Karneval Wallpaper: Take me to Wonderland

Touya Mikanagi, Karneval, Nai Wallpaper
Touya Mikanagi Mangaka Karneval Series Nai Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Omg O__O

OMG! :O A highlight O_____O Thank you so much! I don't know what to say @__@ *is too happy*

(LOL, someone just submitted a wall with the same scan as I was typing up the description. Fate huh... oh well I'm submitting it anyway)


This is my entry for vector-wallers's 2010 New Year's Resolution Challenge.
My walling resolution for 2010:
1) Try out different styles (note my horrible attempt at adding abstract elements)
2) Try out different techniques (including but not limited to vexel)
3) Promote and give more love to lesser known series (i.e. in this case, Karneval)
In short, I want to go somewhere I haven't before, symbolic of Nai (the little boy) waiting at the platform for the train to travel beyond the weird looking door.

For pushing me to do something abstract and colourful. And also, because I know you like little boys in pink =P
Sorry the abstract elements got slowly taken over by the scenic, but they're still hanging in there... somewhat... >>;;

About the wall:
So this is my first attempt at vexel. There are still a lot for me to improve on, but I hope I'm off to a good start :3
When I saw this cute scan of Nai, I really wanted to wall it (damn my shotacon complex). So I vectored it and drew in the suitcase and lollipop.

For the background, I based it off this and this. The rest is the biggest compilation of references, modifications and original elements I've ever done @_@

Scan: here
Shapes and layers: ~200 (vector) + ~700 (background) = ~900
Time: ~ 1 month
Easiest/most fun part: most of it was pretty fun
Hardest part: the clouds return to plague me yet again >_>

Thanks to the one and only Kitten once again for help with the finishing touches and advice on the clouds <3<3

And as I always say, suggestions, criticisms, other comments and faves are always well appreciated and loved.

EDIT: Light is less yellow now.


P.S. I know I've been slack in replying GB posts again, shame on me (._.) But I blame a combination of work, getting this one done before competition deadline and crappy internet D:< Will attempt to rectify very soon >_<


Chosen by gaara-no-shukaku and MapleRose

kara brings us this very colourful wallpaper that captures our imagination. I love the details put into every element; those little ghosts are so adorable! Great vectoring technique as well, I especially love the shading on his hair and the lighting. Awesome work!

Proposed by gaara-no-shukaku and highlighted by MapleRose.

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  1. EevaLeena Jan 03, 2010

    Hey, you did it! So very colorful and cute! And you end up doing a real background after all. Haha... lovely job, Kara-chaaaan! ^^

  2. vitaamin Jan 03, 2010

    this is flipping fantastic >D
    but ok so the light spot is bothering me on the right side its soooo yellow, i think it breaks from the overall scene. and the clouds.. well i get where you were going but i didnt think the execution went well. i know its supposed to be messy but it should be messy without sacrificing form. also because they are so transparent the upper sky looks empty. you should have made them more solid if you wanted that look
    a little bit of nitpick on the technique: i know that vexelling is alot of work but you really shouldnt sacrifice neatness. even messy vexels have a reason for their messiness. but esp on the highlights or the parts with stark contrast, practice your shapes and make sure they look good
    nevertheless a great entry to the contest. i would highlight it but since we are considering it for the contest i think we will keep the two separate >D

  3. rizacaga Jan 03, 2010

    i can see the different from ur usuals...the colors , techniques ...those are absolutely fantastic....but than abstract i would say it surrealism...
    great job as usual..XD

  4. aqiaqua Jan 03, 2010

    Oneesan, you know I love you ? Major thanks for the dedication, this is replacing my desktop of attractive korean boybands. That means something xD.

    How can you have 900 layers without your comp exploding like mine? pfft.

    Lol anyway, onto the wall. You know I love the fact that the colours totally pop, and the vexelling is superb. I'm amazed, it doesn't look overcrowded once it's actually on the desktop. I'm hoping to see more of this style and little boys in pink ;D.

  5. CaMiLi Jan 03, 2010

    omg :D this is splendid!

    great job on the wallpaper. the colours are so vivid and the whole theme is sooo cute. i loooove the background :) esp the clock and the ghosts haha

    +fav :)

  6. ngakyuklim Jan 03, 2010

    WOW~!i can deny it that this is beautiful! not only the painting, the background as well! everything is colourful and wonderful XD

  7. Tina18 Jan 03, 2010

    This Is srsly beyond awesome. So colorful and cheerful and out of the ordinary.
    I love it. Yay for colored outlines >_<

    Also*patpat* No worries my shotacon fellow, I feel ya xD

  8. Sakura-Dust Jan 03, 2010

    It's really amazing, the only thing that bother me is the emptiness in the left side of the railway, it needs a few more clouds.
    Great job though, it took me a while to discover all the details *w*

  9. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jan 03, 2010

    Like I mentioned to you before I love how it gives
    a Alice in Wonderland feeling, the colors are so beautiful and attractive.
    Also how you put it altogether is another very awesome thing because
    you didn't crowd the space but you filled it all so it doesn't look
    too random or cluttered.
    Best wall I think of yours, most definitely my fave :3
    Fantastic job <3

  10. zaira Jan 03, 2010

    OH~ This one is colorful! I love how ya vector everything especially Nai!
    cool colors XD The station concept is nice! i love how ya portray it with
    Nai waiting for a train to take him to wonderland. The only thing it lacks
    is more ghosts carrying lamplights maybe add more 1-2 near the entrance,
    but overall i love the colors so +fav! ^^,

  11. Pulver15 Jan 03, 2010

    I really like this playfulness? XDD
    Seriously...I don't know what to say cause this bg is TOTALLY LOOVEEE! *___*
    and for your 1st time vexel it's really good <333
    Just love it ;D

  12. kunogi09midori Jan 03, 2010

    Is it ok for me to take this wall as one of my reference? Love the vector work. I must study it.

    The colors and the elements are so cute~ The concept of the wall is so amazing too. It's not cluttered; still, there's so much fun things to look at. Nice work!

  13. mammonlovesmoney Jan 03, 2010

    Here this background is pleasant to me more... As though approaches the character

  14. Echolen Jan 03, 2010

    The vectoring is really welldone! And the colors are just fantastic, feels like you're really in wonderland!

  15. YENESIS Jan 03, 2010

    Que Bonito!
    is a so pretty work all looks so much happy
    the character are a cute vector & color so very good

  16. trofikabinet Jan 03, 2010

    Wow wow wow *___* You did a splendid job on this one kara-chan ^^
    I love your vexeling, it's so colorful and awesome <3
    There is not a single thing for me to complain about, it turned out much better then I ever expected.
    I really love you for this wall ;333
    Featured at CoK xD

  17. animanga Jan 04, 2010

    You vexeled! Can you give me some pointers now? lol
    I love all the different colours together and the vexeled lighting. (And of course the shota. XD)
    I told you abstract was fun! X3 Makes me want to make something crazy again.
    Awesome job! I think I'll go read this manga now. :D

  18. crmc13 Jan 04, 2010

    wow. this is awesome!-__-
    im so speechless.
    your vexeling is so pretty. im so jealous.>_<
    i wonder how many years would it take before i can make such a great wallie.*sigh*
    maybe not even years.:D

  19. thingperson Jan 04, 2010

    I love your new years challenge of abstract elements and as a Art Major I love abstract art and when people use them or try it. I love the colors it fits really nicely with your theme and the shapes with the circles, rectangles, different placements and all different elements and objects fits really well so I think you did a great job. I love how you did the sun thats just wow I love the different colors you put in it and together they look great. I love your vectors always there just great im like in wow of them. I love how you shaded your characters so smooth and colors you picked look great to bright but not to bright and some dark, and I love how you did the clouds mist thing and the stars and moon very creative. I just love this.

  20. jns Jan 04, 2010

    This is so goddamn cheerful and colorful <3
    It's seriously pure love.. I can't find a single thing to pick on
    My fav wall of yours

  21. selemental Banned Member Jan 04, 2010

    This is awesome! I <3 pics like these.
    Great work and creativity :3 *favs*

  22. may1590 Jan 04, 2010

    It's cute! I loved it vry much!

  23. gaara-no-shukaku Jan 05, 2010

    I really enjoy the crazy colours and all the random stuffs. It's cute and fun to look at. I like the fairy tale-like theme with mix of circus theme from the series. Well done, especially on the detailed vectoring.

  24. KiyanaIkebana Jan 05, 2010

    WOW! I don't have words, because it was so long time that I see so beautiful colorful wallpaper like yours. I love it. You made it very well and good luck :3

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