Rozen Maiden: Utsumei no Kage

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Artist Comment

Happy New Year!

Dedicated to the active members and the mods who make MT an enjoyable place to be.

This vector was done a few weeks before Christmas which I planned to send, but never got around doing it because...I forgot!

Well, I finished it at last and that's the important thing. It took me almost two years to finish this which honestly shouldn't take me this long to finish this vector. There was a 1-2 month gap, mainly because many problems popped up as I tried to finish it.

First problem that came up was the intricate laces in the screenshot. I tried doing it by my computer mouse, but that proves to me it took WAY longer than expected. Since I had recently acquired a wacom tablet during this ordeal and I figured, "Hey, I can use this tablet to finish the laces!" and I did the laces in less than 30 minutes for each doll. It was a big improvement for me. You can take a lookie on the intricate laces I did here.

Next, there was the eyes. They looked lifeless in the screenshot and it looked a lot different from the vector for I have no reason why. I used my tablet and SAI to make the eyes more livelier. It was the same for the suitcase which was another problem of mine. I tried vexelling and I failed miserably. No special effects were used since I'm a total N00b at these things.

Then, there was the background to deal with and I was practically in "UGHHH" mood on how to figure this one out. So, in the end I practically vectored most of it and left some out after I became frustrated in it. I could have used the screencap as the base, but it just doesn't seem right to me. Sorry, if it doesn't have that "brushed" look. I tried my best, seriously!

I know the size dimensions are small in order to look at the details, but I had a reason for this since one of my vectors was a victim of ripping. I spotted it at the convention I went to, back in July. He printed my vector on some sort of towel or shirt. My vectors are suppose to be for personal use, not for profit, grrrr! So if anyone wants a bigger version, I'll figure something out and put it here or my userpage.

This would make a nice tapestry in my room. *snickers*

That's all I have to say for now.


Time: Almost 2 years
Program(s) Used: Adobe Illustrator + SAI
File Size: 28.8 MB
Easiest Part: Outline and Color
Hardest Part: Lace, background, and suitcase
Screenshot: here (Screencapped it myself :P)

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  1. Suzukaseed Jan 01, 2010

    great vector, (^.^)... fav <3, thanx for sharing

    saludos (^o^)//
    Feliz A

  2. irix Jan 01, 2010

    Only because i like to view this one... maybe i have to finish my old work... of three years ago... hmmm... no i'm too lazy to finish it! :D

    Good! :D

  3. kunogi09midori Jan 01, 2010

    The title of the song is "Utsusemi no Kage"

    Pretty nice vector. Although there are some parts I disagree... the eyes and the outline colors of some characters doesn't seem to work for me. Suigintou's eyes seems too neon but the shading is ok, and her outline color seems weird to me (maybe dark violet). Souseseki's and Shiku's outline colors, especially on the skin, are quite off. Lastly the bag, since the characters are all shadeless I think the bag should also be shadeless too.

    Positive comments... I totally love the vector work on Kanaria and Barasuishou. 2nd are Suiseseki & Hinaichigo. I like their eyes and the colors. I just wish there are solo vectors and the laces more visible. Good Job!

  4. mammonlovesmoney Jan 03, 2010

    Cool dolls are looked... So it is lovely

  5. mechanical-angel Feb 25, 2010

    this is totally awesome! love the simple background ^^

  6. pokeme456 Banned Member Nov 16, 2010

    Awww I so love your art! >w<
    2 years?! Whoa! :o
    Must've been lots of hard work :3
    Thanks for sharing and for your hard work! :] ?

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