Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru Wallpaper: Beautiful Stranger

Hotaru Odagiri, Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru, Luka Crosszeria Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

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First of all, this is a super late Birthday gift for dear kairi-hearts. Gomen ne? Your dame-neechan is swamped with RL (and babysitting ;__;). But, I hope you like it. Hey! It's smexy Luka after all! ^^

EDIT: Second of all, urghh.. forget it. It was rejected! ;__;

And lastly, this is also to celebrate UraBoku anime. I intend to finished this much earlier (after the official announcement back in August), but.. yeah. Anyways, the anime will start airing in April on Chiba TV with all drama CD cast returning. YAY! (more Sakurai X Hoshi!)

Well, enough that and onto the wall. This is one hellish project I've ever made! Vectoring Luka himself wasn't that hard. But I'm kinda stuck after that. I want to change the original stairs into something else, but couldn't come up with anything. So I end up vectoring the stairs too. And for the stairs, it took me quite a while coz I hate the way I originally painted it. I tried many different styles before getting this one. Not good enough, but I like the way they turn out.
Next is the biggest problem I had. The main background. I scrapped out like more than 10 background and actually gave up so many times. Until, few days ago I decided to try again (after being "forgotten" for 2 months ;_;) and I got this! I love how the cross and window turn out, and I even use the same styles as the stairs to paint it! But not so much on the clouds. Urghh.. I handmade them using basic brushes and yesh, it sucks. No need to tell me that ^^
Since I made the stairs like in the original scans, I decided to "smashed" it a little when I add the windows. They look a bit weird going all the way up with the windows on the back afterall ^^ Oh, please ignore the wording on the cross if you don't like it >__<

For the title, I couldn't come up with anything at first. But when I finished the wall I kinda remembered Yuki and "Beautiful Stranger" just pop out. I mean, when Yuki first met Luka he's like "I've never met such a beautiful man before". So, the title is actually Yuki first impressions of Luka ^^

P/S: Special thanks to AduialPeredhel-chan for the scans and Kara-chan & Erika-chan for shoving me some ideas for the background!

EDIT: *sigh* I forgot 1 more thing. From now on, I won't be able to vector as much as I had before. My RL is really killing me, esp with baby Aaron REFUSED to part from me. I'll try find some time, but it'll probably took a very long time before I can finished one ;__;

EDIT 2: Thanks to trofi-chan who realize my missed, I uploaded a new version with a little light this time ^^ I even removed the moon too!

Vector #121
Layer's: 71 (Luka), 74 (background)
Duration: Sept 5 (outlines), Sept 6-13 (coloring), Sept 17-23 (stairs), Oct 14-17, Dec 24-27 (main bg)
Original File Sizes: 3500x2486 (172MB) - Luka, 2800x1989 (100MB) - bg
Funnest Part: hair
Annoying Part: main background
Tools: Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop CS3, and my loyal mouse ^^
Original Image: ASUKA 10 Spread

vectory celestial-luminesse vector-wallers dark-wallies fangirl-mode-on chamber-of-kings mangaholics

For more resolutions, head over to Eternal Rain

OMG... long descriptions ^^ Sorry 'bout that!

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Browse Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. kira18 Dec 27, 2009

    *___* OMFG, finally! I've been waiting for this wallpaper for ages, Eevaleena (ever since when u said u r gonna vector and make this Luka wallpaper) XD. I always adore your beautiful wallpaper making skills, and again u made a UraBoku fan super happy. ^__^

    Sorry for not able to make useful comment much on the wallpaper itself, cos i never do photoshop stuff. XP (sucks at art) But I like the whole outline of Luka, the shadings and the background. The background is absolutely lovely. (Not to mention the super smexy Luka) XD

    Anyways, it's definitely +fav and it's my current wallpaper now. (been using 'Till Death do Us Apart' wallpaper for a long time, since it's so nicely done) ^^

  2. kara Dec 27, 2009

    Yay! It's here!
    I think I've already told you how I really like the background you chose for your vector/painting. It really make the creepy-dark but sexy atmosphere you're trying to create XD
    The painting and whole wall is very lovely and gorgeous ^^ But I think that a bit more contrast, maybe something like a streak of moonlight coming through the window and some highlights on Luka's boday, would add a really nice touch to the wall. Or maybe I'm just a contrast freak (.___.)
    But anyways, great work as usual! Ganbatte with your new year's resolution! <3

  3. trofikabinet Dec 27, 2009

    Wow, really impressive o.o
    I love how you painted the guy it's perfect and the bg is amazing too. Looks so dark & creepy, suits the atmosphere perfectly.
    I don't like the moon placed there, looks weird right in the middle of the cyrcle. Try postioning it a bit higher and make it glow. I noticed that the bars on the right window are not all outlined, at least the ends (upper 2 bars). I don't like the text placed there, it just doesn't fit in. You better leave it out imo.
    I seriously need to feature this wall at CoK ^^

  4. christabel92 Dec 27, 2009

    Totally awesome as I said on AP ?
    I luv yaaaa :D

  5. mammonlovesmoney Dec 27, 2009

    Cool enough wall-paper... And it is well drawn

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator Dec 27, 2009

    Yay, a new wall from you~
    I love the background scene, so full and dark <3
    Though I do have an issue with the darkness, it's not doing
    anything for the walls mood, it's just plain dark and it makes it look
    kinda flat. You could overlay a dark blue gradient or something and perhaps
    put a white glow on him to show the moon's light.

    The bars of the windows could use more shades, also
    the same moon glow as him if you were to add what I suggested above.

    That yellow thing over there is waay too bright and
    out of tone for the wall. Make it alot darker, try looking at some references
    in anime scans using yellow in dark scenes. The brown bars are also a bit too bright,
    make it darker brown, though the gradient should do that for you.

    Great job Eeva~ Lovely to see a new wall from you :3

  7. garnetyuna Dec 27, 2009

    great job, vectored really well! ^_^ I really like it <33

  8. Cilou Dec 27, 2009

    Just an awesome wallpaper!
    I hope you'll keep up this excellent job!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Kairi-Hearts Dec 27, 2009

    OMG! I think I died and went to heaven! Seriously! It's UraBoku, it's Luka! And it's my b-day present? I-I'm speechless!
    Totally love the background and the whole atmosphere! And I do like those stairs too! ;D
    This is so awesome, really! Thank you so much Eeva-neechan! <33
    (I-I can't even comment properly >3<)

  10. erikamirou Dec 27, 2009

    Eh, I didn't do much though XD But I'm glad I actualy helped ^^
    I LOVE the outcoming of this! When I thought of stained glass, I wasn't expecting this!
    Amazing work!

  11. thingperson Dec 27, 2009

    Oh wow I love this..you worked so hard on it O.O wow to vector and paint this all. Im so happy you didnt give up on it. And he looks hottness in this wall I love how he is posed. I love how you put the text in thing sideways so creative. And I like how everything came out portioned and arranged. Your vectors as usual are the best but Ive gotta say it again..*smiles*. I love how you shaded the stairs and walls, you made them really look like its realistic. Your painting looks awesome to your blending is great and I like the colors you used they are not to dark but are not to bright either. This wall is so creative I love it..*smiles*.

  12. bromithia Retired Moderator Dec 28, 2009

    o_o hawt. but yeah, I like what you did- you made it your own with the additions.

    + longest description ever award goes to...

  13. YuiPhantom Jan 01, 2010

    OMG! Luka looks so cool and mysteryous!
    You're amazing!

  14. chrisp Jan 03, 2010

    and so i finally got to comment on this pure awesomeness
    i really love this series,and so adore you for making all these walls (i never missed one >D all saved in my boku file)
    what can i say about this hot luka who is begging me to rape him? well i love your vectoring, and with the bg you really catched the moment perfectly! all i can say is a big yay for your resolution *__*
    and btw your bgs always are great :3 i love them all

  15. dream3r Jan 05, 2010

    Beautiful Stranger indeed. lol

  16. MagmaStorM Jan 17, 2010

    oooh, awesome ^^ the title fits it ^^
    beautiful strangers ne :D
    thanks for sharing :)

  17. Peterson Jan 18, 2010

    Eu n

  18. skynight Jan 21, 2010


  19. YamiNoTenshi16 Jan 28, 2010

    Loooooove this, thanks for sharing it~~~?

  20. rinoa586 Feb 06, 2010

    Great wallpaper!i loved this scan ever since i sewt my hands on it!tee-hee!anyway thanks!

  21. Kidzuki Feb 09, 2010

    beutiful... thanks for your hard work!

  22. alexa87 Feb 24, 2010

    EevaLeena you are a genius. The wallpaper is so beautiful.

  23. kyopi81 Mar 10, 2010

    Nice Image
    Thanks for sharing

  24. 66X00CHIIZ Apr 26, 2010

    Arigatoo gozaimasu ! !
    ^ ^

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