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this is so wrong...
scan excerpt from animedia december issue, 2003
scanlated by nat of ningen.tk. go praise her, she prolly scanned about 2/5 of all good scans on the net XD

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  1. TygerStryke Sep 25, 2004

    Jubei and Kaz-chan!!! ...you know, I did see it coming though....*nod nod*Of course I'm happy for them. Aren't I happy for them in the pic? Maybe it was just the shock, I dunno...^^;;;

  2. chibi-lizard Oct 02, 2004

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk !!! ban and ginji look sooooooo cute !!! XD and kazuki look so... urmm... pretty ?? XD
    nice scan !! :)

  3. Frosty Oct 14, 2004

    nice scan... ^^

  4. SirMackerel Nov 01, 2004

    Haha, the expression on Midou Ban's face is priceless. Ginji looks amusing as well.

  5. bucket-shot Nov 03, 2004

    *rofl* I agree. XD Ban's look is freaking funny.
    Um. I think Kaz got those plastic suction boobs off ebay. :\ Or at least... hm, inono.
    Nice scan, though. :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. athena Jan 09, 2005

    very very very nice scan
    so so so cute
    is kazuki's girl there?!!

  7. Banchan Jan 25, 2005

    I swear... no matter how many times I stare at Kazuki... and no matter how many times I try to ingrain the fact that he is male iniot my head... I will still end up saying he is one hotta-licious momma! Good heavens... the most beautiful man to walk this earth... in its literal sense! :D Kazuki x Juubee forever!!!

    Ban doing that face certiainly suits him... it's indeed a trademark Ban-chan reaction! :D

  8. HontoniKawaii Feb 08, 2005

    omg!!!!!!!!!! I have just seen part's of this image before!!!!! now it's even greater then i thought!!!! wow!!!! Get Backers christmas pary!!!! both Ban & Ginji doing a little christmas cosplay - and the most importent is that - Kazuki & Jubei (my most beloved couple) - are going on a christmas dinner - date together!!!!!! kyyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! - I hope they'll kiss under the misstletow to!!!! ^___________^

  9. Schyler Feb 20, 2005

    Jubei and Kadsukilooked good together. It's a shame Kadsuki is a guy. If he wasn't they'd be a perfect couple! Well, kadsuki's acting like a girly girl anyway, so it's up to the fans' imagination for it to work. As forme, I love kadsuki! XD

    I'm happy for them. Just so you know, I HATE the thought of Ban and Ginji as a couple! Zettai ni yurusenai! >=(

  10. CassandraSisenta May 04, 2005

    Awwwwww Kadsuki and Jubei are really for each other. :) They look so good together...And I can't help remembering that comment made before that they acted like newlyweds... ^_^'

  11. kayo04 May 25, 2005

    I agree with most of the people that wrote here. Kadsuki and Jubei are cute together. Whatever they are the same sex or not. Love everthing about them and the way they look. They look so hot. :D :D :D :D Can't stop loving them. So was the show. I only wish there was more of them together in the movie. Enjoy watching them. Don't get me wrong I also love Ban and Ganji. I don't see them as couple only best friend.

  12. spero Jun 14, 2005

    why is kadsuki a girl, well i'm just as shock as ban is

  13. Losuni Jul 06, 2005

    The ,long hair is a boy?! omg... he really look like a womann @0@ thank for the scan

  14. kireiyuhi Jul 07, 2005

    hahahahahahahaha. this is so great. thanks for the scan!!! ^^

  15. shojuko Jul 22, 2005

    hahah yayy! kazuki and that guy make a good couple. omg, he actually looks more like a she in this picture... he looks like he's got boobs. oh well. thanks for the scan. :]

  16. InSaNiTyRuLz Jul 28, 2005

    Hmmm, I knew this would happen, Kazuki dating Juubei, lol. And dressing up as a woman! Oh, priceless. No wonder Ban is so shocked...
    It's wrong, but cute...

  17. Surune Aug 03, 2005

    *giggles profusely* heeeeeeee so cute! Awwww! *pinches gin's rudolph nose*

  18. bluesnarf Aug 11, 2005

    Hahaha, great scan! It makes me really wonder if Kazuki's a crossdresser or not. o_o; I love the Santa!Ban and Rudolph!Ginji in the other half too, hahaha! XD

  19. blackoftheroom Aug 15, 2005

    Wow! I have been trying to find this pic for ages in millions of sites. I finally found it! Wow! It's greater then I thought! ^^ kawaii..!!

  20. mechpilot Nov 25, 2005

    kazuki and jubei looks so cute together! XD

  21. Farewell Jan 09, 2006

    Kazuki is a guy, right? ok.. so.. at least he have jubei.. well.. I'm sure my girlfriend will like this scan.. -_-'' gosh

    merged: 01-09-2006 ~ 02:24pm
    Kazuki is a guy, right? ok.. so.. at least he have jubei.. well.. I'm sure my girlfriend will like this scan.. -_-''

  22. tenten10 Jan 11, 2006

    well juubei seems to be happy to see kadsuki in a girl dress lol

  23. youkais Jun 17, 2006

    Quote by FarewellKazuki is a guy, right? ok.. so.. at least he have jubei.. well.. I'm sure my girlfriend will like this scan.. -_-'' gosh

    Yes... he is a guy... but... he doesn't look like one.. >.<! (well, i am thinking about his childhood.. xD)
    Anyway, nice scan and yes, thank you for share it!

    PS: he has pink Lipstick! XDDDDD (MG!... i knew get backers there was not on the way :P)
    PS2: I love ban! XD

  24. maurospider Oct 30, 2006


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