Kobato Wallpaper: Gentle Rain

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2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi again :D!
I needed to do something simple after a complicated entry, to rest myself =w=
I was eying this snapshot for a while --> http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/249/eskobato012479554bmkv00.th.jpg
and now I've walled it it somehow looks like a closer shot of my other wallpaper 0_0 I didn't do it on purpose, it just ended up that way... and anyway, other wall is mine too, I'm allowerd to rip my own work ^____^
(I am right o_O?)

The flowers are blurred because they're little more far in the bg
(if anyone complains i'll take they didn't read this :D)

I never made such sad wallpaper... and it's still calming me, like a comforting song...
(I'm not sad though :D)
(I hope you people are all happy too ^___^!)

And for all of you who didn't know, Nana-chan has revived clamp-a-holic group! So go there to see their new beautiful layout *_*! and join if you didn't already :D!

my-maiden clamp-a-holic vector-wallers

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  1. HeavenlyJeanne Mar 09, 2010

    Evo tebe opet. =D
    Odmah se vidi da si to ti!

    I like it.
    Zbilja je prekrasna! =D

    merged: 03-09-2010 ~ 11:05am
    I ides, prva sam! Hahahaha!

  2. chanelqueen17 Mar 09, 2010

    Absolutely stunning work as always ^^
    Onpu-chan your Kobato = pure love !

  3. crmc13 Mar 09, 2010

    such a pretty hair.:)
    love love her expression.
    awesome wallie & vector as always.:)

  4. mbeckley Mar 09, 2010

    I can feel my heart melting with her sad expression empathically. This is a beautiful shot you'd vectored.
    Awesome job. :)

  5. A-Chan01 Mar 09, 2010

    Dude! You've done an awesome job! XD You've made the screenshot seem more light and alive, but you still managed to convey her sadness :)
    I love your stuff! <3

  6. Hikaruru Mute Member Mar 09, 2010

    Me gusto mucho, trasmite u aire sereno y relajado! gran paper dude xD

  7. akika Mar 09, 2010

    her eyes are almost lifeless...seems so sad.....>_< but awesome wallpaper!

  8. Swordlily003 Mar 09, 2010

    Oh wow! the coloring is a amazing and the texture in the rain. Just wow.

  9. shinjitedesu Mar 09, 2010

    How beautiful!
    Every detail is just awesome made.
    I recently watch Kobato, so your wallpaper came at the right time.

    It's just awesome *___*

  10. shirayu Mar 09, 2010

    wooo! thsi wall is very very nice! i like it!

  11. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 09, 2010

    I loved this scene in the opening, mostly because Kobato is always either looking happy or confused.
    I like the scene you've created though it lacks alot of "wow" in it.
    Since Kobato is the main focus more than usual in this wall you really
    should've given her more detail. Like on her skin, eyes and hat. The skin could use more darks in the back and a more highlighted shine twoards the front. The eyes need more shine, they're rather dull how it looks now...and not saying that everything should look all shiny in a rain scene but this looks too lifeless.
    The BG colors could use some more contrast and enchancing. So you can tell where the big light source is coming from and to give it a more dramatic look.
    Overall a nice wall but surely not your best.

  12. srsn Mar 10, 2010

    Thanks for promoting the group yamibou eve!
    haha ripped your own work ( That's a funny line )
    +fav here!

  13. HoshinoSora12 Mar 10, 2010

    great wall this is cute! xDDD

  14. theremosster Mar 10, 2010

    this wallpaper is very nice

  15. pureblood98 Mar 10, 2010

    wow... all i can say to this wallie is wow... wow...

  16. Emma93 Banned Member Mar 10, 2010

    woow~~ Awesum :) i like the vector aloot and the colors r awesum :)

  17. MizuuHime Mar 11, 2010

    Waow.... Such a beautiful wallpaper. The rain is so real, the vector is neat too. But maybe you must make the flower more blur? Hmm, I don't know, but that's not so blur for me to something that far in the bg. And Kobato needs more shading in some places? Hmm, that's just my opinion.... After all, this is great wallpaper, calming and a little melancholy too. Good job, Yamionpu-san!

  18. DarthTofu Mar 11, 2010

    Your vectoring is clean and crisp, but somehow... I actually prefer the screencap to the wall. Just the general mood. I feel like the wall is empty prettiness. The colors are happy bright saturated pinks and purples, but Kobato is still greyed and sombre. I also find her eyes a bit odd how the whites just directly connect with the skin like that without any shading around it. The cleanliness of the vector only accentuates it whereas it's passable in the screencap.

    Actually, instead of copying so directly all the time, try thinking about the form of the characters, think of how the colors interact with each other. Think of how light affects color.

    The way it is now, the colors clash with the mood and therefore detract from the full potential of the piece.

  19. vitaamin Mar 11, 2010

    i really think this wall would be so much stronger if you brightened her face. this is your usual color scheme, but as usual the magical background clashes with how gray and faded the main character looks. i also find the waterdrops distracting.

    it seems like you tried to make her look like she was under a shade, but the blurred highlights on her face arent placed right so it doesnt really suggest that shes being blocked by something. its really difficult to make it look llike the light isnt shining on her face, so i suggest that you just always make the light shine from the font until you get used to putting light in different places

    you have some really strong walls in your gallery where the foreground and background mesh perfectly, so i know you can do it :D

  20. neko-chan Mar 12, 2010

    Wow! Amazing! Thanks for your hard work ;)

  21. denitoo Mar 12, 2010

    there is something magical in this scan :) thx 4 the up.

  22. Nubes Mar 13, 2010

    very pretty-... the rain has it effect

  23. moonescape Mar 14, 2010

    really love the vector layers for her, and the background is wonderful. but I think the vector of her should've been a little brighter (color) since the background is very bright and vivid colors.

  24. ilovebrasil Mar 16, 2010

    kawaiiiiiiiii .. it`s a beautiful paint..i love this

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