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EDIT: T____T omg THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HIGHLIGHT! >/////< I'm so happy that I don't even know what to say T__T Thank you <333

My entry to Minitokyo Knockout

I won this round, I'm not happy about it since my opponent didn't make the entry on time >3<

I'm happy with the result, still didn't pleased all the judges...
Got a good score though 37.5 >3<

There's not much I can say about it, the wall speaks for itself:

-Theme was 'Welcome to my world'
-Drew my OC Meg, together with 2 dolls, which are 2 OCs too, Ehret and Lunn (not revealing the full name ><)
-All the stuff on the bed represents all the things I love or love doing (including sleeping)
-Title means: 'My world'

Nothing more to say, since Misa-san clearly said we weren't suppose to write a description, the wall must speak for itself.

Comments are always welcome :3

Please do not post this else where without my consent =(

Btw, the original size was 1900x1200, the size I used to use, but somehow, it was changed to 1920x1200, so I resized it to 1680x1050 ._.


Chosen by kuroimisa and Chloe

Well, this just blew me away.
If I hadn't read erikamirou's description, I would have assumed that this was a scan. But it's NOT. It's an original!
The vector/paint work is really fantastic. Check out the details (that tea cup is awesome!)
Really well done, erikamirou =D

Proposed by kuroimisa and highlighted by Chloe.

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  1. naksanisama Apr 08, 2010

    I think this i very good artwork!
    This wallpaper reminds me much of myself since i love those things, too *o*
    And the Dolls are so cute, love it :)

    You're really talented and i would give you 1000 points for it, if i could.

  2. xpaulax Apr 08, 2010

    wow it's a really good vector! i love this work!
    the colors and the doll is so cute!^^
    thanks for sharing

  3. mbeckley Apr 08, 2010

    Wow, she looks real , n u drew her and the cute dolls.
    Its beautiful. Awesome job. :)

  4. Kairi-Hearts Apr 08, 2010

    .....................................sorry, I'm not sure if I can comment properly on this one. i mean, this is so awesome~~~
    I still think it was very brave of you to enter with an original work since people don't know much about it and our style and so some things can be misunderstood. (too bad I don't have that musical skirt, I would love one~)
    I'll comment properly later if I can orz
    *instant fav*

  5. multiple-papercuts Apr 08, 2010

    I like how my eyes move around the bed to check out all the stuff that are on it, haha. This fearless girl sleeps with tea and scissors right next to her! XD

    Very good job!

  6. HurtHattori Apr 08, 2010

    Above all, I love the lightning of this pic : it is tender and really warm, and it fits the picture perfectly. Also, there is so many details and things to see, I will almost have to sit down and look at your wallpaper very carefully in order to fully appreciate it. Thanks for submitting your awesome original works... Please, I want more! I can't wait to see what you will share ith us next

  7. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Apr 09, 2010

    I thought this was a lovely entry and it was so obvious that you drew the characters and all lol. I think some of the judges probably naturally assumed people would be using scans given the timeframe, but I think you did a great job doing all of this under 18 days and have it look this good. Lovely work, erika <3

  8. BlackWings86 Apr 09, 2010

    Omg, I love this. If she had brown hair, it'd be me. XD So adding to my favorites.

  9. mammonlovesmoney Apr 09, 2010

    What lovely girl. Simply charm...

  10. chibimisao Apr 09, 2010

    I did'nt notice that this was an original art until i looked at the category. :O It really looks good and definitely looks like an official anime scan or something. Great work on the design! I love how you colored it too. It's so shiny and clean. Another thing about this wallpaper, is how interesting it is to look at. Like how you included a lot of other detailed things in the background like the laptop, plushies, tarrot cards and etc. This is definitely one of my fav entries from the contest. A job well done! ;D

  11. Rhed Apr 09, 2010

    nice one.. the girl is so cute..kawaii desu!

  12. DreamBell Apr 09, 2010

    Great Original art =w= for me to draw that good in under 18 days is no go for me ~lol you earned the fave from me :D

    Have a nice day

  13. FaLux Apr 09, 2010

    wow......sugoi......I love it.....hehehehhe

  14. crmc13 Apr 09, 2010

    uwaa. you're art is so pretty. <33
    i love your works.^^
    as expected from you. :)
    & the way you color your work is awesome. :))

  15. chanelqueen17 Apr 09, 2010

    This is definitely one of the best walls I've seen these past few weeks. Your OC is gorgeous, I love the 'Alice in Wonderland' feeling it gives off. Great piece of art. Good luck in the rest of the contest. Those judges are wrong!

  16. monster33 Apr 09, 2010

    Really beautiful art *~*
    Soft and sweet colors I love it <333
    Thanks for sharing

  17. AirJack Apr 09, 2010

    Such a nice picture, love the doll with her.
    Great job!

  18. Nubes Apr 09, 2010

    Ok ok ok! Let's just take a minute here... This is AWESOME!
    The light, the details! her everything, including pose, the colors! the EVERYTHING in this wall is absolutely awesome, incredible... i'm kinda wordless right now... i dont know what to write or to think!

    And the best of all is that it is an original work! People here, at MT should copy ur style and commiment! Absolutely a great job!


  19. Tens Apr 10, 2010

    Fantastic original work.

    There is a lot of detail that goes into the wall. I love all the objects scattered everywhere. Their shapes are very different from one another making it more interesting. The character is very beautiful. Seeing her sleeping on her bed makes you want to hug her to death. I like how there are soft strokes for blending and harder strokes to create edges for contrast.

  20. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2010

    See Highlight comment =D I love it!

  21. MapleRose Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2010

    lol, she has a huge bed! The girl's dress is really cute, and I love the details on them, as well as the detail on everything else on her bed ^__^

  22. ngakyuklim Apr 10, 2010

    stunned stunned~~~ i love her hair! but mostly i love ur art! XD

  23. sailorchiron Apr 10, 2010

    When I saw this on the blog page I almost fell out of my chair it's so good. It totally deserves the highlight, it's amazing! The artwork is stunning, and all of your painting..it's sublime. It conveys the theme perfectly, and I adore it. Such amazing work!

  24. phongttp001 Apr 10, 2010

    Thank you so much for the comment and favorite on my wallpaper

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