Kobato Wallpaper: Sayonara

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1920x1080 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I'm so uber happy right now! ^^ So many of my dreams were fulfilled with this wall!

This is a tribute to Koboto <3 I love her so much! And when I saw this scene in the anime I had a vision *___* and somehow managed to make it into a wall!

Now for the dedications~
I dedicate it to aneznam & Yamionpu who support me all the time, to Trofi, Tina & alenas I really wanted to make something for them all <3 because their works made my day and me loves them <3
Thank you all for inspiring me! *love you!*

Made from -> this
Time: 5 days o.o
Hardest part: fixing the errors XP

I really don't know what else to say without writing a book about the process. The only important thing is that I had fun and I hope I managed to bring out the best of my skills for that scene!

my-maiden clamp-a-holic vector-wallers & http://firelilium.ucoz.net/Avatars/FL-logo.gif

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  1. Valuna Retired Moderator Mar 31, 2010

    First! Calimed :P

    Looking, good, love the change in colours. I do think the pink is a bit too pure...

  2. mbeckley Mar 31, 2010

    Wow, i feel comforted and happy when i gaze at it. Love the colors and value.
    Awesome job Nana. ^^

  3. srsn Mar 31, 2010

    It's so cute, so this is the clamp wall you were talking about
    instantly +Fav!

  4. Yamionpu Mar 31, 2010

    zomg kyaaaaaaaaa u submitted it <333!
    it is soooo bjutiful *____*!
    it looks even more bjutiful from when i last saw it 0_0!
    I love everything XD!
    Make more walls XD!

  5. DontBelong Mar 31, 2010

    Very nice i love it! keep up the good work!

  6. xpaulax Mar 31, 2010

    Kyaaa kobato-chan!
    i love itt! thanks for sharing

  7. KiyanaIkebana Mar 31, 2010

    OMGGGG! This is totally beautiful! I love it so much!
    How you make the treeblossom? They looks so real!
    The vector is clean and neat, but don't understand why people make her hair pink XD. The situation should be so sad, but I feel calm! It make a very great impression! I love it!:3

  8. ABM4EVER12 Mar 31, 2010

    I like the treeblossom, too
    GOOD WORK keep it up! =D

  9. Cris25 Mar 31, 2010

    OMG! Amazing!
    Loved this wallie, it's so beautiful! *-*

  10. crmc13 Mar 31, 2010

    wow. so pretty! O_O
    i love how you vectored her/:))
    && the trees!:))

  11. zorrodelviento Mar 31, 2010

    I am charmed with me since like I stay this work with kobato as protagonist! ^^ very well applied the embossment of the colors in the scan's and can it be that it(he,she) appreciates algun colored to retouch small details? ^^ in other words ... excellent work Yamibou-Eve! ^^ (sorry for my ingles xD)

  12. Zettodono Mar 31, 2010

    Excellent wallpaper! Likes your concept from two images into one.
    Pretty good color themes and vector work.. but one moment. Threes are so bright, then moonlight behind of it all.. anyway Favorite!

  13. akaonda Restricted Member Mar 31, 2010

    awww kawiiii i love kobato, good job on this wallpaper, thank for sharing

  14. trofikabinet Mar 31, 2010

    Zomg, I just came back from uni and see that you submitted it *____*
    I love it, love every single thing in this wall <333
    You did a fantastic job on this one Nana, can't get enough of it ^^
    Oh, thank you so much for the dedication *hugs*
    Gonna put in on my desktop and stare at it bwahahaha xD

  15. zbujenka Mar 31, 2010

    I love it! the girl looks so radiant in this background
    thanks for sharing

  16. DokiDokiChan Retired Moderator Mar 31, 2010

    Copy/paste... e-e;

    Uwahh the ending of Kobato. was so great. x3
    Anyway gorgeous wallpaper. =^^= Everything's beautifully done. I haveta say my favorite part are Kobato's eyes. The trees are my second favorite... I hate doing trees but you did a greta job~
    If I hadeta mention one thing that could be better it would be the petals in the foreground; the petals on the trees are more blue-hued while the closer ones are pink-hued and don't blend very well (But it does kinda work because there is some pink in the trees).
    That, and all the petals are "on top" of Kobato; to add to the feeling of depth petals half-behind Kobato would help. :3
    Again, gorgeous wallie~~


  17. grim000 Mar 31, 2010

    Yamibou shoots and scores with a big win, you're so cool for making this

  18. Alenas Retired Moderator Mar 31, 2010

    ZOMG, this is absolutely gorgeous! The flowers/blossoms look so awesome and pretty, the lighting is nice, too and I love the way you vectored her eyes. Everything is just made of pure win. <3

    And, wow...thanks for the dedication. *glompage* <3

  19. Kobato7 Apr 01, 2010

    great job n.n looks so good and the colors're perfects ;)

  20. HurtHattori Apr 01, 2010

    Haven't seen yet the last episodes... can't wait to see if the end is good or pure win ;). Anyway, your wall is gorgeous. Thanks a lot!

  21. Kritty Apr 01, 2010

    0___0 You submitted something!
    I Love the trees <3
    I can't really write anything else constructive because I'm sitting outside in glaring sun >___> So I can't see much lol
    But from what I can see its lovely.

  22. RafaDX Apr 01, 2010

    Eve submitting something really is motive to snow XD

    The hair is looks very cool, looks like he is moving, the trees in the background is out of reality *-* awesome, i love them, and such a cute character you choose, you need to submit more stuff, is really awesome your style.

  23. ngakyuklim Apr 01, 2010

    stunned~~~ lol! this kobato wall is so pretty! the background; the trees; kobato herself! <3<3<3 i love this so much XD

  24. kikuchivn Apr 01, 2010

    Amazing, the best wally I found in this week. Many many thanks for sharing this wally

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