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"...sadness is like a quick rain before you grow up."

*edit: entry for the gothic contest at my-maiden
OMG! thank you so much for the highlight! m(_ _)m

Hi everyone! Look who's back :3
Missed me? Remember me? xD

It'll be a big description as usual, I'm sure of it!
[cookies to those who read all of it xD]

I come with an Original work with my OC Meliyora, a girl who opened the gates of hell at the age of 6 and returned to her world 12 years later. Things can really change in such time.

As I was talking with a friend the other day, we really think Original works should get more love and then I decided that if I got back at walling I'd do more originals since my friends loved them and it's always a nice change around.

The concept behind this work was really simple.
It's been raining non-stop for months and even though I actually like rain, I think this is too much and wish the sunny and bright days would come soon. It's sad to see all the disasters because of the bad weather this year.

So I was actually inspired by the rain I see everyday from my window and by the hard times I've been facing ever since I entered university, which is really far from my home and thus I had to move away and leave everyone and everything and that's been really difficult for me.

I also wanted to challenge myself so I can improve more and more and so I chose a background with everything I suck at, mainly trees, and an outfit with lace...all kinds of lace.
I feel like I improved a bit with this work but I'm still far from what I hope to achieve.

I actually didn't plan to make Meliyora hold that crystal looking thing but some sort of crystallized tear instead but I gave up on that idea somewhere along the way, so following her story and all it ended up being crystallized memories, good and happy ones, she somehow forgot.
Most of us tend to think more about the bad times instead of the good times unfortunately -_- (Guess it's because they really make us grow up, right?)

Lineart was vectored (yes, I still can't make decent lines with my tablet), trees were vectored and then painted and the rest of the coloring was pretty much painted.
The trees were really the challenge here as I originally wanted; I think I always complicate things too much when doing originals.
I didn't look for referrences as usual, I always like to see where will I get stuck at with backgrounds xD
Added textures to make it look less plain. I felt like something was missing but I wanted the character to be the focus so I left it like that.

Comments (& favs) are deeply appreciated as I want hear advices and such.
Also, a big thank you to those who didn't forget about me and kept encouraging me to post a new work. thanks guys <3

1920x1200 version

*you may not redistribute this wall to any other websites without permission. Thank you*

vector-wallers celestial-luminesse sakura--cb


Chosen by Kitaan and MapleRose

Kairi-Hearts is back with an original wallpaper! Look how much she's improved. I love the details in her dress and umbrella (check out the laces and the decoration on her umbrella). Kairi says she's not good at drawing trees, but I think the trees turned out quite nice, I love the texture of the bark, and all the details in the branches.

Kairi set out to challenge herself, and I think the result is a success! Good job, and hope to see more from you!

Proposed by Kitaan and highlighted by MapleRose.

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  1. EevaLeena Mar 06, 2010

    *hands up* Missed you, Kairi-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! *hugstackleglomp*

    Anyways... wonderful work! Always love your OC! She's very pretty... and everything look perfect! Great job >__<

    Oh, and.. Okaeri Nasai ^^

  2. HurtHattori Mar 06, 2010

    She is very pretty. I love her expression, and how everything is well agenced ... sorry, but my English doesn't seem to find the right words to say I much this picture is talking to me right now. And your description was pretty interesting to read : I love to read why an artist did something.

    Thank you for this creation.

  3. DreamBell Mar 06, 2010

    A great wall with good blend of simple colors. Thumbs up !

    I'll be looking forward to more of ya walls :D


  4. Starblaze Mar 06, 2010

    Amazing work. Love to see more.

  5. trofikabinet Mar 06, 2010

    Really really lovely ^^
    The design is pure love, I want her umbrella *steals & runs*
    I like the painting and the shading you did one her, looks so good.
    The only thing that bothers me a bit is the rain. I don't know if you use stroke path and then blurred it but it doesn't look really good :/ The edges should be sharper not round.
    Anyways lovely job, I'm looking forward to see more of your works <33

  6. mammonlovesmoney Mar 06, 2010

    Tremendous drawing... The girl before amazement is beautiful

  7. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 06, 2010

    It's a very beautiful thumbnail, full view is even more lovely.
    First, I'm very happy to see a work from you. It's been too long since you've
    given us something to gaze onto.
    Second, Your Originals are seriously getting better and you've even
    done a different color style for them. <3
    Nice depth you've given with the trees, they're even colored
    interestingly. The design is gorgeous, I really admire your eye for detail
    and anatomy skills.
    I feel like the sky should be darker on the grey parts but then again I also
    think it's fine how it is...lol, rather conflicting thought.
    Anyways, I really adore seeing your works and I do wish you'd share more.
    Thank you for giving us the honor to see this one <3

  8. x-lawss Mar 06, 2010

    Oh my, this looks great XD
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. chanelqueen17 Mar 06, 2010

    I really love how you keep improving your original work. The image as a whole looks very balanced in both colors and composition.

    Oh and you really should enter in the gothic contest at my-maiden with this ^^

  10. theremosster Mar 07, 2010

    This wall is very pretty.

  11. sh33p0 Mar 07, 2010

    she's so pretty^^
    I like the color

  12. crmc13 Mar 07, 2010

    this is SUPERB.:)
    love love your art sooooooooooooooooo much!>.<
    love the umbrella and the hair.^^
    the thumbnail looks good but the full view is way too awesome! XD

    so lovely, im looking forward to see more of your works!

  13. monster33 Mar 07, 2010

    Beautiful work *o*
    It's so wonderful !
    I like the colors you use and the reflection of the blue on her face ! the art is so beautiful I also love her dress !
    Keep it up ^_~

  14. missmurderdoll Mute Member Mar 07, 2010

    very cool job!
    thank you so much!
    i love it n.n

  15. kejeburkali Mar 07, 2010

    Very soft artwork...I like this..thanks...

  16. MapleRose Retired Moderator Mar 07, 2010

    I love the character design (her hair is so pretty *__* ). The background looks nice, what do you mean you suck at drawing trees? >__<

    I only thing I kinda wander about is her expression; I don't know if that's your intention, but her eyes are kinda blank, and it looks like she's staring into space ^^;

  17. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Mar 07, 2010

    This is gorgeous and I can't believe I missed it! Love the artwork and her expression is so mysterious. The blank look on her face coupled with the rain make me think she's experienced some kind of big shock... or witnessed something horrific. Great job on this one Kairi~

    A highlight well-deserved. ^_^

  18. erikamirou Mar 08, 2010


    You know I love your work <3 I'll always will :3 (HANARATSU 4evah 8d)
    I'm glad that your hard work was finally rewarded :3

  19. Suiseiseki22101995 Mar 08, 2010

    the detail and the color are amazing
    she's so gorgeous but she looks so empty while is like she lacked something that will never come back or like she misses something , very well done and don't worry the trees are very well done :D

  20. Nysha Mar 08, 2010

    Wow, very nice original! I like to see more of these. I only think her right hand and the "J" of the umbrella stick seem a bit small.

  21. greenemerald Mar 08, 2010

    nice pic thanks for uploading!

  22. DarthTofu Mar 08, 2010

    Gorgeous, you really nailed the atmosphere of a rainy day in this wall.

  23. multiple-papercuts Mar 08, 2010

    Wow, a lot of things went into this wallpaper. Kudos to you for purposely doing something that you're not good at yet, haha. I'm quite impressed with her face. The proportions are very good and the shading looks nice.

    I would like to give some suggestions if you don't mind!

    About her expression, I think it would suit your idea (what you're trying to portray) more to have her look at the crystal. With her looking up, it's as if something else has caught her attention or it looks to me like she might be offering the crystal to someone off screen.

    I think the black outlines may be too strong for something that looks mostly painted. I would suggest to change the color of the outline to the dominant color of the wallpaper, which may be a greenish brown. I also think that slightly lessening the opacity of the outlines will make them softer, so that she would blend more into the background.

    I see that there are a lot of folds in her sleeve on the upper part of the arm, but the sleeve outline is a straight line. This makes the fold shadows look like stripes instead of folds. The sleeve outline needs to be crinkly like the way you did the sleeve on the forearm.

    The crystal seems more like it's surrounded by a color than glowing. It's probably really hard to make something look like it's glowing when the background is almost white, hehe. Similarly, I think the blue glows on her face look a little strange because of the brightness of the surroundings. I've only seen such a strong color on the face when backgrounds are dark. I think a crystal that is still visible would have a really tough time emitting enough light to cause that much light on the face, especially since there is no blue light on her hand.

    Oh, I just noticed how well you draw flowers! I really need to practice that ><

    I hope the sun comes out for you soon!

  24. moonescape Mar 09, 2010

    wow you drew this yourself. *_* the art is so detailed! i think you executed well with the shadows and highlight of the areas. The rose you drew is lovely (better than the one I doodle drew XO). I think the umbrella though for the bright lights were kind of odd, but the tree is done well in my opinion. =/ I hope you make more wallpapers because I miss them. <3

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