Serial Experiments Lain Wallpaper: Lain Iwakura [Transgression]

Yoshitoshi Abe, Serial Experiments Lain, Lain Iwakura Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Society is De-evolving
becoming smaller and smaller
and in turn chaos and destruction spreads
and i forsee this
even though i am both human and God

I AM ME....

This pretty sums up all what im feeling right now...all this time i never even thought of it that way, 3 types of societies "Evolved", "Evolving" and "De-evolving" and they both go togehter in an unending cycle between life and death by which technology is the only drug that feeds us on our souls which make us hungry and destructive. Everyday i seem to forsee this and at the same time just watch till everything just stops in my world and that my only guilt is that i am here with the curse of the world. Sometimes i hate myself, not being like normal in a way...everytime i look in a mirror i see the other person just sitting back and laughing at me and the other one comforting me. Life wasnt the same back then...living the happy life as a kid and then running to thatdepression state where you just feel left out and in need of searching or a place to belong. Ive grasp that for a little while but in turn never stuck with it because i am evolving, changing and changing like molten lava which surges through the earths core like wildfire. Ever question the un questioned? People would just answer on how stupid the impossibilities are to answer it and later on it would just let you down day by day until you find it. My own subconcious is a battling struggle between Me, my depressive and hateful sides and im just caught in the middle of it....Oh how i wish it was more of freedom and more of love...Love is something im still looking for, dont even know if its just there waiting for me or am i just so foolish in still believing in such things!!! I thank God for putting me on this green earth and making me think more and more and more until i am ready to make my own heaven. But nowadays i just go on my early routine of fight and flight, love or hate, help or save...but now it doesnt really matter...Lain is someone i would gladly relate to in this situation except that part where she searches for who she really is but ah well people change everyday right?depression can do wonders but living with it takes a while to control because theres always an off/ on switch for eveything, pieces of my mind thinks that i have to work throug the system, get to know self and more and more people. Maybe i should find other worlds and maybe just maybe there are places where i never imagined that existed and in turn fulfilled what i most trully desired...Freedom and love.

So you can say its another personal wall for me and a dedication to all you Lain fans who understand and venture out of you silly walls and boxes and see the world differently not like some generic people who see it like a complete cycle which goes on and on and on and on...maybe i am just rambling but its the damn truth.

So in light of all this is my 5-6th wall of Lain... got this image from Moloko from MT and kudos to the artist Yoshitoshi Abe for drawing such good images from his imagination. Did lots of overlaying, small texts and techies, duplication and gaussian blurs into one big bonanza of a feast. I especially love the Poem, "Insert text" and especially my dedication text at the bottom...but who cares...you will also find a small shadow at the back of her if you think its some discoloration but nonetheless shes on some paven path.

So all in all its a humping 114 layers and less than 3 1/2 hours.

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  1. Karolina Sep 20, 2004

    yay this is great wall!!

  2. rory07 Sep 20, 2004

    lain is soo cool :)
    i like the design and the black and white photo kinda colours looks really good and suits the character!
    nice job.

  3. Osiris Retired Moderator Sep 20, 2004

    Some deep thoughts there ray. The wall is very artistic and every goes well together.

    Does this wall reflect who are you? o_o

    *pokes* XD

  4. Noctum Sep 20, 2004

    There are enough dark SEL wallpapers and especially not enough of such a high quality.
    Great work as usual. :)

    ps: You should write a book.

  5. mitsuo Sep 20, 2004

    Good work, great wall !
    + fav

  6. gendo1 Sep 20, 2004

    I can't believe i really read all of that. Well, thats a half hour I'll never get back.
    its nice to see someone put their feelings to their wall though, i guess.
    I wish i could explain myself like that. I'm not sure if you're talented, or just
    really experienced. Maybe both. I guess I'll just have to throw you props, because
    this one is really well put together...

    that's just the wallpaper.

  7. Asahi Sep 20, 2004

    really a nice work of lain - darken and a little bit sad imo. thats the topic.

  8. kenzuke Sep 20, 2004

    Sometimes ..I think the same... >_>.....

    Anyway, very nice dark wall!!
    What you wrote makes it even better!!

  9. misl3d Sep 20, 2004

    "Close the world...."

    The BG suits very w3ll the Lain style....and i think i like u the way u seem to be. Even not knowing you, only reading u....


  10. chibikko Sep 20, 2004

    it looks kinda sad but really great. the feeling is a bit depressing but that`s lain, right? i like it very much, deserves fav

  11. UndyingShadow Sep 20, 2004

    awesome wall Oracle, Great brushwork.

  12. crapmonster Sep 20, 2004

    god damn, that wall is orgasmic, haha seriously damn good job on this one!

  13. sword Sep 20, 2004

    nice brushwork indeed. i like what u did with her skin by giving it a bumply texture.

  14. Spriggan Sep 20, 2004

    Superb wallpaper!! you did again a great work...plus I really like Lain pics..thanks!

  15. candy-chan Retired Moderator Sep 20, 2004

    damn u grunge king who makes the best lain walls >_>

  16. Cloudnine Sep 21, 2004

    lol~ candy said exactly what was on my mind XD

    you grunge whore! XD

  17. Kane Sep 21, 2004

    Love the background. The character looks a bit too blurred though.

  18. Yoh Sep 21, 2004

    Great Wall, You always amaze me with those walls. Good job! :)

  19. RonWeasley Sep 22, 2004

    good job!! lain is so cute!!!

  20. Leaf Oct 10, 2004

    soo awesome! *__* It's really great! =D

  21. Jacky Oct 12, 2004

    Great wallpaper :D It's now on my laptop :)

  22. chaos Banned Member Oct 21, 2004

    I'm not so deeply involved on anyone's philosophy, but I guess this wallpaper can speak volumes more than words do.

  23. SirMackerel Oct 31, 2004

    Great wallpaper! I love yoshitoshi (sp?) abe's character designs... it's a shame that there's no Haibane Renmei section here... (or is there?)

  24. mentis Nov 11, 2004

    I feel like Lain many times as well. I think that is what makes it such an incredible anime. It accurately portrays the predicament of our generation and our time. I think many, perhaps too many of us can identify with Lain. Sometimes I wish that I could unite us all in this emotion, and embrace it. It is too much to put into words. ...Thank you.

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