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Please full-view and add to favs if u like it. ^^

This is a character I made. Her name is Oon. I was gonna spell it "Un". But I'm still debating on that. And I dont know how to add accents on the comp so, for the sake of people "not" thinking her name is Un as in fun or U.N. as in united nations, I felt titling it this for now is best.

- How it was done -

well the best i can do right now is give a bit of an overview.
First I drew the picture on paper in pencil.
Then I scanned it at 1200 dpi.
I resized it because the image was rlly large. I even had to shrink it again "after" I was done painting it because the "file size" was too large for MT to accept.

I set it to multiply and painted over it with the airbrush brush tool. I had to mess with the layers here and there for the lines to appear but not overpower the colors.

For the eyes, I vectored a few stuff there. I didnt vector the eyes themselves. If u full view it and look "inside" her eyes, u might see shiny specks and lines to make it look "glittery" or something.

And that's basically how I did it. I don't have a tablet. I used the touchpad mouse on myt laptop to do this.
The software I used was adobe photoshop 7.0. And the scanner I used was HP Office Jet.

- Thx to -

Thx 2 nuckolls at stock.xchng site (great site for stock photos). I didn't use any photos in this, to be honest, I drew everything myself. But I did use nuckolls' photo "Inside-Outside" as reference when I was "drawing" the picture on paper. I'll be stopping by his/her page to let them know I used it.

(Minimized and edited because u must be a member of stock.xchng to have access to the real full quality one)

Also thx to weird12u (wei-chan / CC). her personality helped me get a good idea of how to make this character. x3

- Final Stuff to Say -

Oon is a funny character, I didn't have much reference for her, but I watched a whole lot of j-pop and k-pop pv's in hopes of developing a look for her in my mind and this is what I came up with. She's a character in my manga that I might not even start until I get a tablet so I can work with manga studio properly. And with all the things I bought and is paying for, I don't think I'll be getting it anytime soon. TwT *sad*

The image will be put up on my deviant art, the otaku, tokyopop, square enix, art bistro, creative stem, etc. accounts when I have the time and energy to do it. @w@; *thumbs up* But for now, it's only here.
If u want to see some more art by me, visit my profile page: http://selemental.minitokyo.net
and u will see links to my art accounts there.

I don't do requests, no tough feelings TwT), but I don't have the ability to do them now and I might not even want to, because I think it's more fun to draw what i want when i want to. But it's mostly because there's no guarantee that it will rlly please the person. Well for me, there's no guarantee. Probably different for other people.

But I have another kind of news that offsets this. If u want to use my picture, not sell it (dont sell it), for a site or whatever or maybe share it somewhere u can, but u would have to do the following
# join MT (doesnt take long if ur not a member)
# add this submission to favorites
# wherever u use it, be sure to mention my name and say that i (Selemental from MT) made it. it would also help if u passed by and let me know ur gonna use it and for what. ^^;

* if u manage to get the image from other art accounts that belong to me (probly under a different name) same rules apply to them if it is possible to follow such rules. because i know creative stem needs a portfolio in order for people to join, so u might not be able to fav or comment that. in that case, it would be helpful to just mention my penname (nickname) that u got the image from.

That's it. That's all I wanted to say. =w= *bad habit of writing too much* Thx in advanced if there's anyone who actually read this and adds this to fav.

- Groups -

tou-no-uwa - group dedicated to helping people improve their hobbies and skills and meet others.

oringinal - group for people interested in making their own original art and characters.

paint-o-rama - anyone who likes to paint or is interested in painting can join.

userpageskindesigns - (this image doesnt rlly relate to them, i'm just advertising)
lend help to userpage skin designs. a special group that has supported mt and their members for the past yrs. they design userpages and group pages for members without bias for nothing in return. for people who want to learn how to design and make userpages/group pages on MT, they kindly and calmly teach others and help them learn even if they know nothing at all about how to make them. and they give tips to anyone who needs it. since the layout change they have had a tough time getting used to the coding. if u have any tips, codes from layouts that u have made, or anything of help to donate to them, please do. u will be helping them and everyone else at MT as well. :3

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  1. weird12u Feb 11, 2010

    Oh my gosh another great from you *instant fave*

    and oh my gosh i got another dedication <3 i love you so much Sele
    ur awesome : D

    gosh the coloring is so unique and awesome, and i love her eyes
    (i noticced the glitter!)
    and i love her ass.. weird to say but i can't stop looking at it in the window

    oh my gosh and the lamp is amazing too, cool cool cool

    whoever doesn't fave this is
    sorry but seriously my girl is tight at this art
    you need to see this skill

    <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333 u girl <333333333

  2. Raven83 Feb 12, 2010

    O.O wow Sel your really good.

  3. segnoj Feb 13, 2010

    Very nice~
    You did a very good drawing the girl :)
    I like how she has a more realistic physique rather than the usual skinny anime look, which gives a European vibe (no offense to any Europeans out there ^^")

    I like how you have her backside in the mirror too.
    I personally find the extra bulge of hair a bit weird.. is it her ponytail?
    Either way, I think she will look better without it.

    Anyways, I think the stained glass looks good overall, so I have no problems with the style of painting ^___^

  4. chrisp Feb 13, 2010

    voooi 8d
    omg the result looks so awesomeeee...i thought the sketch was wow, but this is really O_O stunning
    i love the sketchy and painty feeling to it <33 great!
    as i already told ya your eyes are beautiful, i am so jealous ;__;, the seem to see through me :3 great!

    have nothing to complain, everything perfect!

  5. jese-mx Feb 13, 2010

    coloring looks good, but the girl seems to be another picture, becouse not combine with the background (shadow).

  6. selemental Banned Member Feb 14, 2010

    Quote by jese-mxcoloring looks good, but the girl seems to be another picture, becouse not combine with the background (shadow).

    lolz no xD there r no other pictures. if it looks out of place it's the painting job i did. each part i painted (the skin, the dress, the lamp, etc), like i do when i vector, they r all on separate layers. and since i dont have a tablet and i colored it with the paint brush instead of vectoring in her skin, it might seem blurry on the edges, but that's because i wanted to keep its painted-look. that's just how paintings r @w@

    but if u look at the lines of the picture, u will clearly see that everything is "together". X3

    thx 4 complimenting my coloring >////< ) *hugs*

    @ segnoj: that;s not a bulge, that's her ponytail (she has it on the side of her head). it's hard to see cuz it's black, but i highlighted it a bit so the lines can show. so if ur computer display screen is not too dark then u will be able to see it clearly. : ) especially if u "full-view" it. thx 4 the comments x3 *hugs* >///<

    @ everyone: thx so much 4 all ur comments and support. >w< ) <3333333333333
    i will try to keep improving. i'll do my best on the next pic too <3 thx so much again. <333

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