Soul Eater Wallpaper: Oops! We're late

BONES, Soul Eater, Maka Albarn, Blair, Soul Evans Wallpaper
BONES Studio Soul Eater Series Maka Albarn Character Blair Character Soul Evans Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Copied from AP, go there for more resolutions :

Hi Paper Lovers, this is ala21ddin21 and Akiranyo speaking! Today is a big day, we finally finished our first collab! So, let the bells ring!

Full View Please!
This collaboration between us was unexpected, Aki made a Soul and Maka vectors that I liked very much, so we talked a little and then decided to do a collab, I already have a Soul Eater scan in mind that I kept in my wish-list pretending that someday I will wall it, and never thought that this day finally came, and it was suitable for Aki's vectors, so I suggested it to Aki, and we start working.

Ala21ddin21's Comment :

My part here was the background, I made it from the scan below with some detail modifications, it was a real hard work, background took me almost a daily-working month to finish it, made under Inkscape as always, I also added some details from this scan, and vectored the moon from this screen (thanks to Moutonzare for bringing me the HD screen) I tried my best to make the lines and colors fit the nice and talented art of Aki, and finally we added a texture and some lights^^
I want to thanks my dear friend Aki for this lovely experience that we surely enjoyed ^^ You're the best Aki! ^^

Akiranyo's Comment :

Well, is quite funny how I came to this collab. I quite liked a simplistic vector from Ala (the one which he used in the beach wallpaper) and under the motto of "sometimes less is more" did a vector from Soul Eater, which fits to the terms of simplicity due the style. The funny part is there, when as a joke I asked in the Shoutbox "who want to collab it?" replied exactly Ala, from who got inspiration to vector them.
Later I did the cat too, to help him much as possible, but main credit goes to him for the time-consuming vector work on the background, and also for the nice changes to create a different wallpaper from the original scan.
Enjoy and again a big thanks for Ala ;3



Used scans and Progression Chart :



Thanks for both of Nat and BouinBouin for their scans ^^


Well, we tried to make the best of us, we hope you'll like our wallpaper, we recommend the 16:10 aspect ratio since it's the original one. Any feedback for our wallpaper is welcomed ^^


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  1. MikuMasterX Feb 23, 2010

    Love this.. you guys really did well on this one.
    Refer to my more detailed comment over at AP if you want more praise. >=3

  2. chanelqueen17 Feb 23, 2010

    Hey boys! Well, I already told you in the AP shoutbox that I was a fan , and it wasn't even finished back then.
    Skill wise , you're both really good. (Like you didn't know that already, right?)
    *stares at it* I just get this warm fuzzy post-valentine vibe from the wall . I really like it ^^.

  3. FiiFO Feb 23, 2010

    yay its done and it looks great!
    nice work the both of you

  4. rizacaga Feb 23, 2010

    good job!
    the bg fits perfectly with the characterts..though they made by two different people but u both consistent with the style...and i love the flat looks of it..cool!

  5. mbeckley Feb 23, 2010

    Aw, this is a pretty cute collab you both vectored. The BG meshes well wih Soul and Maka. Awesome job. ^^

  6. Rafa009 Feb 23, 2010

    nice wall thanks! soul eater is coll

  7. srsn Feb 24, 2010

    All in all I like the BG ^^ nice collab!

  8. XxYuiXx Feb 24, 2010

    I love Soul Eater and this picture sure does bring me back nice memories good nice job.

  9. mammonlovesmoney Feb 24, 2010

    Wall-paper it is looked very much even cool... Maka in general funny looks

  10. zaira Feb 24, 2010

    Awesome! another SE wallie XD this one is totally cool! nice collab there doods!
    The bg and the separate scan really fits well together, I love how you guys vectored
    those two scans. Its very clean and the dark and grayish scheme colors are nice
    as well. The textures you used on the sky is a nice touch too! Overall i love the
    vector + the scan used, +fav! ^^,

  11. Helavisa Feb 25, 2010

    Great. Maka is sooo cute <3

  12. Hikaruru Mute Member Feb 25, 2010

    I love soul eater! thx for the paper dude i really like it xD

  13. Echolen Feb 25, 2010

    Great wall! I love the busy background!

  14. Peacecrafs Feb 25, 2010

    nice wall
    thanks for sharing

    PD: to my fav ^^

  15. lastwilight Feb 27, 2010

    Aw so cute! Love this wall. Thanks for sharing!

  16. ngakyuklim Feb 27, 2010

    coooool background! creative!

  17. akiranyo Feb 28, 2010

    AP copy pasta again ;3
    "Finally we did it ;3 Glad it turned out quite well and thats what also the responses speaking. I was not enough confident at first, maybe cause I'm not yet used to the art of Soul Eater, but the result shows the opposite. There is really a walling/vectoring worth art in this series.
    Thnx to Ala for bearing with me and the nice changes compared the scan. In my opinion looks much better as the original one does. We are awesome!

  18. jhon571 Feb 28, 2010

    NICE is very great this picture thanks! for sharing!

  19. KetsuRen Mar 02, 2010

    I love this picture so beautiful and cute :D

  20. ks-kappa Mar 10, 2010

    so cool & nice # i like this coloring :)
    thanks for sharing !

  21. zero3 Mar 14, 2010

    it's soooo cute.... i love them both

  22. greenemerald Mar 17, 2010

    really nice pic love the cartoony details thanks for sharing!

  23. nadja041093 Mar 28, 2010

    wow, this pucture is amazing

  24. whiteblack Mar 30, 2010

    ???thnk for the good wall!???

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