KEI Wallpaper: The Beauty is the Beast

KEI Wallpaper
KEI Mangaka

1920x1200 Wallpaper

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Ahem, why am I making walls when I should study for exams? *gnaws on keyboard*

Anyway, I'll make this short and quick:

I repainted the scan using brushes for pretty much everything. Since the scan is pretty blurry and hard to discern, I just decided to make my own thing. I had this idea with feathers around her so I thought of finding some good custom made feather brushes but none of them fit my image of them so I made my own feathers. I hope they don't suck too much. XD
The hair nearly killed me because there are like...10 different layers for hair which I never do. >__<

I had a simple color scheme for the background so I added some brushes at a lower opacity, played with blending modes and that's pretty much all.

Thanks vitaa for the advices and suggestions! Lol, she has eyebrow now. XD

And that's all folks. Hope you like it and as always, comments, faves and constructive criticism is welcome.

I...kind of failed to make this short, didn't I? XD


Original scan: HERE.

Good night! *salutes*




Added more hair and more of THE SHINY (thanks Nysha and Kitten for the suggestions and help), eyelashes and added some minor details on the lips and skin. Hope it looks better now. XD

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  1. mbeckley Mar 23, 2010

    This is beautiful. U painted the scan so well. Keep it up! :)

  2. vitaamin Mar 23, 2010

    zomg feathers look so much better
    yea i think she needs more hair, its a bit thin right now
    i think you could have gone a bit darker in the bg, but it looks better than before

  3. srsn Mar 23, 2010

    This is a wow! totally! The hair is fine and I like the feathers, they look like very fluffy

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 23, 2010

    Yea, I agree about needing more hair.
    Still confused on how her body is, can't form it in my mind
    though I like the close up. Great job on her eyes. She looks
    awfully weird with no eyelashes, I think the lips could've
    used more color/contrast.
    Other than that, very nice job.

  5. Nysha Mar 24, 2010

    From AP:
    Lol yes, what ARE you doing? You just finished the TRC one! In any case, I like what you've done. I like the neutral colors and the feather idea. Since you know me you probably know what I'll say about shiny hair. >D However I think the big feather could use some more detail and highlights, especially since it's so close up.

  6. DarthTofu Mar 24, 2010

    Her hair looks too thin. Overall the piece is solid. Love your painting.
    A minor complaint, but while drawn technically well, the feathers look too fluffy for flight feathers but too long for down ones... idk, it just bothers me a bit is all.

  7. KidsNextD Mar 24, 2010

    The lighting is great. Her style is really unique and attractive.

    Nice work.

  8. frei-chan Mar 24, 2010

    looks 3D.
    And really Visual Kei.

  9. DREAM Mar 24, 2010

    as mentioned previously the painting looks great. i would love to see this without the feathers. even with the simple bg she? is strong enough on her own.

  10. FiiFO Mar 24, 2010

    Very nice work Sani - with the lovely paint work and extention from the original scan. The Headphones maybe need some details to define from the headband to the ear piece but other than that great work

  11. Echolen Mar 24, 2010

    I just LOVE everything about this! Great work as usual!

  12. HoshinoSora12 Mar 25, 2010

    o.O awesum and AWESUM! i can't say any more

  13. chanelqueen17 Mar 27, 2010

    Totally awesome (as always) I love the detailed feather structure, the eyes O.O
    And you did the hair in SAI huh? very impressive, since white hair is so hard to make.

    And don't worry: ever seen the length of my descriptions? they're more like novels lol

  14. espada001 Mar 27, 2010

    Great wallpaper it's so clean and the colors are so beautiful I really like it

  15. christabel92 Mar 28, 2010

    Oh,what wonderful hair,you did an amazing job on it,totally love it...
    Don't really like the her expression,and would never actually put this as a desktop,but it's still amazing... ^__^

  16. sailorchiron Mar 29, 2010

    Holy crap this is freaking awesome! I love the painted quality of it, the color scheme, and the eye is amazing. Great work!

  17. Leyz Jun 14, 2010

    Perfect! It's very beautiful picture!

  18. akitotop Jun 25, 2010

    Nice work.beautiful picture!

  19. al52287 Nov 24, 2010

    totally awesome wallpaper i love the drawing you mustve spent a great deal of time working on that hair and the eyes are absolutely stunning

  20. Chrom Nov 28, 2010

    It's very nice and beautiful!Thanks you for sharing)))))))))

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