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First off, happy holidays everyone! Here's me with a very non-winter-ish wall. *throws confetti*

I decided to just give up on trying to determine why my brain wants to wall complicated scans and just went with it. This is a complete paint job, just like the CLAMP wall I did a while back so yes, everything you see was painted by using brushes.

That veil thing was the hardest to make because no matter how I tried, I couldn't make it look spiffy and sparkly like in the original scan. Ah, well, maybe next time. The hair and dress lines were a pain to make by using brush only but I must admit it was fun and that I enjoyed working on the whole wall. In the end, I added some brushes to make the BG less empty and that was it.

Hope you like and comments, suggestions and constructive criticism are as always, welcome!


Original scan: HERE.
Time: A couple of weeks

il Vento means 'The Wind' in Italian. Dedicated to all my friends whose b-days I missed...Because I know I did. D:



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  1. Yamibou-Eve Dec 28, 2009

    zomg woman, can you paint!
    The veil looks great the way it is, ok, I'll try to give you some constructive criticism... it's perfect!
    Great paint job... really.... wow you're really good with your tablet, the outlines are perfect! <3

  2. YoruAngel866 Dec 28, 2009


  3. aneznam Dec 28, 2009

    I so didn't notice this until just now! must say OMG, this is amazing! but, you're such a masochist, if you continue like this I won't know what to expect next :D
    *deep down actually wants you to continue like this :P*

  4. Yamionpu Dec 28, 2009

    Waa! I just noticed this too XD!
    It's soo beautifull T___T!
    and zomg everything painted 0_0! genious <3
    it's absolutely amazing

  5. trofikabinet Dec 28, 2009

    Omg amazing <33
    I lopve your painting, it's perfect! I'd prefer to see it without the veil, it's too blurred right now. Srsly, amazing work on this wall ale-chan ^^

  6. Sakura-Dust Dec 28, 2009

    You sure have will power to go for a scan that complicated and a lot of talent to actually make it look this gorgeous.
    I like the creamy colors and the interesting lineart.
    The veil around her is too bright, but it's no tragedy, so great work <3

  7. kaminary Dec 28, 2009

    Wow, this is so beautiful. The wind, the veil and her hair looks great. You`re a great artist. Thank you!

  8. AgataMare Dec 28, 2009

    Green Glass always do marvellous things...amazing wallpaper!

  9. Echolen Dec 28, 2009

    I want your painting skillz! *w*

  10. letireur Dec 28, 2009

    great job and thanks for sharing

  11. mammonlovesmoney Dec 28, 2009

    The girl is cool drawn... And the cloud is similar to a wing something

  12. KiaRatT Dec 28, 2009

    wow! beautiful! ?????! so cute~ nice work coloring !^^ thanks for sharing!

  13. Cris25 Dec 29, 2009

    Amazing painting! *---* Loved the hair soo much <3
    beatiful! <3

  14. bluesnowyee Dec 29, 2009

    Awsome~~ thanks for sharing XD

  15. KyouS Dec 29, 2009

    very beautiful wallies thaks for the share

  16. yukinobara Dec 29, 2009

    nice scan, thanks for sharing*_*

  17. nosfere Dec 30, 2009

    this is so beautiful. The wind, the veil and her hair looks great. You`re a great artist. Thank you

  18. garnetyuna Dec 30, 2009

    "The Wind"... I hope you put the translation in your description XD *goes at the top to look at it* ...oh, you did put it XDD
    anyway, it's so beautiful! I like the transparent whatever-it's-called thing, and the entire wallie. good. no that is wrong, it's really good! good job! *_*

  19. crmc13 Dec 31, 2009

    so beautiful^^
    love the way you painted it!:D

  20. vitaamin Dec 31, 2009

    have i really not commented on this?
    i think if you want to make the veil thing shiny you need some blues on the edges >D
    while i prefer some hardness i really do enjoy this wall and the pastel, rustic shades. i rather miss seeing these kinds of works

  21. vista25 Dec 31, 2009

    WOW~~! SO JEALOUS OF YOUR GREAT SKILLS! Is this ur drawing then u turn it into wall? Or u have other picture as the sketch?

  22. zaira Jan 01, 2010

    Oh~ this one is simple but love the soft sepia pastel colors. The bg is simple
    but i love the way ya focus only on the foreground. The way ya paint is superb,
    the every details from her hair to her clothes also the clouds is great! So this
    one goes to my fav of course! ^^,

  23. nguyenhuy0906 Jan 01, 2010

    This is perfect! The lines! The background color complements your pick perfectly! Great work!

  24. Freya1013 Jan 02, 2010

    nice scan !
    Thanks for sharing.

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