Pita Ten Wallpaper: Living in a Dying world

Koge Donbo, Pita Ten, Shia Wallpaper
Koge Donbo Mangaka Pita Ten Series Shia Character

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After watching Final Fantasy - the spirits within... i came up with an ideah to make a background in that style a little bit. After a while when the bg was finished i didn't know what character would fit in with the bg XD'' so i asked snarzz for help (thnx again for your help ^_~) and so she said misha from pita ten would fit in. I thought so too because she has clothes that would fit with the bg i made ^^. After deciding that she showed me a really nice wall that had the same color as mine and with stars and stuff like that so i decided to put the whole bg into a brownish color.

Anyway what do you all think of it???

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  1. Yarashi Sep 29, 2004

    I love it, everythings so pretty. The detail is amazing and the planet in the background looks brilliant.
    Instead of 'dieing world' did you mean 'dying world'?

  2. roshinku Sep 29, 2004

    woops whahahaha XD. yes yarashi i mean dying world (my english is really bad as you can see x_x).
    thnx for the comments so far ^^.

  3. ungooma Sep 29, 2004

    bg and character goes well together. It's nice! Well done! best wall yet n_n

  4. bromithia Retired Moderator Sep 29, 2004

    :3 I think the grass in the backround looks out of place *the grass she isnt standing in* but besides that its awesome. You got my favorite ;)

  5. roshinku Sep 29, 2004

    i hope this wall can make it to the highlighted submissions one day x_x.. that will probably never happen lol... Anyways thnx i've really tried my best, to make this wall ^^.

  6. DarkParagon Sep 29, 2004

    Not sure what's happening in the upper lefthand corner there. Also the character picture is a bit pixelated/grainy and the planet in the background kinda looks like it's coming up from oblivion. I like the style of it and the sepia tone. With the title "living in a dying world" I might have liked some small bits of different colour to the character picture to symbolize the living from the dead.

    I also like the lighting effects on the grass back in the hills. This helps bring out the realism. Overall it's a nice job though, with an interesting feel to it.

  7. tAtEkAnE Sep 29, 2004

    i'll state what i love the most in the wall...the comets! i love how ya did it!, with those halo around the front end? it's like it's entering the atmosphere and the gas is scattering or giving way to the comet, great stuff! wooo! XD

  8. rojacol Sep 29, 2004

    grea wall!! but maybe the black stripes in the top and bottom r to big ^^

  9. roshinku Sep 29, 2004

    lol well i'll keep in mind that i'll use some smaller black stripes next time when i make a wall ^^.

  10. n1co Sep 29, 2004

    Great wall !

  11. Chen Sep 29, 2004

    That's not Misha however. It's that black-haired girl whose name escapes me. The way the character is drawn doesn't seem to fit with the background in my opinion. But it does look nice. Good job. :^:

  12. ColdBlue Sep 29, 2004

    It's a very nice wall!
    I think those colors give the wall a cool atmosphere! :)

  13. roshinku Sep 29, 2004

    gomen chen, lol x_x i was wondering if i guessed it right, anyway u say it's not misha, then i forgot what the black haired girl's name was too x_x. oh and btw i'll check for a better scan of that black haired "who-the-hell-is-she" girl.

    thnx coldblue ^^!

  14. Paolo Sep 29, 2004

    *whistles*. :)

  15. hiddenryuu Sep 30, 2004

    NICE ^_^

  16. Val3f0r Sep 30, 2004

    Thats interesting background you did XD XD love the effects... they are simple beautiful :D :D

  17. Yune Sep 30, 2004

    OOoo nice colours and lighting. Has a very nice feel to it XD XD

    OoooOO ffsw?? Gave yah the inspiration? ...did you like the movie? yes? no? *glares* jking XD

    What part of the movie gave yah the feeling to do this piece? Its nice, i really like the filtering..

  18. kanoko-witch Mute Member Sep 30, 2004

    Very cute wall :D nice colors

  19. elvenkind Sep 30, 2004

    nice one :)
    the comets are cool 8)

  20. darkwaterbunny Sep 30, 2004

    Oh my gosh! This is soo good! ^_^ *really, it is!* I love the effects, wow, you make very pretty wallpapers! ^.~ fav!

  21. Chen Oct 01, 2004

    Ah, now I remember, her name is Shia. I thought that pose looked kinda familiar. That pic is from the cover of the 2nd Pita Ten volume. You should read or watch it, hilarious stuff.

  22. roshinku Oct 01, 2004

    Thnx for remembering lol =P. Whehe i already searched for the manga a bit on the net, i could only find the cover. Hmm i've watched the anime already a few months ago ^^ tho i'm bad at remembering names of characters who play in movies or anime ^^''. Only remember names of characters in series that come on television daily (only of the series i watch o_o)..

  23. geckguga Oct 07, 2004

    that's really cool how you made everything brown in the background

  24. SENTRIONIC Oct 07, 2004

    lovely bg!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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