Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Wallpaper: The Guardian of Spring

Yone Kazuki, Idea Factory, Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Hajime Saitou (Hakuouki) Wallpaper
Yone Kazuki Mangaka Idea Factory Studio Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Series,Visual Novel Hajime Saitou (Hakuouki) Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

EDIT 2: Ok I tried for the last time changing the sheath >__<
painted it too so it matchs the rest of the wall and hope it's ok like that
if not then I truly don't know what else to do >___<
and I wanted to thank TROFIKABINET wor the advise XD
As most of you suggested I added more light to the hair and hope it's ok now XD
and tried to make the sheath more detailed...well...not really cause I don't know how a detailed sheath looks like so did it like this but hope it's ok >__<
if you have suggestion how to do it else then don't hesistate to tell me XD
ah yeah almost forgot to say that I made the light more weak cause actually it should just hint the light ;D

Now here comes the hardest part the dreadful description >___<
but well this time it's a special occasion so I have to think of something fast:

Hope you had lots of presents and a wodnerful birthday XDDD
Sorry that both of you have to share a present this time but due to my laziness I didn't had much time anymore BUT I did my best with this wall
so hope you like ;D
Actually I already saw that someone did this but cause I already started I didn't wanted to stop because of that >__<
so I just kept that >D
actually I knew that I don't want to make it like in the ORIGINAL
so I had to think of something else but of course I hadn't any idea I thoguht of doing something abstract but I'm actually really bad at it so I left this wall for a while but when I came across this IMAGE I was like 'WHY DIDN'T I THOGUHT OF DOING IT REALISTIC?! WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID?!'
but the problem was the outlines were already done like in the original so I a reaaaally had a hard time to change it the way I want cause of the shadows I had serious problem especially the sword >___<
Well...that's all I could think of for the description and sorry for if it is messy but I'm extremely tired now and I'm writing here like a zombie .....
I used for the outlines Photoshop and painted everything else wit SAI
but well hope you like it ;D

and cause I'm not sure with the light here is a version without it:
without light

chamber-of-kings katekyo-hitman-reborn tag-licious hetalia-axis-powers

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Browse Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Solus-Animus Apr 03, 2010

    This is nicely done. Keep up the nice work

  2. xxxROSIELxxx Apr 03, 2010

    very very beautyful! congratulations! + fav! ^ ^ it just tooked my breath away!

  3. GreenMia Apr 03, 2010

    it is the best work from you! ;)

  4. grim000 Apr 03, 2010

    definitely the best version of this scan i've seen

  5. Aoi-sensei Apr 03, 2010

    ooh *-* beautiful, I loved <3

  6. Sherillas Apr 03, 2010

    It's moments like these where I love to marvel at how truly spectacular these characters are and how wonderful this wallpaper looks. The colors are magnificent and the realism of the painting only serves to amplify the appeal of the character. This is beyond a flattering wallpaper and I'm sure that more people will stoke the fires of your art for weeks to come. Thanks for sharing!

  7. kuryuki Apr 03, 2010

    i find the light on the sheath too strong and unlike the rest
    *o* you did a really good job with the lights and shadows on the rest~ *o* shiny shinsengumi cloak
    ;u; now im gonna probably spend the next....a while staring at this

  8. Kairi-Hearts Apr 03, 2010

    This surely is eye-catching and the full-view is definitely better.
    I love the hair as well, just suggest you add some highlights specially because of the light source.
    Like the way you did the clothes and the skin too, looks very smooth :3
    I would've liked the shading near the sword to be darker and more contrasting, I think it would add some depth to it and also create some shadows for the petals because it gives me the feeling that they're "not really there". not sure how to explain it ^^''
    Still, I'm really enjoying it! It's a very pretty wall. Good job <33

  9. YoruAngel866 Apr 03, 2010

    its wonderful, and actually you are not so early, in my time my bday already started, and tijana's is still lasting, we just found out we share same time space we were born, around 3h XD
    anyway its absolutely glorious, and i love you so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch <3

  10. lisz Apr 03, 2010

    zomgsh, the haaaaair~
    -pets it-
    Everything is very nice, just pay a little more attention to the sword sheath -- it looks plain in comparison to the details everywhere else.

  11. Samabel Apr 03, 2010

    Subarashii! Omg, I just love it! i don

  12. Fran Retired Moderator Apr 04, 2010

    Awesome, but just awesome transition from the flat colored scan to this one.
    I agree with everyone's suggestions, like adding some highlights on the hair and making more detailed the sheath of the katana.
    Aside from that, I really love this one. I'm just overwhelmed that you managed to go from the scan to this.

  13. ngakyuklim Apr 04, 2010

    very beautiful! i love the hair colour~!

  14. vitaamin Apr 04, 2010

    fantastic paint job, this is really a great example of how to do it right :D
    the light does wash him out a little, make it bigger + blend better, it shouldnt be so bright
    anyways great work

  15. frei-chan Apr 04, 2010

    bravo for the high quality wallie!
    And thanks for sharin'. (:

  16. erikamirou Apr 04, 2010

    woow huge change from the original scan o.o it looks great!
    The hair looks awesome and the clothes look so smooth.
    I think it needs some blending though, the image just looks too stiff.
    I mean, if there's a light source, everything far from it looks darker, and everything close looks insanely bright. The version without the light just loses the depth of the wall.
    The petals look nice, but seeing them without shading just makes me think they're made of light, but if so, they deserve more light and everything near them needs some light too.

    This is just my opinion though, you should not change your work because of what other people think, but if you agree with them, then go for it. I'm not the right person to give advices, but I try my best to make it look, not real, but meaningful. I mean, things have to be in the right spot, and shading depends on the light source :3

    BUT! It's a great wall, the coloring's great and everything flows together :3
    (Sorry for the big comment ^^''')

  17. Nysha Apr 04, 2010

    RAWR upload this to ap! *____* You did an excellent job painting this from a flat scan. I would say the colors can still be improved - it appears you shaded using highlights and shadows that are just lighter/darker shades of the base colors. Instead, try using more hues for shading, like using some more yellows for the highlights in the hair. And lol because I'm such a hair whore, it can be shinier too. >D This way, instead of using a spot light like that (that kinda washes him out like vitaa was saying) the colors and lighting on the character will be enough without it. X3

  18. keira11 Apr 04, 2010

    love it, really cool! keep up the good work!

  19. excaliburer Apr 04, 2010

    oww... very beautiful, pulver-san... love it so muchie... you really did a very great job on this wallie...
    & I love how you shading it... especially the hair... so soft & OMG! *speechless* hha!

  20. trofikabinet Apr 04, 2010

    Zomg wow *drools*
    I adore this wall, love the way you did the shading out of that pic (plus is Saitou) :3
    I don't know what to say atm xD I think the sheath shouldn't be black but dark gray with black shading. Looks flat compared to the rest of the wall.
    Otherwise, this looks awesome, featured at CoK <333

  21. pureblood98 Apr 04, 2010

    for me, the wallie with the light looks better... makes it look like he fell out from the sky like an angel.. haha.. oh well...

  22. NightSieger Apr 04, 2010

    Me gusta el wall, sobre todo el detalle de los p

  23. AirJack Apr 04, 2010

    such a good wallpaper. Very well done

  24. jns Apr 04, 2010

    Hmmmmm *trying to avert her eyes from the sexiness so she can comment*

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