Cardcaptor Sakura Wallpaper: Cherryblossoms

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1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Thanks for the Elite and feature in wings-lovers

Here is a wallpaper from me. Full view and please read before commenting. It's a bit long but you won't understand what is happening in the process picture if you don't read.

I found this scan

Ok, I made a guide picture so that you'll have an idea what I'm taking about in my desciption.

When I was doing the lineart of the scan, I found the part behind Syaoran's hair weird because I don't know if it was Sakura's skirt covered under the cherryblossoms or what ( see the original scan ). I stared at it really hard and I finally figured it out. It was a bouquet! The cherryblossoms in the bouquet are from here

After finishing up the characters. The BG is next. I got the BG inspiration from here
I vectored the church and based the grasses from there ( Phase 3 ). Next, texturize the grasses and I finished up vectoring the church because as you can see from Phase 3 it's obviously not complete so that's Phase 4.

At first I thought that it's already done! I mean I'll just add some shadows and highlighting effects in step 3 as well as some clouds and finish, but I really thought something was missing if I finished it that way, don't you think? so I proceeded to adding Sakura trees behind just like the original scan ( Phase 5 ).

I really don't know how to create Sakura trees so I thought of giving up and letting the Sakura trees remain as it is in Step 6. but the more I looked at it it's really weird and wrong! I read tutorials etc.. but found nothing because they are mostly photomanipulation of real Sakura trees. Finally I found kaze-hime's tutorial of creating own brushes. I imagined what a tree would look like and slowly I mess around which produces Phase 7 phew!

I added rays of sunlight ( Phase 8 ) plus the clouds and shadowing of the church. OK Done!

Here it is then!
I hope you guys like it. comments and faves are very much appreciated!

This wallpaper is thanks to the following people:
Cilou ( Totally Sakura ), Eevaleena ( Divine Love ) and Saki-san's CCS wallpaper - Those walls inspired me to created this wallpaper. I kinda studied them (hope you don't mind).

This wallpaper is dedicated to the following people:
chanelqueen, ala21ddin, yago-san, yuukine for being my first friends here in AP!


Here is a darker version:

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  1. chanelqueen17 Jan 30, 2010

    Aaw sweetie thank you for the dedication! I've been waiting for your work <3 And I think it is very good! I love the sakura tree you created, you've put a lot of effort into it and it shows. your work is very clean, which is a definite +. Nice line work as well, only one thing: the lines around sakura-chans arm are a little to ...how do I say this...well they should be a little more rounded? well it's especially around her elbow.
    But nothing too bad, just something to pay attention too next time :3
    I'm curious what you'll do next ^^ I'll be watching you! and remember: We're here if you need us <3

  2. mammonlovesmoney Jan 30, 2010

    It is romantic... So that beautifully left

  3. YoruAngel866 Jan 30, 2010

    aw its cute <3
    wonderful wall <3

  4. kunogi09midori Jan 30, 2010

    Nice vector. I also did some CLMAP vectors too so I also think it's not that hard to vector CLAMP... just patience. I like the Bouquet although the colors are bit off... should be more similar to the tree. The sky blends in well with the pinks but the dark green does need more blending. The church is a nice addition... but they're still too young to marry^^

  5. BookMark624 Jan 30, 2010

    kawaii! hope you will make more of it.. ^_^

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2010

    Ah, this is fantastic work ^^
    You did a very nice job with fitting this all in nicely, it doesn't look cluttered
    or squished. I really like how you did the bush, it's very chrisp looking
    and the texture works wonderfully on it. I'm not too sure if it really matches
    with that big cherry blossom tree you got above it but I think it's a nice color diversity.
    I think they need more shade on their outfits, it's a bit too light and gives the impression that they don't have any shade at all.

    The lighting is nice and I get what you wanted to do but I think
    it came out too harsh and it looks a bit odd and very distracting.

    The white light should look more open onto the whole sky rather than just
    that one spot, and if your going for that light shining through look you'll have to apply
    that to the cheery blossom tree as well. Meaning there should be streaks of light on them both as well.

    The church is a nice touch, really nice choice to add it in.
    Maybe it could use a slight blur since it does look far away from them,
    especially at that view you made.

    I like the simple looking sky, though I think the clouds are positioned
    a bit off. They look a bit clumped with eachother, maybe move one over and try
    spreading them more over. Looks a bit weird with just two puffs of clouds there, cute but odd XD

    And lastly, your sig is very light. Make sure to make it dark so
    people can see it and it lessens your chances of people stealing.

    Wonderful job on this, I hope to see more great things from you <3

  7. chrisp Jan 30, 2010

    I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR TREES (especially sakuraaa) omg would you mind giving me that brush you made? i bed you, i so lack in making trees -.- i hate them to be true,everyone can make them buut not meeeh ;__;
    i love your soft coloring, would like to see darker shadows though :D but other than that its an awesome job ;D loves it!

  8. garnetyuna Jan 30, 2010

    amazing! great job dear! I really like it <3

  9. thingperson Jan 30, 2010

    Oh my gosh wow I just love this, its adorable and a wedding scene aww XD. Your just so talented in that you used 3 scans and vectored and worked them together to make a awesome wall. I just love everything in this from how you did their hair, eyes, outfits and the cherry blossoms and her bouquet im just like in wow O.O. Its so romantic to so I love it XD.

  10. theremosster Jan 31, 2010

    This is an awesome wallpaper.

  11. ngakyuklim Jan 31, 2010

    wow! lovely baclground! i love sakura XD

  12. atashi07 Jan 31, 2010

    what a great wall! :D so lovely, I love this!^^

  13. yukinobara Jan 31, 2010

    I love this!^^very beautiful wallpaper!

  14. vitaamin Feb 01, 2010

    while i do think the sakura trees and the trees in the background are awkward, the vectoring is pretty strong. a few tips
    1) the trees in the background don't match the color scheme of the wall, they need to be more yellow + lighter to blend with the time of day and the pastel work.
    2) any type of tree is usually difficult because people dont define the form properly. it's hard to do, but there should be some lighter lumps here and there to should where the "bundles" are. i usually err on the side of dont make trees because i'm lazy though :3.
    3) your lineart is really jagged in certain places + too gray IMO. i dont know if its because of the way you vector or the effects you have over the lines. usually you want to bring the lines above all the other layers to keep it soft + sharp at the same time. the color should really be a deeper but more saturated color--try red or purple shades
    4) i encourage you to use sharper shades here and there esp in their arms + skin + clothing, as well as the church in the background. this will make everything seem more in focus. For example, the shadow that is cast by the chimney should be sharper, not all blurred. same with the lighting in the sky--sharper edges on one side will make it look like light, and not just an afterthought.

    good job and i invite you to join

  15. may Feb 03, 2010

    Wow, good job :] .. Love the coloring and idea!

  16. Cathrain Feb 05, 2010

    AHH! SO CUTE! Luv it! FAVE FAVE!

  17. 1aida Feb 06, 2010

    I love shaoran
    I love shaoran

  18. XxYukirinxX Feb 07, 2010

    Yay ccs wallie! I like the background you added from the other scan to the wallie.

  19. amethyst-rose Feb 22, 2010

    That is beautiful~ great job!

  20. xinmu Feb 27, 2010

    i love your background *gushes* it goes so well with the cherry blossoms~
    thanks for sharing <3

  21. angelwings083 Feb 27, 2010

    nyaa~ i really love this wallie!..:3
    especially syaoxsaku~ >w<
    faved!~ ^^V
    thanks a lot for sharing!..^__^=

  22. Roxyslife Mar 05, 2010

    Wow...it's so beautiful! I love it! ^^

  23. Nammunzz Apr 28, 2010

    so sweetttttttttttttttttttt

    so cuteeeeeeeeeee

    I love shaorannnn


    thanks for sharing

  24. KawaiiPeachiChanx3 Jun 01, 2010

    wow, they look so cute together!^^ and it seems like sakura is wearing a wedding dress ?

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