Ghost in the Shell Wallpaper: Cyberbird (Motoko Unplugged)

Masamune Shirow, Ghost in the Shell, Motoko Kusanagi Wallpaper
Masamune Shirow Mangaka Ghost in the Shell Series Motoko Kusanagi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I mentioned when I first uploaded this scan that I was going to trace it. Well... it took a while, but I finally started and finished it! While trying to think of a background, I popped in my GitS:SAC OST 2 to listen to for inspiration. The first song to play was "Cyberbird", one of my favorites on the disc. So...I thought about it for a while and decided to give Motoko "wings" via a set of plugs (since the first idea was to call it "unplugged" and I've still kept the idea in the final version). Certainly not your typical angel! The rest was messing with an abstract background.
I can't feel like I've sold out by offering a busty-girl-wallpaper ~_~ I even reduced the size of her breasts because they were inhumanly large in the original. If this makes it to highlighted submissions when my Stellvia "Star Cross'd Lovers" didn't, I'll be rather annoyed ~_~ I never was one for fanservice -_-'

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  1. foolboy Sep 23, 2004

    It is very unique, because there are so many wires.

  2. Omicron-15 Sep 23, 2004

    Awsome vector, whish I could vector as good. Great picture and I love the tech bg and how everthing blends awsome job. I just wish her brestsies were the original size >_< just kiddng, LOVE IT>

  3. TheRavenIsUnSkill Sep 23, 2004

    Nya! This goes into my collection XD *replaces desktop*

    In awe (again) ^_^

  4. KorganoS Sep 23, 2004

    mm... the breasts are still somewhat 'oversized', but never mind that I guess..
    the plugs! I mean, the plugs! that's an awesome vector job...!! XD
    Aaa.... I wanted to learn vectoring!!...
    where can I learn to do stuff like you did, Tama-chan?

  5. bucket-shot Sep 23, 2004

    Quote by Tama-NekoIf this makes it to highlighted submissions when my Stellvia "Star Cross'd Lovers" didn't, I'll be rather annoyed ~_~

    As would I, as long as it was riding the wave of big boobs. ^^' However, if it's because of your fine design sense/imagination, sharp vector skills, too-cool wires and that awesome background (now *that* is the way to do a 'matrix' numbers background! XD) then I'd be quite, quite happy for you.
    And omg (what--? o_< I hate using that phrase) I love your typography. :o That simplicity and...and...coolness is just pure class. ^^' Good work!

  6. Cloudnine Sep 23, 2004

    I'm faving it not because of the size of her breast, but because of the excellent composition and vector work ^^ =p

    <3 the abstract design of the BG, clean and easy on the eyes :D

  7. sammo Retired Moderator Sep 23, 2004

    wow....genius at work! :D

  8. Dracom Sep 23, 2004

    Really original! It seems a cell shading pic! Nice :)

  9. Noctum Sep 23, 2004

    Some of the rings around Motoko have pixelated edges, but that doesn't reduce my high opinion of this unique design at all.
    Great work. :)

  10. Sako Sep 23, 2004

    I see some flaws in some shapes confronting it with the original images, but hell, it must've been a pain to trace it all (all those wires O.o). And I love the bg.

  11. asuk Sep 23, 2004

    my only complain is that motoko looks fat. other than that, great job dude

  12. volrath77 Sep 23, 2004

    Very,very nice. Fav'ed.

  13. Sandy Sep 23, 2004

    Really, really nice composition! +fav

  14. nakuru-chan Sep 23, 2004

    Wow! That's definate great job! Excellent wallpaper! I love it! So cool!

  15. Yarashi Sep 23, 2004

    The background fits so well =3 *drools*

  16. Rex Sep 23, 2004


    cool vector work tama =^.^=

    <3 the wired wings

  17. hidekeitaro Sep 23, 2004

    Beautiful wall :D

  18. crapmonster Sep 23, 2004

    holy crap, this is too awesome, hehe and as cloudnine said, im not faving this either for the size of her breasts!

  19. MHF Sep 23, 2004

    Wooo great work!!!

  20. weary_samurai Sep 23, 2004

    interesting idea with making her wings of plugs. nice trace.

  21. sword Sep 23, 2004

    lmao her boobs are still humongous after changing it.

  22. Angelette Sep 24, 2004

    Wow, complicated wings... And you always have done amazing vectors~~ Great work... and I agree... -.- Fanservice = baaaad -.- Faving it for the amazing work you put into it!

  23. Fradz Sep 24, 2004

    Nice wall...

  24. brokenvanguard Sep 25, 2004

    Excellent concept with the wires. The anatomy was fucked in the original scan.. this is better.

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