Hiro Suzuhira Wallpaper: Black Rose

Hiro Suzuhira Wallpaper
Hiro Suzuhira Mangaka

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Sooooooo, I tried to finish the Vector I had submitted some time ago.

First I didn't really want to, but there were so many people encouraging me, that I at least wanted to try in order to thank them all for their great support.
Especially some members of the group MyMaiden were really nice, so I dedicated this wall to them: ArtificialRaindrop, Yamionpu, Yamibou-Eve, aneznam, Sango-Hiwatari, RanMouri and naksanisama, thank you so much :D (I never thought one could meet such nice and understanding people on the internet xD)

I want to thank HurtHattori and Furiz as well for their really nice comments on my Vector, I really appreciated those! So thank you two as well very very much :D

About the wall itself: There isn't much to say, I didn't change much, just added some more roses in the lower right in order to build up some kind of frame, and I put a very very light shine around the wing. The background is extremely simple, I added some rose petals first, but that somehow didn't look very nice. Everything else can be read in the descripion of the Vector.

That's all xD Thank you all again so much for reading and might you all have a really really nice day!
Greetings, Zurrt xD

my-maiden vector-wallers

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Browse Hiro Suzuhira Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. ArtificialRaindrop Apr 12, 2010

    I'm so glad you finished it! ^_^ The monochrome effect contrasted with the red roses looks stunning. It looks very nice with the simple background, since the vector has so much detail. I did have a thought that it might look pretty with a faint lace or vintage pattern in the back, too; not that it needs it, just that something like that might might enhance the overall elegance of the vector =D Either way, this is headed to my desktop! <3

  2. aneznam Apr 12, 2010

    I'm so happy you finished it :) And what you did with the BG is great too, simple but effective + those roses are <3!
    Btw, just to make sure, it's for the contest right? You didn't say anything but I would love for it to enter because even if you lack confidence we (me+other people) see it's really good and worthy :D!

    *thanks for the dedication* :3~

  3. Yamionpu Apr 12, 2010

    kyaaaaa yes u made it! I knew u could do it! *_*! Yaaaay!
    Roses are amazing, I love how the wallpaper looks ^___^! Black adn white and red are great combination :D
    aww, even a dedication :D!
    *is happy about it*
    thank you ^___^!

  4. HurtHattori Apr 12, 2010

    When I saw the picture on the home page I almost yelled "Oh man! He did it!" but it would have been strange for the people around me :P Nonetheless, I couldn't be happier : to see this have just made my crappy day worth it!

    So... in details : the roses on the lower right are gorgeous, and the black background brings out the white wing and her pale skin. As Yamionpu said, the combination is great. And about my comments : the pleasure's all mine, really. To be able to see great pieces of art and to tell the artists how I love their creations is one of the reasons I love so much Minitokyo even if I'm relatively new.

    So keep it up, really, and I'm looking forward to see more and more of your awesome work.

  5. bella-ella Apr 12, 2010

    I've seen a number of variations on this scan and I must say that it's easy to see why, it's absolutely beautiful. I love the frame you've set up for this one and the colours. It's so simple but so well done. Fantastic work!

  6. frei-chan Apr 13, 2010

    really emo and nice!

    thanks for this. :D

  7. RanMouri Apr 13, 2010

    Thx for your dedication ^_^
    You know that we all proud of you, that you finished this piece.

  8. Yamibou-Eve Apr 13, 2010

    Finally got to full-viewed it :D
    The wing looks great! I already said that I like the way you cropped it :D
    Also great work on the multi-shading & gradient shades, they really make the dress and everything look so much more effective!
    And simple bg ftw!
    Great work and keep it up! <3

    Thank you for the dedication! <3

  9. GeneDNC Apr 13, 2010

    I'm glad you made a wall from your vector. I was seriously impressed with the way you changed the scan. I like your version much better than the original colouring. Great job. :)

  10. zaira Apr 14, 2010

    Wow this one is really nice, i like the way you vector coz of sharp colors,
    clean and no grains. The shades is nice as well especially on her dress.
    The wings is just right, nice cropping :D for the background it is simple
    but i like how you focus your character only. Overall nice vector! +fav! ^^,

  11. lycoris-radiata Apr 14, 2010

    me encantan los colores que tiene esa imagen.. gracias

  12. crmc13 Apr 17, 2010

    this is so pretty i swear. <3333
    i super love this.
    your vector is so great
    i super love this. :)

  13. blankminded Apr 17, 2010

    woo :O ..This is AWESOME x3!
    Thank you so much for uploading x3

  14. kuryuki Apr 17, 2010

    oh~this vector's really well done!
    though i think you could try to add more things in the background, just different tones of grey would even do, just to make things more interesting and to hint a place/theme.
    or in this case some feathers in the back would work well too <3

  15. angelchan8123 Apr 18, 2010

    Sad but at the same time kindda of peaceful you did a very wonderful job with it. I love the roses and the details of the dress. Love it. Added to favs and dl it Keep up your wonderful job

  16. jama9913 Apr 18, 2010

    es una lastime q no este completa assshhhhhhh

  17. Sensuir Apr 19, 2010

    Great work , scan very cute

  18. 0Rink0 Apr 19, 2010

    Suuuuuuuper scan... Thenks for this

  19. hippyNox Apr 23, 2010

    ...Truly amazing.looking forward to the next upload.

  20. larukukei Apr 29, 2010

    super bonito ^^
    a fav

  21. conansuzaku Apr 30, 2010

    esta preCiosa se va a favoritos xD

  22. lolalola May 14, 2010

    It's amazing wallpaper. It's so detail...
    Great Job.

  23. furiez May 25, 2010

    hey... this one is so great^^ good job

  24. Xuru93 May 30, 2010

    woo :O ..This is AWESOME x3!
    Thank you so much for uploading x3

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