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i made this pict for my coursework
this is my coursework for movie poster project.....
I cut out all the writings so that you can see it clearly
im using photoshop cs4
i draw this with my new tablet,bamboofun

This assignment really made me tired.....


Chosen by Fran and fireflywishes

mizunashi has sure picked a great title for this gorgeous piece: freedom. He has captured the world in an artwork full of movement and deep meaning. With such a gentle treatment of the coloring and clever use of the space, mizunashi creates an atmosphere that invites us to take flight. :3

Proposed by Fran and highlighted by fireflywishes.

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  1. xxstilldollxx Jan 30, 2010

    I love this wall very much,thanks for sharing!

  2. rainsworth Jan 30, 2010

    very nice, i love , and is original, o/

  3. thingperson Jan 30, 2010

    I just love this, its so detailed in everything. I love how smooth and soft it looks to. I love the kind of blur effect it has. And how you did his hair, and the grass in the front, and the shading of things looks great and I love how you made the clouds. The grass and the clouds just look so real looking I love this. You are very talented.

  4. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2010

    It's simply stunning mizunashi... the colors and especially the sky...

    Makes me feel at peace... or happy to be free. ^_^

  5. iamfreeska Jan 30, 2010

    yup just add the text in center above and this beautiful pic will be a movie poster for sure ^^ nice one^^

  6. epsilon86 Jan 30, 2010

    this is really beautiful!

    Great perspective and sky!

    I love the theme!

  7. riku-chan Jan 30, 2010

    Wow.. certainly has an epic effect. Very impressive work, mizunashi! ^___^

    The clouds remotely resemble the silhouettes of birds spreading their wings too. Love the perspective and the transition from night to day. Its exactly like being in an aeroplane and watching the view transit from dusk to dawn!

  8. rebellion210 Jan 30, 2010

    amazing work...its beautiful
    keep it up!

  9. rizacaga Jan 30, 2010

    mantap tenan...XD!
    i love the warmness and peaceful atmosphere u brought there....
    great job!

  10. myshum2000 Jan 30, 2010

    Really amazing art... sweet job!

  11. excaliburer Jan 30, 2010

    wawawawawa! I love this so much! kerrend kerrrend kerrend kerreeeeend!
    effectnya baguz, mizu-sama...

  12. DaniellelLupin Jan 30, 2010

    Really cool, you truly understand the manage of light and shadow, Get fun with you new bamboo tablet n.n

  13. whirligig Jan 30, 2010

    I love this wall very much,thanks for sharing!

  14. Nubes Jan 30, 2010

    extremely beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful!
    this is kinda celestial!
    Love it!

  15. hayashinomura Jan 30, 2010

    Wonderful job, friend! ^___^v
    It feels like heaven... calm and beautiful~
    Really GREAT!
    Selamat buat highlight-nya ^____^
    Keep UP the great work, sob! LOL
    P.S: pemandangannya asoy cuy....~ mantep! ^o^

  16. Evangelynn Jan 30, 2010

    Really beautiful, wonderful effects like the light and the moon and all and all it's all WONDERFULLY FABOULOUS !

  17. animelover901120 Jan 30, 2010

    Even though it's tired i bet it worth your tiredness^^
    It's really beautiful afterall...

    The best art for me^^

  18. melymay Jan 30, 2010

    That sky o________o
    It's beautiful <3
    Personally I'm not completely in love on how the grass turned out, but the overall emotion this piece of work conveys is pretty impressive. Good job.

  19. silverfaerie Jan 30, 2010

    wow its awesome. :) really does look like a movie poster! the colors and drawing is so flowy and nicely done. i love the sun shining on the bottom and then the night with the moon at the top. :D great job.
    <3 the Bamboo pad. i want one so bad XD got it on my wish list haha. :D good to see something made with it.

  20. crmc13 Jan 31, 2010

    wow. this is beautiful.:)
    and the SKY!
    you can really feel the calmness.
    and it fits the title.^^

  21. AnimeFan10 Jan 31, 2010

    really like this one:)
    Just clean and smooth:)
    Beautiful xD

  22. Elves Jan 31, 2010

    Wow. O_O You definitely have captured the feel of a movie poster. I think I can even guess where the text was supposed to be placed (over the grass and maybe some up in the right hand side over the sky?). Amazing lighting. You've really captured that precise moment when light from a rising sun illuminates everything with a ghost-like light stream. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but I really like how the clouds form a border between the night sky and the rising sun. I may be reading into this, but with a title like "Freedom" I read into it and see the two different sides of life the character may have walked signified in the dual sky presentation. I know if that poster was up at my local theater I'd willingly plunk down money to go see it! Awesome work!

  23. kejeburkali Jan 31, 2010

    Mizunashi sensei . . . I luv ur pict and u . . .

  24. mEdAbOtS8 Jan 31, 2010

    Very good! You did an excellent job! I like it very much!

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