Keiji Gotoh Wallpaper: The Vestiges of Summer

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Keiji Gotoh Mangaka

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Schoolwork has kept me busy for the past few who knows how many weeks, and it should be keeping me busy right now, but I couldn't get away from walling, so I made this one to share with all before I turned in for the fall. ;__;

Here are the last footprints of summer. Now that winter's coming, we won't see this kind of weather anymore! Wah!

After talking with Bamb0o, I realized that I liked this wall to have its soft, empty, calm feel. The feel you get right before winter comes and freezes you over. Actually, I wish I were near a clear mountain lake right now just relaxing. I need that a lot right now ~_~; Hopefully you'll feel the same, too, and this wall can be a little breath of fresh air as you go about your hectic lives.

Many thanks to: slickz, Bamb0o-stick, and Osiris. Yes, osi, you get uber thanks!!

I mostly made this wall as it is because I loved the original image. Which is strange, considering I don't really much like Keiji Gotoh's work, but the BG was amazing, and the ambience it exuded was exactly what I wanted to bulwark the upcoming fall and winter months, so I made it to fit my resolution. So all thanks for this wall actually goes to Keiji Gotoh himself.

No other resolutions this time, for aforementioned reason. ^_^; But visit http://angelette.com anyway!

BTW, the thumbnail looks horrible. Full view!! Onegai~

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  1. Osiris Retired Moderator Sep 28, 2004

    ^___^ ive been using it since yesterday :D

    best wall yet >_>

  2. FallenAngel Sep 28, 2004

    ;_; the water looks so good. *feels extremely calm now* Really great job angelette!

  3. crapmonster Sep 28, 2004

    holy crap, awesome job on the water/grass!

  4. slivermoon Sep 28, 2004

    the bg is beautiful
    u did a really good job on it :) :)

  5. halcyonTwilight Sep 28, 2004

    I'm loving the mountains and the water ^^ No, i'm obsessed with the bg XD How did you do it??!?! Heh...anyways, love the wall :D You're so lucky you get a little time to wall....i barely have time to sleep nowadays >.< But that's besides the point. Really nice wall :D !!

  6. chrno Sep 28, 2004

    waiii, i love it, reminds me on something I've saw some days ago ^"

  7. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 28, 2004

    oo...very pretty~ just like angel to make awesome wall :)

  8. zeine Sep 28, 2004

    Yet another beautiful play of different colors... Just love how you mix the tones in all your walls... Lovely and refreshing... A very good-natured wall with such a breath-taking scenery made into carefree and wondrous perfection...

  9. Asahi Sep 28, 2004

    waiiii.. i am impressed of the background *___* :\

  10. slickz Sep 28, 2004

    my mspaint skillz still wtfpwn j00 ^^; *huggles*

  11. Cloudnine Sep 28, 2004

    heavenly work desu~! I absolutely love the view, almost like I can feel the myself being where she is~ It's that detailed ^___^ eto.. the only thing I see that's a bit off is that parts of the water under the text looks a bit weird. nya~~ though there's nothing much I can say about such lovely work ^^

  12. chunli61 Sep 28, 2004

    very pretty the background and the water looks awesome! nice work :D

  13. Nitro_2985 Sep 28, 2004

    Great stuff!

  14. Noctum Sep 28, 2004

    Wow, that bg surely looks nice and realistic.
    I rarely saw such well made water and the grass also looks better than usual.
    Good work. :)

  15. TheWizzard Sep 28, 2004

    So realistic ^_^ it's simply beautiful

    fave ^_^

  16. chocho Sep 28, 2004

    Natural and beautiful wall !! great made !!

  17. kenzuke Sep 28, 2004

    @_@ the bg is just soo awesome!!! :)
    So purdy!

    ...wooo I remember the scan you used!! XD
    Nice job on filling the empty area!!

  18. euna Retired Moderator Sep 28, 2004

    simply beautiful and everything seems to fit in well...

  19. S-SHION Sep 28, 2004

    wooow~~~~ :D
    it's so beautiful~~~ :D :)
    i like the wallpaper :)

  20. white-zero Sep 28, 2004

    I enjoy watching the scenery. So calm and comforting. :)


  21. wingzerocustom Sep 28, 2004

    nice wall...... i love background water its look clean hee hee :)

  22. akai Sep 28, 2004

    The wall's stunning. *favs*

  23. motoko Sep 28, 2004

    the bg is awesome !!! you are a real artist ! everything is perfect to me ^^ **clap clap clap ** ^_^'
    fav ++;

  24. Val3f0r Sep 28, 2004

    Hmmm.......oooookayyyyyyy........ a beautiful wall made by Angelette sure looks really promising.... The background indeed looks like really real... the water, the grass, the mountains and the clouds.... they are looks great in my eyes :D I really like those effects near the mountain... the white part... snowy-like :D but... the greatest thing ever is the water.... w00t :D very great wall Angel ^^ *fav*

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