D Gray-Man Wallpaper: Within the Skies (+Nightlight ver.)

Katsura Hoshino, TMS Entertainment, D Gray-Man, Yu Kanda, Lavi Wallpaper
Katsura Hoshino Mangaka TMS Entertainment Studio D Gray-Man Series Yu Kanda Character Lavi Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The wallpaper has been updated, thanks to Vitaamin for the advice and taking her time to help me make it look better. The previous version of the wallpaper is available at the bottom of the description in a link for the ones who are still interested in it.

Here is the new Nightlight version, click on thumb for download/full.

I'm a bit too early for this, I should've finished VW's resolutution wallpaper first but I'm too lazy to take the other computer which I can't work on at all nowadays. Neither was I planning to enter the Chamber of Kings' Valentine contest but I had to make up for not participating with two other contests which I was planning to do so I screwed up my weekend making this. Now I have to rush on some homework but it'll be fine, I think. Not to mention, I greatly dislike guyxguy and yet I create something of it. Anyways, since I have no sense of pairing, I just picked one out randomly.

I made the vector in Illustrator as usual with the laptop touchpad (no mouse but I got used to it) and my wrist started to hurt at some point from annoyance or whatever you call it. Some random progress screenshots from the vector that I happened to upload: one, two. The wallpaper itself doesn't take so long to bring in together for me, It usually really is just the vector that sucks up most time. Vectoring costed me about 2-3 days and a lot of hours, I don't know the exact time since I was slacking about half of it. I got Kitten to get me some texture and she made the background out of random where I took my own turn on since I didn't really have an idea for it to start with and here is the results after screwing around enough. I created two versions, the original one is the lighter with the pink/yellowish sky (I wanted to keep it soft), the other is the Nightlight version or so I call it.

This whole wallpaper is dedicated to my one and only online waifu, since I don't have any relationship or anything I thought she was a good choice and also a great thanks for providing awesome scans. I don't know if she has an account here but whatever. She's known as Laki (MyAnimeList, LiveJournal) and likes Yaoi which I dislike as I stated before. For the rest, I want to thank Gin (Doffindom), Kitten and Oyakata-sama (Yoruangel866) for the support. I'm proud of it despite the fact that it's a tad gay.

Download Nightlight version 1.0
Download Original version 1.0
Original scan
Original size: 137,3 mb (PSD)
Nightlight ver size: 168,8 mb (PSD)
Vector: 12,4 mb (AI)
Layers: 40~ ish in Photoshop
TIme elapsed: 4-5 days
chamber-of-kings vector-wallers dark-wallies

Comments, favourites and suggestions are all welcome! Don't forget to take a look at the second version ~

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  1. KiaRatT Jan 24, 2010

    lols yeah u could have worked more on it! but I love it the way it is now... xD surprise us if u continue with it! and thanks for sharing! KandaXLavi! ?

  2. EevaLeena Jan 24, 2010

    Good choice of scans! It's very serene and.. very fitting for the contest! Anyways... lovely coloring, and great job! Me love it!

  3. Pulver15 Jan 24, 2010

    I never expected to see a shonen-ai wall from you O__o
    Doing something that you dislike/hate.....RESPECT!
    I would never bring myself up doing something I don't like XD
    and I seriously like it even if it's not my pairing but it's really beautifully made *___*
    I prefer the lighter version cause it looks more romantic and soft <333
    and will sets as desktop now XD

  4. Echolen Jan 24, 2010

    Thank you thank you! I was waiting for someone to wall this scan!
    You did an astounding job!

  5. kunogi09midori Jan 24, 2010

    You don't need to love shounen-ai/yaoi. As long as the art is beautiful it's ok! I'm not a fan of yaoi but I like this wall. Love the light version, love the soft warm colors.

  6. Yoline Jan 24, 2010

    Amazing *-* I love it!
    Great job!

  7. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 24, 2010

    I didn't think it was vectored! I got a lovely surprise when I full viewed it. Great job! Love the bright colors =D

  8. YoruAngel866 Jan 24, 2010

    this is gorgeous ^^
    glad i was of some use yukiluna chan >:3
    wonderful wallpaper, although i think night one is better cause its prettier vexeled XD

  9. mammonlovesmoney Jan 24, 2010

    It is drawn very qualitatively and beautifully, but somehow it is close they to each other for guys

  10. Cris25 Jan 24, 2010

    wahhm Kanda is really cute there xDD
    loved this wall, really well done <3 *faves*

  11. inume27 Jan 24, 2010

    Oh wow ...I love this.They look so cute and happy! Thanks! Great work

  12. Miitsuky Jan 24, 2010

    OMG *O*~~ Boys Love <3
    I loved! The hair are awesome and the colors are so harmonious
    The lines are great too (L)

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. vitaamin Jan 25, 2010

    the airbrushing needs to go >_> it washes out your colors and just makes everything look foggy, not dreamlike which is what i think you were going for. the grass looks a little too green in the background as well. i dont know if its just my screen (i havent seen anyone mention it yet) but the jaggedness kind of kills >_>
    the night version would look so much better if you used a less intensely electric shade of blue for the background, to give it that airy feel that this version has

  14. Amymarian Jan 25, 2010

    Nice pic! Thanks for sharing!

  15. DepressedYoukai Jan 25, 2010

    -Swoons- Your vector is AMAZING. BOTH versions are amazing and omg~~ Thanks so much for sharing and taking the time to do this!
    I totally understand about the touchpad, I hate it. Tried photoshopping with it, and it annoyed me =/
    In any case, I'm so glad you finished it, and I'm sure others are too, because it's great :D

  16. sailorchiron Jan 26, 2010

    I agree with vitaa--full viewed it's jagged in some areas and seems murky in others. I would like the nightlight version the better of the two if the sky was a deeper blue, but I'm not a fan of the other version, it's a little too easter-colored with the yellow and pink. I like the textures that you used, they do make it more interesting but the shading seems to sit on top of the pattern rather than darkening it.

    merged: 01-26-2010 ~ 05:04am
    Edit: Okay, I looked at the pink version again. Full size, it's not jagged but in a place or two, and easily ignored. In the blue version, the jaggedness is bad.

  17. ngakyuklim Jan 27, 2010

    nice details! but no! i dont support yaoi. lol

  18. Kan-tastic Jan 27, 2010

    You dislike guyxguy, yet you made a wallpaper of it? That makes no sense to me....

  19. Susan-chan Jan 27, 2010

    Kanda and Lavi *_*
    aahw u made my day happy XD
    fantastic vector :3

  20. melymay Jan 28, 2010

    I'm surprised at how cute these two kinda look :3
    Wonderful vectoring!

  21. skynight Jan 29, 2010

    HOT VERY HOT! thanks for sharing

  22. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jan 29, 2010

    This is HOT. Not a fan of the pairing, but like the characters individually (esp. Lavi! <3)

  23. Amymarian Jan 30, 2010

    Nice picture! Thanks for sharing!

  24. royaldarkness Jan 30, 2010

    very nice! i love it, haven't seen those guys in a while :)

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