Silent Hill Wallpaper: Otherworld [W]

Silent Hill, Heather Mason Wallpaper
Silent Hill Game Heather Mason Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

OMG full-view, please!

Poor Heather... I bet she wished she had stayed home instead of going to the mall that day, huh?

This was supposed to be a collaboration between Kitten and myself, but unfortunately I was too excited and did it all. Sorry, Kitten ;A;

So yeah. You can see a step by step progress of the wall here.
The glass isn't the best, but I couldn't find any tutorials on how to do them! Anyone have any tips? Also, does Heather appear to be blended into the background properly? I mean, she looks ok to me but I've been staring at her for almost 7 hours...

I've never played any Silent Hill game (that sh*t is too creepy), but I love the idea of the games. I would love to play some scary games, but I'm too chicken!

Heather (2)

Stock and textures from Stock Exchange
Time: about 6 1/2 hours... I didn't play Modern Warfare 2 at all today! My stats must have gone down D:
Layers: 40-ish

More resolutions available at EDD.

Comments welcome!

P.S. LOL, just realized that this is the complete opposite mood of my last wallpaper...

EDIT: Added some more light to the glass

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  1. kuryuki Jan 26, 2010

    ;-; this is kindda scary
    but nice job done xD i like the scene u created there

  2. DarthTofu Jan 26, 2010

    Woah, haven't seen something here non-bubbly or brightly colored in a long while. :3 Very nice

  3. ismiy Jan 26, 2010

    This is excellent as usual, C.C., and dark and moody too. This is quite different from your usual vector oriented works.I don't see anything wrong with the glass though, except if you consider refraction/reflection of the torch. I appreciate the effort, thank you.

  4. garnetyuna Jan 26, 2010

    great wallie! I like Silent Hill series, and the 3rd game is one of my favorites. =3

  5. sailorchiron Jan 26, 2010

    Very nice! I like the glass, it looks like it's dusty, which is how I imagine it SHOULD look. She blends into the background perfectly. I like the puddle of blood. This is, uh, yah, quite the mood swing from the Kobato wall.

  6. Elves Jan 26, 2010

    I'm with you. I've never played Silent Hill games either. They are full of creepy sh*t! Yet you've definitely managed to capture the creepy-factor in your wall. I really like it and thanks for the link to the progression of the wall. It was really interesting to see what you did! I think my favorite thing about the wall is the lighting. Her flashlight being the only real source and god knows what else is around her. (Watch out! Beyond you! lol) The glass looks good to me; it fits right in. :)

  7. FallenAngelZoicyte Jan 26, 2010

    done perfectly! i love it!

  8. Prooof Jan 26, 2010

    ahh this game looks interesting gotta try it sometime
    nice blending and BG

  9. fukushuusha Jan 26, 2010

    Very nice stuff this. Blending looks ok to me so is the glass. Color choice is terrific to set the mood btw; great work on that. Some of the blood splats are bothering me tho. I think u missed some angles with a few of them...especially the ones around her right arm and around the dog ones. They look flatish. And u may need to give her a distinctive shadow; ll make the mood and scene stronger. I have no complaints other than those and props to u lady for walling something non vector! =D very nice one chloe

  10. knightslash Jan 26, 2010

    Ah I watch Silent Hill , it's pretty nice :D I really like Heather ! The perspective is good coming from a broken window , it's as if we are preying her .

  11. Echolen Jan 26, 2010

    I love the perspective and dark mood of the wall! You've captured really well here =]

  12. darkghost999 Jan 27, 2010

    great thanks for sharing!

  13. HoshinoSora12 Jan 27, 2010

    beautiful wall (*_*) lol this is good

  14. crimson-blue Jan 31, 2010

    cool...it's fantastic...
    really worthy to be my collections..
    thx for sharing it!..
    have a nice day ^.^

  15. faiz138 Feb 11, 2010

    realy nice wallie you made there, i like the atmos, it's like she look at me from the monitor.

    thanks for sharing and keep it up

  16. kimokuprincess Feb 16, 2010

    I like this! I would have preferred it to be a bit more darker, but...where's the glass on the floor :) Whatever was thrown in (or out) would have made the cut messier. But I still like it. Good job!

  17. tsmr Feb 24, 2010

    Great Wallpaper! Thank you! TSMR

  18. Suiseiseki22101995 Mar 04, 2010

    the face of heather is like "i have to go there? holy shit" xD
    the glass is very well done :D don't worry about it
    and i never played the game but silent hill was my first scary movie xD!

  19. Apocalypse Mar 17, 2010

    ?????? ????! ?????? ???????! ? ? ????????! Good Very Good Wallpapers! Thanks!

  20. lobatohollow May 15, 2010

    buena imagen sigue asi gracias por compartir

  21. AngelThanatos Jun 10, 2010

    ?????? ??????? ????! I am a loyal fan Silent Hill series! ? ?????? ? ????? ?? ??? ????? ???? ????? ? ??????? ???????!

  22. evhein Jan 02, 2011

    Her details are a little sharper than the floor under her, and the blood doesn't fill the grout, making it a little bit more unbelievable.
    But I love it!You can see you really put a lot of effort into it. :D

  23. thongrrr Jan 29, 2011

    the cutest scariest and cooles character of silent hill

  24. angelichellraiser Feb 03, 2011

    Excellent wall! Thanks for sharing. :D

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