Bleach: Valentine's Day 2010

Kubo Tite, Bleach, Renji Abarai, Byakuya Kuchiki, Ulquiorra Cifer
Kubo Tite Mangaka Bleach Series Renji Abarai Character Byakuya Kuchiki Character Ulquiorra Cifer Character


Other than the 2 hands, I cleaned it up and redrew/cloned the clothes.

*edit* Someone else redid grimmjow left hand and byakuya's right hand, idk who but if you want some credit to it I could post your name here.

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  1. AgataMare Feb 10, 2010

    Why is Ichigo smiling to Ulquiorra? Weren't they enemies? XD
    BTW, it's a nice pic, I like it. ^^

  2. onya Feb 10, 2010

    wow! they are so cool.... thanks

  3. madsin92 Feb 10, 2010

    thanks! BTW i think he's smiling to renji XD

  4. Distresse Feb 10, 2010

    thank you
    ????, ??? ? ???? ??? ???? ???????? ?? ?????????? XDD

  5. HellOurWin Feb 10, 2010

    Thanks you for sharing!
    I think that the picture is Sant Valentine's scan!

  6. Fravik-2-6 Feb 10, 2010


  7. snotna Feb 10, 2010

    thx for this great pic! like grimmjos stile! thx a lot to submiter :) have a nice day

  8. emiruki Feb 11, 2010

    OMG! ?_? thanks for sharing!

  9. drowranger Feb 11, 2010

    Oh my goodness! *dies*
    All my fav characters and BYAKUYA! *faints* Thanks so much for posting!

  10. blaze18553 Feb 11, 2010

    Quote by AgataMareWhy is Ichigo smiling to Ulquiorra? Weren't they enemies? XD
    BTW, it's a nice pic, I like it. ^^

    Yep. They are enemies :D I noticed Ulquiorra-sama isn't too surprised to see a chocolate. But the clothes looks very good on him :D HE'S HOT FOR VALENTINES DAY!

  11. SangoHiwatari28 Feb 11, 2010

    OMG <3<3<3<3<3<3
    That pic is soooooo seeexy *------* ~
    the five of them look so cooool o

  12. Pazuzumaru Feb 11, 2010

    nom nom Grimmjow :D
    Thanks for the scan!

  13. shark Feb 11, 2010

    waaaaaaaaa el mendigo kapitulo estuvo geniall ^W^hinamori murioa jajaja xD POR fea

  14. riku92 Feb 11, 2010

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! can i have a super huge poster of this? *-*
    grimmjow:aww he's playing with it! ^^
    byakuya:ok at least he's keeping the choc in the pocket and he didnt throw it away 1st sight.. -.-''
    ichigo: those clothes really suit him! o.o
    ulquiorra: AWWWWW the cutest ever! he's looking at the choc like he doesnt know what it is and what to do! you've to eat it sweetie! XD
    renji: COOLEST ever! he should readjusting his hair more and more often! *.*

  15. MinaOukami Feb 11, 2010

    Wow! <3 It's been a while since Grimmjow was in a color spread! And he looks good! ^^ While I like Ulquiorra and Ichigo's outfits for their color contrasts, Grimmjow's is definitely the coolest, in my opinion. :3 Renji and Byakuya both look pretty stylish as well.

    merged: 02-11-2010 ~ 07:45pm
    Oh, and Grimmjow is supposed to be an inch (2 cm) shorter than Renji, yet he looks taller here.

  16. SharaJeagerjaques Feb 11, 2010

    OH, GOD! o,.o

    Ulqui look soooo cute *

  17. emiruki Feb 11, 2010

    OMG!vaya ni

  18. drowranger Feb 12, 2010

    Excellent work cleaning it up!

  19. silverlook Feb 12, 2010

    Is it just me or does the area between byakuya and grimmjow, or more precisely, their hands, look weird? it's like the hands [ byakuya's right and grimjow's left ] were added by someone else [ with seemingly much less talent than the original artis o.o; ]

    merged: 02-12-2010 ~ 03:35am
    sorry, didn't notice it was a cleaned up edition ^^;

  20. sharii Feb 12, 2010

    wow looks so cool
    I want all the pics
    Thanks a million

  21. KiaRatT Feb 12, 2010

    Grimmy and Ulqui!??? long time not seeing them on a scan! TwT thanks!

  22. pinkrain Feb 12, 2010

    nnghh I love this! I'm so happy to see Grimmjow and Ulquiorra get more pictures :D

  23. Ashen-Phoenix Feb 13, 2010

    If nothin' else, you gotta give Kubo props for creative costumes/outfits. Beautiful stuff, there.

    Thanks for posting! <3

  24. Viskas Feb 13, 2010

    M-m-m I love they!

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