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Should have been last January.
BTW, to Moderators: [Delete] button isn't working, only directs me to a blank MT page. Delete the old one if you like. o_o

I think I messed up here, prolly because I hurried it up. Good thing, the one who made this request, Samantha, still liked it. I'm expecting critical points here. XD

Colleen Colored Pencils. [Watercolor? Dunno, seems that it is. Faber Castell sucks!]
Edited via Photo! Editor. Lens Glare courtesy of Photoshop.

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  1. hayashinomura Dec 29, 2008

    This is really nice and clean art
    More importantly, it's RF! I love that online game and play as Cora too ^^ but I retired from it and now play Cabal ^^"
    By the way, nicely done of all
    Can't wait the color version too ^^

  2. vitaamin Dec 29, 2008

    oh this is awesome, anyway we can convince you to vector and wall it XD

    loll i understan, it takes many many cigarettes for me to finish anything as well :3

  3. DarthTofu Dec 30, 2008

    Wow, it's so clean and detailed! :) Very nice! You've definitely got me beat in the lineart department. :p
    Everything is awesome, love the details like the folds of cloth and stuff.
    Did you use a ruler? the lines are so straight. xD

    Her right (our left) eye is too far, looks like it's not on her face or something though.

  4. shinshinovi Dec 30, 2008

    Me gots lots of art right now, but will keep it for now. Still no copyright. =\

    I did use a ruler. Heck, I'll color it, so I need it straight. :P
    `Bout the eye, didn't bother fixing it. Some Suzuhira works has the same problem sometimes. :P

    Thanks for the comments! :D

  5. Koboshi93 Dec 30, 2008

    wow very nice and clean O.O

  6. DarthTofu Dec 31, 2008

    @Shinshinovi: haha, true. I don't bother fixing anatomy mistakes half the time too. It's all good!

  7. warrior99 Dec 28, 2009

    this is a nice pic thanx good job

  8. jese-mx Dec 28, 2009

    the coloring is excellent,
    but not overdo the glitter and sparkle;
    perhaps less shadows.

    Well, my point of view, perhaps you wanted it.

  9. shinshinovi Dec 29, 2009

    I know; It's flashy. @__@;;

  10. Anjhurin Apr 18, 2010

    Whoa great work on light, and i love the kind of blurry haze around her (just like in the summer), though it might be over-blurry in places.

    The lineart is just awesome, and there's this contrast between the wind-flow and the light-flow that's kinda upsetting at first (yeah i know it's all about the cliche of the setting sun on the cliff with the wind in the hair, and both flows are always the same way ^_^'), but one really grows to think "wow nice going for a change" ahah ! (and anyway, who would gap at her beautiful hair and dress ;)).

    Thumbs up and fav X-D

    PS i just don't know about the lens glare being put there, doesn't seem to be in the good place (well, my perspective might be messed up).

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