lineart in the hair of Still Doll XD).

As for the BG it took me another 2 days. I almost wanted to give this up, because the bubbles are so hard! Good thing Kitten was there to snap me out of it. I swear I died doing the bubbles --> you can see that in my process picture. My first attempt looks weird then I tried vectoring it. but it still looks flat then I removed the linear of it and made it a bit transparent. I applied masking too. This is my first time doing masking!

Although the original BG was fine something kinda looks missing so I added fishies <3 I painted using a mouse *wish I have a tablet*

I definitely took my time scrutinizing every lineart of chii to make it sure it was smooth just like what Kitten and Nysha asked me to do. Hope I got every one of them.

Title from GSD stellar theme song
Layers: around 700
Time : 1 week
Photoshop size: 280 MB (biggest so far amongst previous walls)

Lesson learned: Patience ( Man! I've done clamp wall, havent I learned that!?) also if you can't paint it, then vector it (bubbles)

Thanks to Kitten and Nysha for help!


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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. ala21ddin21 Apr 14, 2010

    Nice wallpaper, too cold for this period no ? But I really enjoy it ^^


  2. ngakyuklim Apr 14, 2010

    i definitely love it! XD i love her clothes!

  3. chrisp Apr 14, 2010

    WAHHHHH *__* kyaaaa!
    uhm for me? oiii thank you very very much >/////< i love it!
    what an amazing wall ;///; so soft and perfect....muahaha and its mine <3 chiii *hugs*
    i love how you colored and blended her in, and the bg is really cool ^^ great job on the bubbles! thank god you didN't give up! it would be such a waste! they loon awesome ya know? *thumbs up*
    like the idea with fishies :3 kawai xD
    A REALLY BI THANK YOU *hugs tight* thats an really lovely wall ;/////; *tears of happieness*

  4. Alenas Retired Moderator Apr 14, 2010

    Nice job on the vector - I really like how smooth the lines are and the painting job was well done, too. I just wish there was more depth/saturation/shadows in the right lower corner as she floats deeper into the ocean.

    Still, a very nice job on this and I like the details and effort put into this! :)


  5. xpaulax Apr 14, 2010

    kyaaa i love your vector art ! i like the colors and the chii's hair <33
    thanks for sharingg :D fav **
    PD: Chii <33

  6. Yamionpu Apr 14, 2010

    zomggg it's so beautiful *_*!
    *mouth drop*
    it's so love XD!
    I love the vectoring <333 and her eyes are just perfect!
    Great job!
    Chiii <3333333

  7. letireur Apr 14, 2010

    WOW i'm really impressed, I like this, this is a great job!

  8. TRASHOS Apr 14, 2010

    Really nice work, love the style and the colors, so sweet :)

  9. irix Apr 14, 2010

    i really don't know... but i feel that i also view this vector in another site long ago... well, is good...

  10. kunogi09midori Apr 14, 2010

    Nice vector work! I could see you improved your vectoring skills^^ I'm amazed at your efforts in vectoring Chii's hair XD and I totally love the gems too. Maybe you could have added a bit of texture.

    Good Job!

  11. rizacaga Apr 14, 2010

    im glad u did all the lines...seeing CLAMP's works with bold lines just look so right...:3
    and plus u did sharp shadings though on some parts i wish u didnt blur it...but each people just have their own taste and style...
    good job!

  12. Zurrt Apr 14, 2010

    i think you did a really good job on the colouring, the original - which i think looks rather drab - would never have catched my eye in any way, but your wall did right in the moment that i opened up minitokyo (which is even more surprising, because i don't even like chobits xD).
    and your bubbles look great now, your effort really payed off (i wish i could do that, too xD).
    i might just be a noob, but i can at least say, that i like this wall a lot xD thanks a lot for sharin :D greetings and have a really great day!

  13. garnetyuna Apr 14, 2010

    another beautiful wallpaper from you! ^w^ I really like it <3 and the colors seems more "vivid" than the original. great colors and great wallie!

  14. lycoris-radiata Apr 14, 2010

    esta genial ese wallpaper de chii se ve super linda... thanks...

  15. KyouS Apr 15, 2010

    wow this chi is great nice work

  16. BeyondPrince Apr 15, 2010

    Oh! I love the dress, it reminds me of Fai's clothes.

  17. bunnykiss Apr 15, 2010

    I love your lineart so much
    Freakishly gorgeous and very detailed XD

  18. lenaelric Apr 15, 2010

    i don't like of chobits but your vector this beautiful x3

  19. kejeburkali Apr 15, 2010

    Hoo...This one is cute...I love Chii ^_^

  20. kikalol Apr 15, 2010

    Nice colors O.O
    i love blue :D
    you just made my day

  21. Sherillas Apr 15, 2010

    Great vector, it's very distinguished, definitely a show stopper! Background seems tranquil, just the right atmosphere for the character. I've got nothing but admiration for your work so thanks a bunch for sharing it!

  22. HaouJudai6 Apr 15, 2010

    Nice Ashile Love the color scheme and ur wallie is ansome

  23. adith04 Apr 16, 2010

    Another fantastic job here..
    Perhaps the black outline on her knee and some on her hair is too thick.. and maybe more shading for the inside of her skirt would be nice.. :)
    Other than that, this is one's a masterpiece! ^_^

  24. artcom00 Mute Member Apr 17, 2010

    I live story chobits
    Thank sharing scan

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